Today I Give Up Trying 1662


        Upon hearing this, everyone in the room froze, each with a stunned expression as if they had been shocked to death.

        An eerie dead silence fell over the room!

        They, were they hallucinating?

        Immediately after!

        "Poof! Hahahaha!"

        Everyone burst out laughing in unison, as if they had heard a big joke.

        And then, almost everyone looked at Lin Fan with a look of contempt as they looked at an idiot.

        This idiot fellow, did he even know what he was talking about?

        He, to tell them to get lost?

        Huo Dongying burst out laughing, all mad with joy:.

        "Lin Fan, who are you, do we have to get lost just because you say we should?"

        "Is this kid a tease invited by the monkey? Does he really think he's an onion?"

        Everyone scoffed at Lin Fan's words, this guy was really funny, did he think he was the master of this party?

        Did he think he was the master of this party, that if he told them to get lost, they had to get lost?

        At first, they thought that Lin Fan should be capable of something if he dared to be so tough.

        But now, it seemed that this guy was a 100% brain-damaged person!

        However, in response to the ridicule of the crowd, Lin Fan's expression was indifferent.

        "Not bad, if I say you guys should get lost, you have to get lost!"

        With that, he looked back at Li Kaoran and said with a smile.

        "I guess I still have that much power, right?"

        Li Kaoran rolled his eyes, this guy was really good at following the snake, he knew that Pill Elder was begging him today, so he was taking advantage of the fire.

        At that moment, Li Kaoran stepped forward with an indifferent face and looked around at the gentry.

        "Huo Dongying, you can all get lost!"


        Li Kaoran was actually going to expel them from the house? And for this Lin family trash to kick them out?

        An illusion!

        This must be an illusion!

        Either that or Li Kaoran had gone mad!

        Everyone felt incredible at this moment, how could this Lin Fan's status be more honorable than theirs?

        "Li Kaoran, are you joking?"

        Huo Dong questioned in an unpleasant tone, those eyebrows furrowed tightly together.

        There was no way for him to accept that Li Kaoran would expel them, the gentry, for the sake of a wasteful outcast.

        Li Kaoran glanced at Huo Dongying, but his expression was calm as he said.

        "Sorry, he is my master's VIP, and what he says represents my master's meaning."


        The moment they heard Li Kaoran's words, the entire room fell into a dead silence, and everyone's eyes were filled with incredible trepidation.

        Lin Fan's words represented Elder Medicine?

        What a joke!

        How could this guy be qualified to represent Elder Pill?

        Even Li Kaoran didn't have the qualifications!

        At that moment, everyone felt that Li Kaoran was talking nonsense!

        Huo Dongying also burst into laughter, as if he had heard the most ridiculous joke in the world, shaking his head and laughing coldly.

        "VIP? Do you think I'm an idiot that the Medicine Elder would look at such a scum?"

        Li Kaoran blinked his eyes and said in an indifferent tone.

        "Aren't you?"


        Huo Dongying was completely furious, was Li Xiangran determined to disagree with him?

        At that moment, Huo Dongying became furious and said.

        "Li Kaoran, if you insist on protecting this punk, do you believe I'll go to Elder Pill and complain to you?"

        He did not believe that Pill Elder would really value this punk in front of him.

        And to Huo Dongying's warning, Li Huoran merely scoffed.

        "Do as you wish, but now please leave! Or else, I'll call someone!"

        The faces of Huo Dongying, Liu Xi and the others were extraordinarily ugly, none of them had expected Li Kaoran to be so oily.

        How could they really intend to not give them face?

        This was too much, right?

        When Huo Dongying saw that Li Xiaoran was unforgiving, he could only look at Lin Fan and smiled wickedly.

        Naturally, the persimmon had to pick the soft one!

        "Lin Fan, I remember that your wife is the president of the new Bai's, right? This time, you must have come to the imperial capital to demand cooperation, right?"

        "If you offend us, believe it or not, we will make your wife's New White's close down from now on!"

        At these words, Liu Xi and the others all stared at Lin Fan with contempt as well.

        All of those gathered here today were the top pharmaceutical companies in China, and it would really be a matter of snapping their fingers to seal off a new Bai's.

        In other words, whether Bai Yi could continue to be in this business or not, that would completely depend on their faces.

        Smell that!

        Lin Fan laughed, an extremely sarcastic laugh, before looking up at Huo Dongying.

        "What do you want?"


        This punk had wimped out!

        Seeing Lin Fan's attitude, Huo Dongying instantly thought that Lin Fan had lost his nerve, after all, he was a soft-earned punk, and if he caused his golden master to go bankrupt, he would have to eat his words.

        At that moment, he laughed with a fierce face and said extremely arrogantly.

        "Kneel down and kowtow to me! This matter will be settled!"

        As soon as he heard these words!

        Liu Xi and the others all smiled playfully and stared at Lin Fan wistfully.


        Lin Fan, however, was amused by Huo Dongying's words and said in a sarcastic tone.

        "That's it?"

        He had expected Huo Dongying to go even further, but it turned out to be nothing more than the same childish behaviour as when he was a child.

        "Of course it's more than that!"

        Liu Xi snorted coldly, not used to seeing Lin Fan's calm and collected attitude, so he stepped forward and picked up a bottle of red wine and poured it over Lin Fan's head!




        It didn't take long for the bottle of red wine to be completely poured out, and Lin Fan's body was drenched.

        And the weird thing was that he didn't even resist during the whole process!

        To their humiliation, he accepted it openly!

        To Huo Dongying and the others, this behaviour was a sign of weakness, but to Li Kaoran, it was the end of the fucking line!

        A look of horror appeared in Li Kaoran's eyes as he stared at Lin Fan in utter horror.

        It was over!

        This was the end!

        These idiots, they've broken the sky!