Today I Give Up Trying 1670

 Lin Fan was a little curious, it was the first time he had heard that Bai Yi had a cousin.

        Upon asking, he found out that the other party was the child of Bai Shan's second uncle's family, who had been studying abroad and had only recently returned to China, and was so powerful that she was said to have obtained a double doctorate degree.

        Bai Yi also said that he had aimed for his cousin as a child, because she was the best at whatever she did and was a super woman!

        Half an hour later, Lin Fan and Bai Yi were meeting their legendary cousin, nearly thirty years old did not leave too many signs of age on her body, instead adding a few more mature and sensual touches.

        Like a peach, she was a sight to behold and a bite to be taken.

        She was dressed in a smart little suit and a professional skirt, giving her the impression of a social elite.

        And at this time, she was hugging Bai Yi warmly, and then said to her in a somewhat scornful manner:

        "You've lost weight!"

        "It's good to be thin, what woman doesn't want to be thin?"

        Bai Yi said with a smile, and then pulled Lin Fan over and introduced him to her cousin, saying.

        "This is my husband Lin Fan!"

        Lin Fan then nodded his head to the other party as a greeting.

        And the other party also warmly extended his hand, shook it with Lin Fan and introduced himself, saying.

        "Hello, my name is Xu You Rong, nice to meet you!"


        As he said this, a hint of hidden hatred flashed under Xu You Rong's eyes.

        At the same time, the hand that shook Lin Fan's hand was also gone as soon as it touched, as if he was afraid that if he shook it for too long, it would dirty his hand.

        "Let's find a place to eat, I'm starving to death!"

        Xu You Rong said with a smile, still looking enthusiastic, and I must say that this acting skill could be considered expert.

        And then, they arrived at a restaurant.

        Bai Yi went to the toilet midway, and once she left, Xu You Rong's attitude changed 360 degrees.

        He lit himself a cigarette and then looked at Lin Fan in a condescending manner.

        "Leave Bai Yi!"

        The voice was cold, chillingly cold!

        It was as if it was disgusting to say one more word to Lin Fan.

        From the beginning to the end, he didn't even look at Lin Fan directly!

        "What did you say?"

        Lin Fan's expression was stunned, he thought he had heard wrong, he and Xu You Rong had clearly met for the first time, how could Xu You Rong be so hostile towards him?

        What had he done to offend this woman?

        Xu You Rong immediately frowned and said with an unhappy face.

        "I said for you to leave Bai Yi, someone like you is not good enough for her!"

        "And I also know that the reason she married you in the first place was because she was forced to do so, she has a brighter life ahead of her and shouldn't be dragged down by a loser like you."

        At this time Xu You Rong didn't hide her hatred for Lin Fan in the slightest.

        At those words!

        Lin Fan froze and laughed, saying.

        "On what grounds?"


        The disgust in Xu You Rong's eyes was instantly exposed as he looked at Lin Fan coldly.

        "What I hate the most is a man like you who stirs up trouble and is shameless. Do you think you are a good match for her?"

        "If we have to divorce sooner or later, why do we have to drag it out and make it unpleasant for each other?"

        Xu You Rong firmly believed that a marriage that did not fit together would never work out in the end.

        Because of their different outlooks, both parties would be swept away for a short time by the brief passion, but conflicts would naturally arise over time.

        And at that time, Bai Yi will definitely divorce Lin Fan.

        Xu You Rong also despises Lin Fan, a son-in-law who eats soft food, because he is not good enough for Bai Yi, who deserves a better man!

        And at this time, Lin Fan also laughed with him and asked.

        "So even if I do divorce Bai Yi, what happens afterwards?"

        "Won't she be sad, won't she be upset?"