Today I Give Up Trying 1659

 The next day, Li Kaoran came to Lin Fan's room, and when she saw that Lin Fan and Bai Yi had made up, she should have been happy, but she was somehow lost.

        "Is something wrong?"

        Lin Fan asked.

        Li Kaoran then gathered her mood and took the initiative to speak:

        "Last night, what did you do?"

        Lin Fan froze for a moment and asked back with a smile:

        "What did I do?"

        "You're still pretending, now the whole empire has fallen into chaos!"

        Li Kaoran blanked Lin Fan without a smile, she had never thought that the imperial capital would completely collapse because of one person.

        What terrifying energy was hidden in this guy's body?

        From last night until now, the Lin family's stocks had evaporated by over 300 billion, and the figure was still continuing to climb.

        Now the entire imperial capital was in complete uproar!

        Everyone was horrified as to what kind of an existence could cause a business empire that had stood for centuries to completely collapse overnight!

        The entire empire was now frantically searching for Lin Fan's whereabouts!

        All the masters of the world now wanted to submit to his feet!

        An existence that could bring down the Lin family overnight, if one could follow such an existence, one's future would be boundless!

        "All the industries and forces under the Lin family have collapsed, and those that have turned against them are scattering like rats in a sinking ship."

        "What exactly have you done?"

        Li Kaoran was curious as to what kind of shocking thing Lin Fan had done that could cause such a terrifying chain reaction.


        Lin Fan smiled and said :

        "I'm just letting the world know that the Lin family is not invincible!"

        "And I, Lin Fan, am alone in power but not necessarily weak!"

        Now, all the forces that were originally loyal to the Lin Family were rebelling one after another since they knew what happened last night!

        In fact!

        They were also afraid that offending Lin Fan would bring about their own demise.

        So one by one, they chose to turn against each other and massively encroach on the Lin family's properties, and now the Lin family could be said to be suffering from enemies on their backs.

        And hearing Lin Fan's domineering remarks, Li Kaoran was completely confused.

        It was really because of this guy!

        Last night, what on earth had happened!

        To make the Lin family, which was so prosperous, completely shrivel up overnight, this was simply a nightmare from heaven.

        "You didn't come looking for me today just to ask about this matter, did you?"

        Lin Fan asked with a smile.

        And it was Li Kaoran who suppressed the shock in his heart and spoke.

        "Master his old man asked me to come and take you around the imperial capital to get a taste of the local customs!"

        "You should pack your clothes and come with me!"

        And after Lin Fan glanced behind him, he said.

        "I'll go with you, my wife she wants to rest well today."

        Last night, Bai Yi had been scared and crying all night, so Lin Fan really couldn't bear to disturb her.

        And now, he had also placed people around the hotel, so he wasn't afraid that the Lin family's people would dare to come after him in a dogfight.

        After that!

        Lin Fan then followed Li Kaoran around the imperial capital, and Lin Fan also knew that Pill Elder must be looking for him for something, which was why Li Kaoran had personally come to invite him.

        And it wasn't convenient for Bai Yi to know about this matter.

        "When will you take me to see Pill Elder?"

        Finally, after walking around a few times really bored, Lin Fan couldn't help but ask.


        Li Kaoran immediately looked at Lin Fan in shock:

        "How did you know that Master told me to take you to see him?"

        Lin Fan sighed and said with a smirk:

        "You've been leading me around like a headless fly all morning, and you've given a few casual explanations when you get to the sights, you look distracted."

        "I guess Pill Master let you trick me out first, because he knew that I would never come out with you if I told the truth from the start."


        Li Kaoran felt like her entire body was about to explode.

        She finally understood what it meant to be as wise as a demon!

        Such a guy with both force and intelligence online, and the Lin family had abandoned him mercilessly back then?

        Had they all been kicked in the head by a donkey?

        Immediately, Lin Fan then smiled and asked.

        "Tell me, what exactly does Elder Medicine want from me?"