Today I Give Up Trying 167-168

 Chapter 167

Here it comes!

        When they heard the housekeeper's shout, the faces of everyone in the Bai family straightened up as much as possible.

        Especially Bai Hai and the others, they hurried to Bai Shan and once again instructed to explain.

        "Lao San, don't forget what you just said. When Mr. Yang and the others arrive, you have to kneel down and make amends to them until they forgive you."

        On your knees!

        On your knees again!

        The surrounding Bai family members, one by one, looked at Bai Shan with more and more teasing sarcasm.

        Who let you Bai Shan to have such a useless son-in-law as Lin Fan!

        Now ...... has come the karma, right?

        For a while, including Bai Hai, Bai Yan, and many Bai family executives, they couldn't help but want to see the miserable scene of Bai Shan kneeling on the ground, wanting Yang Jinshui to make amends bitterly.


        While many Bai family members were discussing, the sound of footsteps came from the doorway one after another.

        Under the awe-inspiring gaze of the crowd, Yang Jinshui, with more than ten middle-aged men in suits, stepped in.

        "Chairman, your old man is here!"

        At this moment, all the arrogance on Ma Hong's face dissipated, as if he were a lap dog, and he trotted up to Yang Jinshui's face, and then said in a flattering manner.

        "I've asked the White House to make all the arrangements, and you've come at the right time!"

        All set?

        When Yang Jinshui heard this, a strong smile of satisfaction appeared on his face.

        This Ma Hong, although in the eyes of outsiders, he was a senior member of the Shanda Group, but in fact, he was just a small follower of theirs.

        This time!

        Yang Jinshui was completely scared to death by Lin Fan's words.

        After he went back and sent his son to the hospital, he convened a board meeting in a frenzy.

        After that, he mobilized all his contacts and united ten second-rate groups and four first-rate groups to make amends for Lin Fan's crime.

        It wasn't just him!

        When the rest of the forces heard that Lin Fan was the boss behind the Tian Long Group, they almost peed themselves.

        One by one, they wanted to be the first to come and pay their respects to Mr. Lin.

        As for Ma Hong, Yang Jinshui heard that he and the Bai Clan were together.

        Yang Jinshui heard that he had some relatives with the Bai family, and that's why he sent him here, to get in touch with them.

        "Ma Hong, you've done a good job on this matter!"

        Yang Jinshui nodded his head in satisfaction.

        "Don't worry! If things go well today, I'll transfer you to the board when I get back."


        This sentence made Ma Hong almost faint with joy.

        Shanda Group Board of Directors Ah!

        He has been working for Shanda for more than 20 years, but he was not qualified to join, and now, after just one trip to the White House, he is going to break into the Board of Directors, which makes him ecstatic to the extreme.

        Not only him!

        Next to her, Bai Yan, who was also glowing with springtime glory, was obviously feeling unusually glorious.

        "Hahaha ...... Old Master Bai, long time no see!"

        Yang Jinshui didn't have time to care about Ma Hong at the moment, but then his face instantly piled up a strong smile and greeted the old master Bai.

        "Yang Dong, this time it's our Bai family's fault, and I'm really sorry to have bothered you, old man."

        The old man said with a grin on his face.


        Yang Jinshui, on the other hand, waved his hand cheerfully.

        "We have come to pay our respects to Mr. Lin, as a matter of course."

        Mr. Lin?

        This sentence made the old master and Bai Hai's faces stiffen as much as possible.

        They instantly thought they had heard wrong.

        That's not all!

        Yang Jinshui waved his hand, and at once the assistant next to him, handed over a pile of documents.

        "Old Master, this time to show our Shanda Group's apologies and guilt to Mr. Lin! We held a board meeting and definitely started a deep partnership with White's group!"

        "This is a three-year, three-billion dollar order! Our Shanda Group will fund the project and split the profits with your Bai Group. You nine, grand one!"

Chapter 168


        This sentence made the old master and all the Bai family members, head blown, completely confused.

        Three billion orders in three years!

        Shanda pays for the people!

        White's Nine?

        The Grand One?

        Fuck ...... Fuck!

        At this moment, whether it was the old master or the rest of the Bai Clan's executives, the word 'lying' appeared in their hearts.

        After all, the market value of the Bai Clan was less than three billion.

        And now, it was almost as if they could earn 2.7 billion in three years for nothing without a single penny and without one person's help!

        2.7 billion. ......


        Old Master Bai, Bai Hai, Bai Yan and all the others couldn't help but swallow a mouthful of spittle, feeling blinded by this pie that fell from the sky.

        Even they didn't think carefully about Yang Jinshui's 'apologies and guilt for Mr. Lin'!

        "Yang ...... Yang Dong! You, you are repaying a debt of gratitude with virtue, not only did not cut off cooperation with my Bai family, to raise a grudge, and even sent us this great gift, so that my old man simply ...... simply ......".

        Old Master Bai's face turned red with excitement, and he couldn't even speak clearly.

        After all, 2.7 billion, he had worked hard all his life, but he had never earned it.

        And seeing this!

        Yang Jinshui, on the other hand, shook his head and said with a smile.

        "This is what we should do with Mr. Lin, the old lady doesn't have to take it to heart."

        It's 'Mr. Lin' again!

        These three words made the old master's heart burst slightly.

        Could it be that he had misheard?

        The old master's heart, a vague feeling, seems to be something wrong.

        However, before he could think about it, he heard the steward's excited voice at the door, coming once again.

        "Chairman of the Board of Directors of Hongda Group - Xu Yansheng, with all the directors of Hongda Group ...... to!"


        Hongda Group - Xu Yansheng!

        Hearing this, the old master and Bai Hai were shocked.

        They knew that the Hongda Group was also a first-class group, not weaker than the Shanda Group.

        And Xu Yansheng was even a business tycoon who was on par with Yang Jinshui.


        I'm afraid that only Master Bai is qualified to see the other side, that's all.

        But the Bai family people never dreamed that Xu Yansheng would bring all the directors of Hongda and come together, which is simply unbelievable.


        The things that shook the White House had just begun!

        "Fei Yong, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Yong Sheng Group, with all the directors of the Group ...... to!"

        "Chang Sheng Group Chairman - Zhou Sheng Chang, with all the directors of the group, here!"


        The housekeeper's incomprehensible shouts of excitement came one after another.

        And with every name the butler shouted, it was like a heavy bomb that constantly struck the nerves of the Bai family.

        Fei Yong!

        Zhou Shengchang!

        Like Yang Jinshui and Xu Yangsheng, these two men were all bigwigs of the First-class Group.

        They were known as the four first-class groups.

        The Bai family couldn't imagine that these four big shots were all here together.

        That's not all!

        In addition to these four, there were ten other second-rate groups, like the Bai family, that came together with their respective board members.


        In this short moment, I'm afraid that the first-class and second-class groups of Jiang City have already gathered here.

        God, this ...... is simply incredible.

        Old Master Bai, Bai Hai, and the others, when have they ever seen such a big battle with so many big bosses.

        Their bodies were trembling with excitement.

        And right in the middle of their expectant and apprehensive sight.

        Xu Yangsheng, Fei Yong, and Zhou Shengchang led a rabble, nearly a hundred business tycoons in suits, hailed and entered the Bai family's gate.