Today I Give Up Trying 1663

 Li Kaoran knew very well that the reason why Lin Fan would be willing to be humiliated now was not because he had a good temper, but because he was holding back a big move!

        Now that Huo Dongying and the others had made the first move, then even when it came to her master in a moment, these idiots would have to admit to themselves that they had lost out!

        But Huo Dongying and Liu Xi and the others, they didn't realise the gravity of the problem at all!

        One by one, they let out a loud laugh, a strong sense of smugness and arrogance surfacing on their faces.

        "Hahahaha, Lin Fan, I told you to be arrogant, try being arrogant one more time for me?"

        Liu Xi laughed incomparably rampantly, only feeling an incomparable sense of joy in his heart.


        At this moment, Lin Fan, on the other hand, smiled as if nothing was wrong and took a long breath before shaking all the alcohol out of his hair.

        Still carelessly, he said.

        "In that case, the good show can begin!"


        At those words!

        Huo Dongying and the others' expressions all changed as they looked at Lin Fan in disbelief.

        At this point in time, this guy could still laugh?

        Was this crazy?

        All of them had a puzzled look on their faces, as they thought that Lin Fan had lost his mind.

        He had started talking nonsense!

        "To be humiliated like that and still be able to laugh, you are really shameless!"

        Liu Xi said with a look of contempt, at this time she had a feeling of her fist hitting cotton, her heart was extraordinarily upset.

        This guy, he wasn't even angry?

        "If you didn't have no self-respect, how would you be a door-to-door son-in-law eating soft rice?"

        Huo Dongying also followed sarcastically, before looking at Lin Fan in a condescending manner.

        "Hurry up and kneel down before I change my mind!"


        Just as the words left his mouth, Liu Qing, however, walked out and said to the crowd.

        "Gentlemen, this meeting is a matter of great importance to all of you, so Elder Medicine would like you to join him!"


        The whole room was in an uproar, and everyone's faces were filled with disbelief!

        Elder Pill, how dare he ask them to attend the meeting together?

        Oh my God!

        Were they dreaming?

        How could they be qualified to be in the same room as Elder Pill?

        Was this the sun coming out of the west today?

        Immediately, Huo Dongying and the others were overjoyed, each of them looking as excited as if they had been hit by chicken blood.

        They quickly tidied up their appearance and followed Liu Qing's footsteps and walked towards the conference room.

        Huo Dongying also gave Lin Fan a cold glare.

        "Count your kid lucky, I'll clean up your doggy ass after I meet with Pill Elder!"

        With that, he was walking in the direction of the meeting room with great enthusiasm!

        On the other hand, Li Huoran shook his head and sighed as if he was looking at an idiot as he watched Huo Dongying and the others leave.

        Following closely behind!

        She came to Lin Fan and asked.

        "What are you going to do about them?"

        Lin Fan glanced at her and sneered.

        "That will depend on how your master arranges for me!"

        And at that moment!

        Inside that meeting room!

        It was to the bigwigs that Elder Pill announced his main objective for this meeting.

        Zhou Botong and Zhang Jianjun were naturally present!

        Huo Dongying and the other juniors were standing behind their parents, looking at that Elder Pill who was sitting firmly on the chair with admiration on his face.

        "Today, I'm here because I'm going to hand over the position of President of the Chinese Medicine Association to a person!"

        Elder Pill took the initiative to speak.

        As soon as those words came out, Zhou Botong and Zhang Jianjun's expressions instantly changed wildly!

        Zhou Botong was secretly happy, his own master had purposely called him here today, could it be that he intended to let him inherit the chairmanship?

        That must be the case!

        Although Li Kaoran was most liked by Elder Pill, he was too young and junior to be qualified for such an important position.

        Zhang Jianjun, on the other hand, had an ugly look on his face, as he had always held the position of President of the Chinese Medicine Association on a part-time basis.

        The Medicine Elder had taken it back at this time, was this not a deliberate attempt to slap him in the face?

        At that moment, Zhang Jianjun looked at Elder Pill with dissatisfaction.

        "Elder Pill, what do you mean by that?"