Today I Give Up Trying 1676

 Since Lin Fan was with Bai Yi for the money, the money should be able to buy this guy off.


        Instead, Lin Fan didn't even look at it, so he just tore up the cheque and said with an indifferent expression.

        "After this meal, let's not see each other again!"

        Lin Fan had been completely enraged!

        He was fed up with Xu You Rong's self-righteousness, one could even say that he was disgusted.


        For some reason, seeing Lin Fan's attitude like this, Xu You Rong had a very uncomfortable feeling in her heart.

        Right away, she was the one who coldly snorted and said.

        "Insensitive, since this is the case you can't blame me for being heartless, when the time comes you won't get a single dime, and you must also divorce Bai Yi!"

        As she spoke, Wang Zuyuan had already brought up the wine and food.

        However, just one glance!

        Xu You Rong was already dumbfounded because she saw that the bottle of red wine alone was already worth more than half a million!

        There were also super expensive ingredients such as black caviar and black truffles, this table must be worth at least three to five million!

        This scared Xu You Rong, although she was from a good family, she wasn't so well off that she could spend millions on a meal!

        "Miss Wang, you are mistaken, right? I didn't order these dishes!"

        Still wearing her professional smile, Wang Zuyuan explained.

        "It's also a free gift for the shop celebration, all your spending is free today!"

        Just kidding, even this Hearing Tide Pavilion was owned by this master in front of him, what was a few million dollars for a meal?


        Xu You Rong, however, merely frowned, she was not an idiot and knew that there was no free lunch under the sky.

        It was already unbelievable that the other party let them into the Bi Hua Ting, how could they still give away a few million dollars in wine and food?

        Unless the businessman had a brain fart, he wouldn't be able to make such a loss-making deal?

        There must be something fishy here!

        Only after Wang Zu Yuan had left did Xu You Rong look at Lin Fan with some suspicion.

        "All this, because of you?"

        She didn't know Wang Zuyuan, so Wang Zuyuan definitely wasn't giving face because of her, so there was only one explanation.

        The other party was because of Lin Fan!

        And upon hearing that, Lin Fan slowly smiled.

        "Not bad!"


        Xu You Rong's face turned pale as a dense thunderstorm rang out in her head, causing her scalp to tingle and her entire body to be completely dumbfounded!

        How the hell could this be?

        This guy was just a soft-earner, how could he make someone like Wang Zuyuan give him such face?

        Immediately, she looked at Lin Fan in horror.

        "You, who the hell are you?"

        Had she misread her own eyes?

        This guy in front of her was not a waste?

        Rather, he had an energy that he didn't know about?

        And at this moment!

        Lin Fan didn't intend to continue hiding his identity, and said indifferently.

        "The new chairman of Huafu Pharmaceutical, the divine Doctor Lin they call me, is me!"

        "So along with this shop, it's also mine, which is why we were able to spend all of our money today for free!"

        With a single sentence, the entire atmosphere of the entire box fell into complete silence!

        Xu You Rong's eyes were wide, with an expression like she had seen a ghost alive, and she couldn't calm down for a long time.

        Damn it, what the hell had she heard?

        This guy said that he was the Divine Doctor Lin?

        To hell with you!

        At that moment!

        A steaming rage surfaced in Xu You Rong's eyes, how dare Lin Fan insult her idol in front of her?

        Her idol, Divine Doctor Lin, was a man of the world, how could he be a son-in-law who ate soft rice?


        Xu You Rong slammed the table, glaring at Lin Fan in anger.

        "Lin Fan, do you think you're funny? You're the divine Doctor Lin? Just you? You don't even have to take a piss and look at yourself!"

        "Divine Doctor Lin is the light of China, the pillar of the nation, and look at you, a trash who relies on women for his livelihood!"

        "How can a piece of trash like you be qualified to be compared to Divine Doctor Lin? Don't laugh off other people's teeth!"

        At these words, Lin Fan stopped speaking, but his silence was a sign of weakness in the eyes of Xu You Rong.

        "How about it, nothing more to say? You've lost your mind, haven't you?"

        Xu You Rong snorted coldly and said with a disgusted expression.

        "A dragon and a phoenix among those people, how can they be compared to scum like you, if you dare to impersonate Divine Doctor Lin in front of me again in the future, I will break your legs!"


        Lin Fan laughed and asked.

        "It seems you care a lot about that Divine Doctor Lin!"

        Xu You Rong tilted her head up with an air of superiority and said.

        "That's for sure, I'm a fan of his! I've searched for everything related to him, he's the most bullish doctor I've ever seen in my life, better than even Hua Xia's Medicine Elder!"

        "I know more about him than you think, so you've got the wrong idea if you're trying to banter in front of me!"

        Ever since she watched that Chinese and Western medicine duel half a year ago, she had been completely conquered by God Doctor Lin.

        She would never allow others to blaspheme the god in her heart!

        Lin Fan was immediately dumbfounded, dare I say this bitch was still his little fan girl?

        But why couldn't he be happy at all?