Today I Give Up Trying 1664

 Pill Elder gave him an indifferent glance and said with a bland expression.

        "It's nothing, it's just that I feel that the Zhang Department has a lot of business, so in order to not overwork the Zhang Department, I can only find someone to share the pressure for you!"

        Sharing the pressure?

        That's a nice way of putting it!

        This is simply undermining his power!

        But he had no way to refuse, because that Chinese Medicine Association was created by Elder Medicine, although he had already retired.

        But as long as he said the word, the Pharmaceutical Association would still be in his hands.

        At that moment, Zhang Jianjun's gaze was cold as he said.

        "Is that so? Then I would like to see who is more suitable than me to take up the position of President!"

        The threatening intent in his eyes was extraordinarily strong!

        Anyone who dares to take up the position will be offending him, Zhang Jianjun!

        Zhang Jianjun would like to see who has the guts to do so!

        Huo Dongying and the others were also in an uproar, the Pill Master had convened this meeting today and was actually going to elect another president?

        Oh my God!

        Is this a joke?

        Who else in the whole of China was more qualified to be the president of the Pharmaceutical Association than Zhang Jianjun?

        You know, he is the head of China's pharmaceutical administration!

        Every pharmaceutical company is under his control!

        Which pharmaceutical company would dare to offend such an existence?

        But Pill Master snorted coldly and said proudly.

        "Then don't worry, my newly chosen badge will not let you down!"

        "And he is the only one who can lead our Chinese medicine to the world and flourish!"


        The crowd's expressions were instantly appalled, Elder Pill had such a high regard for the new president?

        They couldn't believe their ears at this moment!

        To lead Chinese medicine into the world, even Elder Yak did not dare to say such big words, yet he believed in the new chairman?

        What kind of talent is that?

        At that moment!

        The bigwigs were all in shock and looked at Elder Yak as if they had heard something.

        In their hearts, they became more and more curious about the mysterious new chairman.

        Not just them!

        Even Huo Dongying and Liu Xi and the other young gentry of the younger generation were all dumbfounded and shocked to the core at this time!

        This was the first time they had ever heard Elder Pill praise a person in such a manner!

        Even his disciples didn't seem to have such an honour, did they?

        And when Zhou Botong, who was on the side, heard this, his face immediately turned red with excitement, so in Master's heart he valued and trusted himself so much.

        It seemed that he had misjudged his master in the past!

        Zhang Jianjun, on the other hand, gritted his teeth and cursed the old immortal in his heart with a face full of resentment!

        It could be seen that Pill Elder was really determined to remove him.


        Zhang Jianjun still did not believe that there was someone within the whole of China who was more suitable than him to succeed the chairmanship, so he immediately sneered and said.

        "Elder Medicine, you are overstating the case, aren't you? The development of Chinese medicine is not something that can be achieved overnight, but requires years of experience and a broad enough vision and power."

        "Just ask who else is qualified to lead Chinese medicine in the whole of China apart from me?"

        These words are shameless to the extreme!

        But everyone knew that it was true!

        If one wanted to develop Chinese medicine, it was not just enough to rely on medical skills alone, one also needed sufficient power.

        Zhang Jianjun, for example, now wields enough power to influence the development of Chinese medicine, and he is the only one who can decide the direction of the future development of medicine.

        To put it bluntly, if Zhang Jianjun is removed from office, and if Zhang Jianjun makes some small move or something, the new president will probably be in trouble in no time!

        All the bigwigs were sighing in their hearts at this time, the old man was really getting more and more confused with age, he couldn't even see the stakes?

        The new president he had brought in was probably no match for Zhang Jianjun and would probably be gnawed down to the bone by then.

        However, the next sentence from Elder Pill was like a shocking thunderbolt that boomed through heaven and earth!

        He only saw him smile slightly and said with a light-hearted tone.

        "It is not my intention alone to make him the new president!"

        "Likewise, it is also the wish of the State Lord!"