Today I Give Up Trying 1672

 Xu You Rong's expression completely froze!

        No manners!

        This man in front of her was very ungraceful!

        Xu You Rong's beauty could be said to be on par with Bai Yi's, so no man had ever spoken to her like Lin Fan did, both at home and abroad.

        Beating the hell out of her?

        What a rude and vulgar fellow!

        At that moment, Xu You Rong's impression of Lin Fan dropped another level, and in her heart, she felt more and more that Bai Yi had to divorce this guy.

        And at that moment!

        She then thought of something and sneered.

        "You gave the new Bai's and the vaccine? Lin Fan, you really dare to add gold to your face!"

        "I've already investigated all your personal details before I came back to China, you've been a family man for the past three years, you don't know anything about anything except washing and cooking, Bai Yi is the one who has worked on the new Bai's before and after, what does it have to do with you?"

        "You're so brazen!"

        Lin Fan shrugged his shoulders and didn't continue to explain.

        The other party already had a preconceived impression of him, so no matter what Lin Fan said at this time, the other party would not believe him.

        In the few minutes he had spent with this mean and sharp woman, Lin Fan's days were like years.

        It was as if he was a piece of shit in the other woman's eyes.

        Luckily, this atmosphere didn't last long before Bai Yi came back.

        When he saw Bai Yi return, Xu You Rong's attitude instantly changed 360 degrees, and his face was once again filled with a warm and friendly smile.

        "What are you talking about, so happy?"

        Bai Yi asked curiously.

        "Nothing, just talking about you two, Mr. Lin and I really know each other at first sight."

        Xu You Rong laughed, and then stared sharply at Lin Fan.

        "You say so, don't you? Mr. Lin?"

        Lin Fan secretly smacked his lips, was this woman a chameleon?

        Her face was turning over faster than a book!

        Is it true that the prettier the woman, the more deceitful she is?

        After the meal, Bai Yi received a call from Li Kaoran to discuss the details of the cooperation between the Pharmaceutical Association and the New Bai's.

        Bai Yi then said sorry to Xu You Rong with an embarrassed face.

        Xu You Rong waved her hand and said graciously.

        "It's alright, I'm going to interview at Huafu Pharmaceutical today anyway, we'll meet again sometime!"

        Huafu Pharmaceuticals?

        Lin Fan instantly frowned, wasn't this his group?

        Now, he was already the president of the Chinese Medicine Association, and this Huafu Pharmaceutical was the equivalent of the front of the Medical Association!

        By such a coincidence, Xu You Rong was going to interview at his own group?

        Bai Yi then nodded and said to Lin Fan.

        "Lin Fan, you send your cousin to Huafu Pharmaceutical!"

        Lin Fan's expression instantly fell, before he gave a somewhat reluctant ah and said.

        "Can I not go?"

        Just as the words left his mouth!

        Two gazes that seemed like they were about to kill were staring at Lin Fan in unison.

        Lin Fan was instantly shaken in spirit and said breathlessly.

        "I'm just kidding, I'm going to get the car now!"

        It was a blessing, not a curse, but a curse that could not be avoided!

        Once he arrived at the place, Xu You Rong threw Lin Fan a stack of money with extreme disgust, a few thousand at least.

        And then said with a cold face.

        "You can go now!"

        Then without another word, she clicked her heels and walked into Huafu Pharmaceutical.

        At that moment, a cold smile appeared at the corner of Lin Fan's mouth, and then he dialed Zhang Jianjun's phone number.

        "Zhang Jianjun, a woman named Xu Yourong is coming to apply for a job at Huafu Pharmaceuticals!"

        The Zhang Jianjun on the other end instantly stood in awe and respectfully said.

        "Does Mr. Lin mean that he wants me to arrange a position for her? I'll have someone prepare it right now!"

        However, an impish, sardonic smile surfaced at the corner of Lin Fan's mouth and he said.

        "No, I want you to make things difficult for her!"