Today I Give Up Trying 1669

 But as soon as the words left his mouth!

        One after another, people were falling to their knees!

        In the blink of an eye, there were more than ten of them!

        "Please forgive me, President! Please spare my life!"

        As if they had lost their souls, they kept kowtowing towards Lin Fan, looking as if they were in pain.

        It was obvious that they were in complete disarray at this point!

        On the other hand, Lin Fan acted as if he didn't see the despair on Huo Dongying and the others' faces, and instead, he even smiled playfully.

        "You guys say that now, am I qualified to tell you to get lost?"

        The whole room was silent!

        Not a single person dared to squeal!

        Nowadays, Lin Fan, not to mention telling them to get lost, even if he told them to die, they wouldn't be able to refuse, right?

        Even a figure like Zhang Jianjun had knelt down to Lin Fan, what were they worth?

        And at this time, the parents of Huo Dongying and the others hurriedly spoke up and pleaded with Lin Fan, saying.

        "President, it was my incompetent discipline, you give our family a chance, I will definitely teach this unworthy son a good lesson!"

        "President, as long as you are willing to forgive us, you can make us do whatever you want!"

        At these words!

        The corner of Lin Fan's mouth then curled up in a smile, and he said with a smirk.

        "Really, anything?"

        Upon hearing these words, the crowd thought that things had turned around and shook their heads vigorously.

        Unfortunately, Lin Fan's next words once again plunged them into despair!

        "Well then, from now on, all of you should get the hell out of the Medical Association!"


        The bigwigs in the room all instantly stared at each other with eyes wide open, looking like they had lost their souls.

        Get out of the Pharmaceutical Association?

        Didn't this mean that they should never engage in any medicine related business again?


        Before they could open their mouths to beg for mercy, Lin Fan looked at Zhang Jianjun beside him and said with an indifferent expression.

        "From today onwards, block all their pharmaceutical companies and ban them from engaging in all business activities related to medicine!"


        The bigwigs in the room immediately let out a harsh scream, as if they were about to faint.

        They were going to kill them all!

        This was the way to go!

        Once Zhang Jianjun blocked them, their pharmaceutical company would be completely paralysed!

        And Zhang Jianjun nodded heavily.

        "As ordered!"

        And then!

        Lin Fan then rose straight away and said in a cold voice.

        "In the future, I don't want to see you in the Pharmaceutical Association!"

        As they watched Lin Fan walk out of the conference room, all the people present had mixed feelings.

        Especially Liu Xi!

        Her eyes were complicated to the extreme, because once upon a time, Lin Fan had liked her, and if she had agreed to Lin Fan's advances, then she would be the Chairman's wife now.

        Oh my god!

        He was the Divine Doctor Lin!

        Who in the whole of China didn't know about it?

        Even the Lord of the Nation had personally named him for promotion, this was a true dragon among men.

        But because of her blindness, she had missed out on Lin Fan.

        Not only did she miss out, but she had also offended Lin Fan completely. Thinking of this, Liu Xi simply wanted to slap herself twice.

        At this very moment!

        Her intestines were turning blue with regret!

        In the past, she had ignored Lin Fan, but now she could no longer afford Lin Fan.

        "Rebel son, I'll beat you to death!"

        "You damned beast, you've killed old me!"

        "Bastard! You bastard!"

        And immediately afterwards, the entire conference room was filled with curses, and many of the great men became completely furious and beat their sons wildly and severely.

        And for the next few days, Lin Fan's life became much calmer.

        The Lin family did not come looking for trouble again either, as they now had more important things to do, and that was to quell the rebellion!

        Since they knew that the Lin family had been badly wounded, their men had turned against each other and fled, and the top brass of the Lin family had also been quite critical of Lin Hongtu, so now the Lin family could be said to be suffering from internal and external problems.

        Now they must solve their internal problems, or else the Lin family will soon be destroyed!

        Today, however, Bai Yi suddenly pulled Lin Fan back and said.

        "Lin Fan, my cousin happens to be in the imperial capital, she asked us to go and see her, let's go together!"