Today I Give Up Trying 1674


        When Xu You Rong was studying medicine overseas, she had already followed the developments in China, so when she found out that there was a Dr. Lin in China, and that he had defeated the famous Western doctors and revived China, she made him her idol.

        When she found out about the emergence of Dr. Lin, she regarded him as her idol!

        In her eyes, only a man with such a backbone could be called a real man!

        Therefore, a big part of the reason she came back to apply for the job was because she wanted to be closer to her idol.

        But little did she know that the idol she was thinking of was the man she despised, her brother-in-law!

        Seeing Xu You Rong's sincerity, Zhang Jianjun couldn't bear to refuse, but said.

        "I can introduce you, but Dr. Lin is invisible, I can't find him for the time being, it will take some time!"

        Zhang Jianjun was not sure what kind of relationship Lin Fan and Xu You Rong had, so he had to ask Lin Fan for advice before he could do so.

        At these words!

        Xu You Rong's expression was instantly a little lost, but since Zhang Jianjun had already agreed, it was only a matter of time before he met his idol.

        When Xu You Rong walked out of the interview room, her face was covered in smiles, and it could be said that she was brimming with happiness.

        Having successfully applied for the job as a supervisor, and having been qualified to meet her idol, she could probably wake up laughing in her sleep tonight.


        When she stepped out of Huafu Pharmaceuticals, Xu You Rong's mood, which had been good, instantly became terrible.

        Because she saw a man leaning against the side of the car, smoking a cigarette in boredom!

        Lin Fan!

        Xu You Rong couldn't get enough of this guy!

        A man, with hands and feet, was making a living by eating soft food, leaving his wife to suffer outside while he was a lord at home!

        After being exposed, he even shamelessly said that he had contributed a lot, and even said that his wife was here today because of him.

        What a disgusting thing to say!

        "Why are you still here? Didn't I tell you to get lost?"

        Xu You Rong walked up with large strides and said in an unkind tone.

        Lin Fan secretly smacked his lips, if Bai Yi hadn't specifically instructed him to do so, the hell would be willing to serve you as a lackey here.

        He was about to explain, but Xu You Rong didn't give him the chance, pulling open the car door and sitting on it, while ordering Lin Fan: "Hurry up and get in.

        "Hurry up and get in, I don't want my new colleagues to know that I'm with a soft-hearted king."

        Lin Fan let out a bitter laugh, this woman's mouth was really so sarcastic no matter when or where she was.

        The two parties arrived at a restaurant, but instead of a restaurant, it was more like a mansion!

        It used to be the residence of one of the maharajahs, but it was bought at a high price and turned into a prestigious private club.

        The person who paid for it was, of course, Huafu Pharmaceuticals.

        This place, now, can be said to have been reduced to the canteen of Huafu Pharmaceutical, where employees can get a 20% discount on their purchases!

        "This place is called the Hearing Tide Pavilion, if it wasn't for me, you only wouldn't be qualified to dine here in this lifetime!"

        "That's the difference between you and people like us!"

        Xu You Rong said in a condescending manner, wanting to use this to make Lin Fan back down.

        But Lin Fan continued to be a dead pig, and even felt a little like laughing!

        "Hello, do you have a membership card please?"

        That welcoming guest immediately asked respectfully to Xu You Rong and Lin Fan.

        Xu You Rong then took out the gold card that Zhang Jianjun had only just given her and handed it to the welcome lady.

        There was a membership system here, and the higher the rank, the more privileged the treatment, and it was said that the highest rank, the Diamond Card, would allow one to enter the residence of Master Baili.

        Only the major shareholders of Huafu Pharmaceuticals and the Divine Doctor Lin can enjoy that kind of privilege.

        "Please come in, gentlemen!"

        That welcoming lady was the one who respectfully led Xu You Rong and Lin Fan inside.

        Unbeknownst to them, they had only entered this Hearing Tide Pavilion for a short while before they were noticed by General Manager Wang Zu Yuan.

        Naturally, she was also a senior member of Huafu Pharmaceuticals and was ordered to manage this Hearing Tide Pavilion. Seeing that Lin Fan, the super boss, had arrived, she immediately got down from her car in a nervous manner.

        And then walked quickly towards the direction Lin Fan had gone, that demeanor was clearly nervous to the extreme.


        Wang Zuoyuan had just stood in front of Lin Fan and was about to call out to Mr. Lin, but was stopped by a look from Lin Fan.