Today I Give Up Trying 1668


        With this statement alone, it made Liu Xi completely paralyzed with fear.


        Pill Elder instantly frowned before he cast an unkind glance at Liu Xi.

        "You bitch, what exactly did you do?"

        Liu Xi's mother was so angry that she stepped forward and gave her a slap, her entire face already iron-blue.

        Previously, they had been suspicious of Lin Fan, the wasteful outcast, but after learning that he was Divine Doctor Lin, they were utterly terrified of the young man in front of them.

        A person who had been personally named and promoted by the Lord of the Nation, was someone they could offend?

        This young man was the hope of China's future!

        Liu Xi also did not expect such an outcome, and was dropping tears, unable to say anything at this time.

        It wasn't just Liu Xi's family!

        Even Huo Dongying's father, at this time, also changed colour and kicked Huo Dongying away.

        "You rebellious son, how dare you insult Divine Doctor Lin, I think you're looking for death!"

        Huo Dongying was kicked in the head and his face was instantly covered in blood, and several teeth fell out, so it was clear how hard the kick was.

        The many gentry present who had humiliated Lin Fan were on the verge of pissing themselves in fear at this time.

        "Elder Pill, these children are young and ignorant, they might have offended Divine Doctor Lin, look..."

        At that moment, the parents of those grandsons were casting curt glances at Elder Pill.

        Instead, Pill Elder had a cold face and scolded in an unpleasant tone, saying.

        "What are you looking at me for, it's not me they've offended!"

        The implication was to let Lin Fan make his own decision!

        Lin Fan, on the other hand, was smiling and sitting calmly in his chair.

        "There's no rush, I have more important matters to resolve now!"

        And then, he was looking at Zhang Jianjun and said with a leathery smile.

        "Kneel down!"


        All of them were shocked when they heard these words!

        None of them had expected that the moment Lin Fan took his seat as the new president, he would be the first to take on Zhang Jianjun?

        This was a direct intention to give Zhang Jianjun a disgrace!

        But this wasn't the way to give him a warning, was it?

        To tell him to kneel down without saying a word?

        This was too arrogant!

        At this moment, everyone felt like they were dreaming!

        Even the chairman could not ignore Zhang Jianjun, the head of the Pharmaceutical Supervisor, in his eyes, right?

        Zhang Jianjun was also so angry that his body was shivering. He had lived for more than 50 years, but this was the first time he had been so embarrassed as today, when he was forced to kneel down by a yellow-haired boy.

        In an instant!

        Everyone's eyes fell on Zhang Jianjun's face.

        At this moment, Zhang Jianjun didn't have the courage to retort, he just stood dumbfounded.

        Today, Lin Fan was already a very popular person in front of the kingdom lord, so he couldn't afford to offend him.

        At this moment, Lin Fan was looking at Zhang Jianjun from a high position.

        "If you don't kneel now, you won't have another chance to kneel in the future!"

        The threat was already overflowing!

        If Zhang Jianjun didn't kneel, then Lin Fan would find an opportunity to screw him in the future!

        And yes, screw him to death!

        Zhang Jianjun instantly trembled, knowing that this brat was as good as his word and vengeful.

        The Lin family last night was the best illustration of that!

        This brat surnamed Lin was a madman, and on the contrary, a madman with heavenly abilities!

        Even the Lin family had been crippled by him, and he himself... I'm afraid I can't stand up to him either!

        After hesitating for a moment, Zhang Jianjun finally sighed long and slowly knelt down on both knees and said in a deep voice to Lin Fan.

        "From now on, I will follow the new president's lead!"


        These words of Zhang Jianjun's were like a loud thunderbolt, a stifling sensation that exploded through the crowd!

        Kneeling down!

        Zhang Jianjun had actually knelt down!

        The impact of this scene on them was no less than a volcano hitting the earth!

        They knew that Zhang Jianjun was a minister, and his position in China was one that was beneath all others, but now he had submitted to this young man?

        He was willing to throw away all his dignity and kneel down?


        Everyone in the room was dumbfounded!

        Afterwards, they all felt their liver and guts split, and were so frightened that they were about to become incontinent.

        With Zhang Jianjun's status and mind, if the young man in front of him hadn't completely made him desperate, he would never have knelt down in such a humiliating manner.

        This man in front of him had a background that they could not imagine!

        Everyone was in a panic at this moment!

        Huo Dongying and the others were the most desperate, they never dreamed that things would develop in such a situation, that the trash they despised the most had now become the person they feared the most.

        The moment they saw Zhang Jianjun kneel down, they were completely devastated!

        And at this moment, Lin Fan saw Zhang Jianjun kneel down and burst into laughter.

        "Zhang Jianjun, you're a smart man, I like smart people!"

        And to the side!

        Li Kaoran, who saw this, also felt more and more that the man in front of him was unfathomable.


        He was only in his twenties, and he had such tact and ability, this was too incredible, wasn't it?

        And only then did Lin Fan look intently at Huo Dongying and the others, and said in an icy tone.

        "Now, it's time to settle the total score between us!"