Today I Give Up Trying 1671

 Smell that!

        Xu You Rong instantly laughed contemptuously and said with contempt.

        "Don't think of yourself as too important, how do you know she'll be sad and upset? It's possible that she's still too happy to be upset!"

        "Besides, it's not for you to bother! After I divorce you, I'll introduce her to a man a thousand times better than you! I've been studying overseas for so many years, and I've met so many good men, young men from rich families, super academics, company presidents, group directors, which ones are not better than the best?"

        "Once she meets these excellent men, she will know more clearly how incompetent you are."

        Lin Fan scratched his head, it seemed that Xu You Rong really had a great deal of animosity towards him.

        It seemed like his union with Bai Yi was a big mistake in the sky!

        And then, Lin Fan just sighed and said.

        "But, Bai Yi is now carrying my child in her belly!"


        Xu You Rong instantly slapped the table in anger, and his eyes looked as if they were about to glare out of their sockets.

        Incredibly furious!

        She, a highly educated doctor, even wanted to burst into foul language at this time.

        How could Bai Yi be so stupid as to bear a child for such a man?

        It was a stain on herself!

        If it were her, she wouldn't even share a room with Lin Fan because that was just too disgusting!

        Facing such a man, even if the other man was breathing, made her feel disgusted!

        Bai Yi, she must have been tricked by this despicable man!

        That must be the case!

        As long as Bai Yi was pregnant with his child, there was no way to divorce Lin Fan without looking at the face of the monk, and this guy could also tie Bai Yi up as a long-term meal ticket.

        At that moment, she regained her composure and slowly sat down, her face cold as she said.

        "So what if you're pregnant, today's medicine is so advanced, it's not like you can't fight?"


        Lin Fan instantly frowned, his eyes fierce as he stared Xu You Rong down.

        If Xu You Rong's intention was not for Bai Yi's good, then at this moment, Lin Fan would have already sent a big slap across his face.

        How dare she try to kill her own child?

        While facing Lin Fan's stare, Xu You Rong was furiously chiding, saying.

        "What kind of look is that in your eyes? Did I say something wrong? Today's Bai Yi is the president of the new Bai Clan, her pharmaceutical company is already globally renowned, and the fact that she was able to take the lead in developing a vaccine that was good enough to save the world is enough to show how good she is,"

        "And look at you, what do you have?"

        Lin Fan, who heard these words, was dumbfounded.

        Xu You Rong was unaware that everything Bai Yi had today was because of him!

        However, before Lin Fan could say anything, this woman's mouth was like a machine gun as she once again made a new burst.

        "I wasn't in the country before and didn't know anything about your marriage, but now that I've returned, there's no way I'm going to let Bai Yi make one mistake after another!"

        "You must get a divorce! And you must agree to it, or don't blame me for being ruthless and creating that one or two accidents for you, so that you disappear from this world!"

        These last words had clearly revealed a murderous intent!

        It also made Lin Fan, utterly furious!


        Lin Fan smirked as he stared Xu You Rong down, the meaning in his eyes intensifying.


        Xu You Rong still looked as if he was high and mighty, not putting Lin Fan in his eyes in the slightest.


        So what if you were angry?

        When a man is angry, he will just snatch the ground with his head!

        What else could this trash do to her?

        "Firstly, Bai Yi is my wife, if she wants to divorce me, I unconditionally agree with her decision, so it's not your turn to dictate to an outsider like you!"

        "Secondly, everything Bai Yi has now is from me! Including the new Bai's, and also that new vaccine!"

        "Third, what you say I have, what I have, is something you can't even imagine!"

        "And finally!"

        Lin Fan leaned forward slightly, like a vicious jackal, and fixed Xu You Rong with a deadly stare:

        "If I hear one more time that you made Bai Yi get an abortion or something like that, I will beat you to death!"

        "Even if you are a beautiful woman!"