Today I Give Up Trying 1667


        When Elder Pill's words fell, the whole world seemed to fall into a dead silence.

        Everyone couldn't even utter a single word, and at this time, they all felt like they had been hit hard by a giant hammer, completely dumbfounded!

        Lin... Doctor Lin?

        This is fucking insane!

        The God Doctor Lin, who had become famous in China and was known as the backbone of the country, was actually Lin Fan?

        Everyone felt like their worldview had completely collapsed!

        This guy, who was clearly an outcast of the Lin family, how could he be the so-called God Doctor Lin?

        There was a mistake!

        This must be a mistake somewhere!



        The moment they heard Elder Pill's words, Huo Dongying, Liu Xi and the others fell to the ground in shock, a touch of despair appearing on their faces!

        It was over!

        This was the end!

        They finally understood what was going on, why Elder Pill wanted Lin Fan to be the new president, and why the Lord of the Kingdom had personally promoted this fellow Lin Fan.

        It turned out that he was the Divine Doctor Lin who had shocked China and abroad some time ago and had earned China a lot of face!


        They couldn't figure it out!

        How could this happen?

        How could this loser, in a flash, become a hero of the nation?

        Some time ago, Dr. Lin had defeated overseas healers, shocking both China and abroad, and the whole of China had been reporting on him for over a month!

        Even Elder Medicine had publicly praised him more than once!

        He even said that Dr. Lin's medical skills were superior to his and that he would lead Chinese medicine to the world in the future!

        But what everyone didn't expect was that the divine Doctor Lin who had attracted so much attention was the same Lin Fan they despised.

        God, was this a big joke on them?

        Huo Dongying's face was white, and at this instant it was as if his brain had stopped functioning, just staring straight at Lin Fan, already scared silly.

        God Doctor Lin, Lin Fan was God Doctor Lin!

        And he, himself, had just offended the Divine Doctor Lin?

        No wonder Lin Fan had faced their humiliation so calmly.

        No wonder Lin Fan would be so domineering as to tell them to get lost.

        At this moment, all of the young men like Huo Dongying understood.

        But it was because they understood that they were afraid.

        Lin Fan was about to become the new president of the Pharmaceutical Association and, while they had just offended Lin Fan like that, the other party only needed to say one word, and then they would be completely out of luck.

        At this time, they were about to piss themselves in fear!

        And seeing this!

        Zhou Botong and Zhang Jianjun had also been completely dumbfounded, seemingly doubly incredulous at this sudden turn of events!

        Especially Zhang Jianjun!

        His face was as ugly as it could be at this moment!

        Because he knew very well that he would not be able to keep his position as President today!

        Damn the Lin family, what kind of monster have they produced!

        A Grand Master in his early twenties, plus a divine doctor who had become famous in China, how could the Lord not care about such a being?

        At that moment!

        He became uneasy because he knew very well that Lin Fan's future prospects were unlimited and if he dared to offend him, he would definitely not end up in a good way!

        Originally, he had thought that Lin Fan was a worm, which was why he didn't take it into account.

        But this worm had now turned into a dragon, how could he accept this?

        Damn the Lin family, they had inadvertently set up a great enemy for him!

        The atmosphere in the whole room, at this time, became oppressive to the extreme!

        Everyone was looking at Lin Fan with a frightened look, as if they had seen a ghost alive.

        And at this time, Pill Elder also noticed that Lin Fan was filthy, and immediately asked in disbelief.

        "Little Lin, why are you covered in wine?"

        At those words!

        Liu Xi's heart instantly thumped, and his entire body instantly fell into an ice cellar, his face bloodless.

        Lin Fan smiled sorrowfully and looked at Liu Xi coldly.

        "Oh, that would be something to ask her."