Today I Give Up Trying 1661


        In this instant, Huo Dongying's scalp suddenly tingled, that feeling of unease was intense to the extreme at this moment.

        He looked at Lin Fan in horror, surprisingly unable to even say anything at this moment.

        It was as if if if he dared to say one more word, the man in front of him would shred his body into pieces.

        At this moment!

        Lin Fan was simply like a supreme beast of terror in his eyes!

        "Lin Fan, why are you pretending to be a big tail? Have you forgotten how you got beaten up by me back then? Do you want me to relive it for you?"


        A youth stepped forward and looked at Lin Fan with a contemptuous expression, a provocative sneer flaring at the corners of his mouth.

        "Lin Fan, you even drilled my crotch back then, do you still remember? Giggle!"

        "Punk and you still want to pose? Kneel down and apologise to Huo Dongying immediately, or else you'll be left in the lurch!"

        "Who gave you permission to come here? Get the hell out of here!"

        One by one, the gentry white rich girls came forward and hurled insults at Lin Fan.

        Liu Xi!

        Liang Guodong!

        Song Shoushan!


        As Lin Fan looked at these familiar figures, he sneered in his heart.

        It was true that if they were not enemies, they would not meet!

        These rich kids in front of him had all bullied and humiliated him in the past.

        Because more than half of these people in front of him were the lapdogs of the three youngest members of the Lin family, and they liked to abuse Lin Fan for fun in their daily lives.

        Only, that was childhood!

        Originally, Lin Fan thought that after all these years, these people should have changed, but who would have thought that they would still be exactly the same as they were then, mean and domineering!

        They still wanted to trample him underfoot like they did before!

        "Tsk, tsk, tsk, Lin Fan, I haven't seen you for years, but you're still the same as you were back then, I even heard that you've become a son-in-law.

        Liu Xi wiggled her arse and walked up, while looking at Lin Fan with contempt.

        "I remember when you were a kid, you even wrote me love letters, now that I think about it it's really disgusting."

        "A loser like you, worthy of writing love letters to me? I wouldn't be able to look at you even if I were to look at a dog or a cat!"

        Liu Xi's expression was mischievous, and there was a strong taunt in her eyes.

        In her heart, she was glad that her parents had planned to marry Lin Fan when she was young, but luckily she had fought to the death against it and eventually escaped.

        If this had really been a marriage with this trash, she herself would have been dragged down by him and become the most comical big joke in the whole empire!

        "Lin Fan, give us a good explanation, does soft rice smell especially good?"

        Liang Guodong also stood out and let out a loud laugh.

        "Lin Fan, I heard that your wife is cuckolding you everywhere, yet you don't care at all, is that true?"

        One after another, the gentry said sarcastically and humiliatingly, as if they would not rest until they stepped on Lin Fan's feet.


        To their dismay, Lin Fan didn't react at all, and was even laughing?

        What's more, it was even more outrageous!

        The smile on his face was full of ridicule and playfulness, as if he was laughing at them.

        This guy, was he looking down on them?

        What qualifications did a little white boy who ate soft rice have to look down on them?

        Immediately, Huo Dongying and the others' faces sank, and a fire of anger immediately flared up in their eyes.

        And just as they were about to spew shit all over their mouths again, Lin Fan spoke up at this moment.

        With a playful expression, he looked at Huo Dongying and the other rich kids with a caring, retarded look and laughed, saying.

        "You guys, are you invited here too?"

        "Nonsense! We are not only invited by Elder Pill, but we also intend to enter into a long-lasting cooperation with Elder Pill and make more contributions to the pharmaceutical community in China!"

        Huo Dongying snorted coldly, a sense of pride rising up as if he was a national hero.

        "Huo Dongying, why are you talking so much nonsense with him, this punk probably can't even understand what you are saying, a punk who only knows how to muddle through, how can he know anything about the rise and fall of the nation and the revitalisation of China?"

        Liu Xi said sarcastically with contempt.

        However, Lin Fan still did not get angry, instead he smiled.

        Only that smile was gloomy to the extreme!

        "That's really a pity, because you can all, right now, get lost!"