Today I Give Up Trying 1660

 Li Kaoran looked at Lin Fan with a bizarre expression before saying :

        "Good, let's set off now!"

        After that, the two of them headed to Pill Elder's residence, and only after arriving did Lin Fan realise that things were far more complicated than he had imagined.

        Outside the manor, there were already more than a dozen luxury cars parked, each of which was over a million dollars, so it was clear that their owners must be dignitaries.

        Pill Elder was not just meeting him, but had even summoned so many people?

        Was this something to be announced?

        And the moment they walked into the venue, they saw a group of young people standing on the ground floor chatting, a touch of arrogance coalescing between their brows, the elders of their families were at the door council while they were waiting downstairs, obviously following their family elders to come here to gain insight.

        The moment they saw Lin Fan, these young talents were completely frozen, and then a strong look of contempt surfaced on their faces.

        Where did this stinking beggar come from?

        He was dressed like an old man at such a young age, and he was even wearing cloth shoes?

        I'm afraid this whole outfit doesn't add up to more than a thousand dollars, right?

        With this kind of virtue to attend Elder Medicine's dinner party, was this guy trying to be different or was he so poor?

        "Kaoran, who is this oddball next to you here? Has this just returned from escaping? Hahahaha!"

        A youth named Huo Dongying walked up and looked at Lin Fan with a playful expression, as if he was looking at a smelly beggar.

        Li Kaoran's face instantly sank, and then he scolded in no good mood:

        "Huo Dongying, keep your mouth shut, he has a name, his name is Lin Fan, he is an honoured guest invited by my master, get out of my way!"

        "Lin Fan?"

        Huo Dongying was completely dumbfounded, although he was not from the imperial capital, he was not unfamiliar with this name.

        "This guy is that trash from the Lin family?"

        The crowd was also in an uproar, all of them staring at Lin Fan in surprise, clearly not unfamiliar with this name.

        It was just that none of them had expected that this punk would appear here.

        "I thought who was it, it turned out to be the Lin family trash!"

        Huo Dongying laughed even louder, before staring playfully at Li Kaoran.

        "Kaoran, don't you think it's a bit excessive for you to bring such trash to this banquet? We're not willing to share a room with such a wild bastard!"


        When he heard the word "bastard", Lin Fan's eyes instantly filled with a cold aura as he stared at Huo Dongying with a deadly stare!

        Being stared at by such a fierce gaze, Huo Dongying was also instantly frightened and a flash of horror fiercely surfaced in his eyes.

        That look in Lin Fan's eyes was as if he was about to eat him up.

        Being stared at by him like that, Huo Dongying unexpectedly felt a sense of sweat standing up.

        But the next moment, his face was fiercely gloomy, how could he be intimidated by a family outcast?

        At that moment, he continued to shout.

        "What are you looking at? Am I wrong? You're just a bastard, a bastard born of a shameless bitch!"

        Seeing this!

        Li Kaoran sighed helplessly, why were there always so many idiots looking for death?

        Immediately after that, she was taking a few steps back helplessly, fearing that she would be splattered with blood.

        This was because she knew very well what would happen once she angered this monster Lin Fan.

        That Lin family, was the best evidence!

        But these idiots had no idea that the reason why the Lin family had fallen apart overnight was because of this man in front of them.

        They still treated Lin Fan as if he was that wasteful outcast who had been swept out of the Lin family back then!


        The floor burst open at once!

        An unbridled might burst out from Lin Fan's body.

        He stepped out with a killing aura, pressing towards Huo Dongying.

        The murderous aura in his eyes instantly intensified to the extreme, staring straight at Huo Dongying as he said.

        "Say what you just said, say it again!"