Today I Give Up Trying 1666

 And then, the door of the conference room opened, and a figure walked out with it under the eyes of the crowd that had all eyes on it.

        Surprisingly, it was Lin Fan!

        The moment they saw Lin Fan, Huo Dongying and the others were directly dumbfounded!

        Not only them, Zhou Botong and Zhang Jianjun were also completely dumbfounded, Elder Pill was going to hand over the position of the new president to this kid in front of him?

        Was Elder Pill going crazy?

        This kid, what does he know!

        Immediately, Huo Dongying became furious and instantly roared out.

        "Lin Fan, who gave you permission to come in here, is this a place where you can stay? Get the hell out of here!"

        "That's right, this is a meeting room for the great powers of the medical world, who are you to stay here?"

        Insults and abuse rang out instantly!

        "I'm the one who told him to come!"

        At this time, a slightly angry voice rang out.

        Dozens of gazes then stared at Pill Elder in unison.

        And then all the people present, one by one, their scalps tingled and they were dumbfounded.

        The new president that Pill Elder was talking about couldn't be this guy in front of him, right?

        "Pill Elder, what do you mean by that, he's an outsider, what qualifications does he have to come here?"

        Zhang Jianjun asked in shock, a bad premonition snapping in his heart.


        Just as everyone was confused by this, Pill Elder headed straight for Lin Fan, before standing in front of him with an indifferent expression as he said.

        "Let me introduce to you, this is the new president of our Huaxia Medical Association, Lin Fan!"


        One word stirred up ten thousand waves!

        Zhou Botong and the others all went crazy at this instant!

        There was shock and anger in their eyes!

        Lin Fan, the new president?

        What a fucking joke!

        How could this guy be capable of anything!


        Zhang Jianjun slammed the table in outrage and looked angrily at Elder Yak.

        "Elder Yak, you're joking about the future of Chinese medicine in China!"

        This scum in front of him was no match for him?

        What a load of nonsense!

        Both Zhou Botong and Zhang Jianjun felt that Elder Pill was insulting them, how could this kid in front of them be qualified to be compared to them?

        Even if he was a Grand Master, he only had some attainments in martial arts, but he knew nothing about medicine.

        It was not just Zhou Botong and the others!

        Even the younger generation, such as Huo Dongying, exploded when they saw this scene!

        Huo Dongying even directly lost his voice and exclaimed.

        "Impossible, this trash, how is he qualified to be the president?"


        Huo Dongying's father then turned his head and stared at him in confusion.

        "You know this man?"

        A cold smile spread across the corners of Huo Dongying's mouth as he said.

        "Dad, this man's name is Lin Fan, he is the trash who was swept out of the Lin family back then, how can such a fellow be qualified to lead Chinese medicine in China?"

        The trash of the Lin family?

        Hearing this name, all the people present changed their expressions dramatically.

        It was obvious that they all knew of such a person, and the Lin family hated him with a passion.

        Even if he became the president of the Medical Association, he would probably become a dead man in no time, and the Medical Association might also offend the Lin family and Zhang Jianjun, so the loss would not be worth the gain!

        At that moment, Huo Dongying's father stepped forward and said in a cold voice.

        "I oppose him becoming the new president, I think he is not qualified enough to take on the important task, and cannot be compared to the Zhang Ministry!"

        And as soon as he opened his mouth, all the people present had a reckoning and spoke up one after another, saying.

        "I don't agree either! What qualifications does a wasteful outcast of the Lin family have to lead the entire Chinese medicine community?"

        "Master, you are indeed too reckless, although this fellow is a Grand Master, he knows nothing about medicine, how can such a person carry Chinese medicine forward?"

        These old foxes, all of them were human beings, there was no way they would allow someone like Lin Fan to be the new president, since that was the case then it seemed that right now they naturally had to please Zhang Jianjun!

        And seeing this!

        Huo Dongying burst out laughing with glee.

        "Did you hear that Lin Fan, you can get lost! You want to be the president of the Pharmaceutical Association? In another life!"

        All along, Lin Fan had been stepped on by them, but once Lin Fan became the president, he would be their top boss.

        Whether it was Huo Dongying or Liu Xi and the others, there was no way they could accept it.

        Lin Fan was also completely frozen, he also didn't expect that the reason why Elder Medicine had called him over was to make him the president of the Medicine Association.

        Was this the rhythm of intending for him to lead Chinese medicine in China?

        And in the face of the crowd's discontent, Elder Pill had the look of a man who had his mind made up and said in an astonishing manner.

        "Then what if I tell you all that he is Divine Doctor Lin?"