Today I Give Up Trying 1665


        In this instant, the atmosphere in the room completely exploded!

        Everyone had a look of shock and horror on their faces!

        Some even almost fell off their chairs!

        The kingdom... The Lord of the Kingdom?

        Are you fucking kidding me?

        This new president was personally nominated by the Lord of the Country?

        How can that be!

        The Lord of the State was busy with his business and was concerned with national issues, how could he care about the personnel changes of a small Chinese Medicine Association?

        Everyone was dumbfounded, feeling as if they were listening to a heavenly book, everything was so unbelievable.

        Even Zhang Jianjun was completely panicked at this time, his expression horrified as he shook his head.

        "Impossible! This can't be! You must be lying, what kind of status does the State Lord have, how could he possibly open the back door for a person!"

        "Elder Pill, you're creating a rumour! It's against the law!"

        The State Lord himself named him!

        How good does a person have to be to be honoured with such an award?

        Zhang Jianjun didn't believe it!

        Everyone in the room didn't believe it either, how could there be such a person in this world?

        Unless Hua Tuo was reincarnated!

        A magpie reborn!

        In response to Zhang Jianjun's rebuttal and the crowd's astonishment, Elder Medicine ignored them and said indifferently.

        "Everything I said is true, if there is any disinformation, I am willing to bear all the consequences!"

        "And the reason why the Lord of the country chose him as the new president is also very simple, that is, this person's medical skills and development prospects are far above mine!"


        The moment they heard those words, everyone's bodies trembled fiercely.

        It was as if their eyes were about to split from their sockets.

        What the hell, did they hear it wrong?

        The other party's medical skills were above Medicine Elder's?

        What a joke!

        Elder Medicine was a divine doctor of China!

        The acknowledged number one in Chinese medicine!

        The most versatile doctor!

        He is internationally renowned and has been invited by many countries and hospitals around the world, offering him generous conditions that are comparable to those of a national treasure.

        As a result, in the Chinese community, he was known as Hua Tuo the Second, and all doctors held him as their spiritual leader.

        But now Elder Pill was saying that the new president was even more skilled than him!

        How the hell could this be!

        Everyone could not believe it was true at this time, because in their eyes Elder Pill was a god-like existence.

        And now, there was an existence that surpassed God?


        And that's not all!

        The real bombshell was just about to begin!

        Only the corners of Pill Elder's mouth curled up in a playful smile as he said.

        "Also, this new president is no older than thirty years old!"


        Everyone sucked in a cold breath in unison at this instant.

        The kind of shock that was hard to attach was pushed to a high point in this instant as well.

        Good heavens!

        A divine doctor who was less than thirty years old?


        Was there really such an outstanding person in this world?

        How far such an existence could go in the future was simply immeasurable!

        Huo Dongying and the rest of the younger generation were all already dumbfounded, meaning that that new president was the same age as them?

        At the same age, he was already sitting at the top of China's pharmaceutical industry!

        How outstanding should such a person be?

        At this moment, Huo Dongying and the others felt ashamed of themselves and felt that they were not even worthy of being compared to the new chairman!

        Liu Xi, however, was full of admiration and her eyes were glowing green, just listening to her, she was already in love with the new president!

        The new president, a legend!

        At this point they couldn't wait to see what the mysterious new president was all about!

        And at this moment, Zhou Botong's face was as ugly as it could be, he finally knew that what his master was talking about was not him at all.

        Elder Pill had never wanted him to inherit the presidency either!

        "Elder Pill, don't sell yourself short, let the new president hurry out and meet him!"

        Someone said impatiently.

        The person the State Lord had named for promotion, they all wanted to know what kind of person it was!

        At these words!

        Pill Elder then laughed harshly.

        "Kid, come out!"