Today I Give Up Trying 1657

 Only then did Lin Zhanyang realize his slip of the tongue and hurriedly changed his tone to say.

        "Lin Fan, you... Why are you here?"

        "Stop acting, I already know that you have sent people to kill me."

        Lin Fan laughed coldly, while these words immediately made Lin Zhanyie's heart jump and he took two steps back with a fearful face.

        It seemed that he was afraid that Lin Fan would suddenly rise up and kill him to vent his anger.

        "Look at that outburst of yours, it's just him, what's there to be afraid of?"

        Lin Hongtu glared at Lin Zhan Griddle with hatred.

        And then, he was staring coldly at Lin Fan :

        "How did you get here alive, and where are Lin General Xing and the others?"

        At this time, Lin Hongtu was also doubly annoyed, those idiot things, to be so careless and let this guy barge in.

        Had they not encountered Lin Fan?

        In his opinion, if Lin General Xing and the others had encountered Lin Fan, then Lin Fan would definitely be a dead man.

        "It's here!"

        And it was with a faint smile that Lin Fan casually threw out a bloodied bag, and then two heads immediately rolled out.

        It was none other than brothers Lin General Xing and Lin Showa!


        Lin Hongtu's father and son were instantly shocked, and it was as if their eyes were already about to crack from their sockets.

        The scene before them was so unbelievable that it was like a dream!

        Lin Junxing and the others had died?

        It was impossible!

        This could not be!

        Lin General Xing and the others had brought eight Grand Masters with them on their trip, so wouldn't it be easy to kill Lin Fan?

        How could this guy be able to block eight Grand Masters with his own strength and successfully kill Lin Junxing and the two of them?

        What a dream!

        They must be dreaming!

        At this time, not to mention Lin Zhanyuan, even Lin Hongtu was completely paralyzed with fear.

        There was a look of disbelief in his eyes.

        The Lin family, with the strength of their entire family, could not kill Lin Fan alone?

        Was this fellow still human?


        Lin Hongtu swallowed fiercely, finally beginning to regret at this time.

        In order to deal with a single Lin Fan, their Lin family had suffered a great loss of vitality!

        All the experts and successors had all died out!

        Was this really worth it?

        Was their Lin family really ruined at the hands of this brat?

        This majestic lord of his generation, who had been dominating the world for many years and was revered by all, was actually afraid at this time!

        Because he saw infinite potential in Lin Fan's body!

        This fellow, he was simply not human!

        "Dad, we're done for! We're done for!"

        Lin Zhanxie also cried out in a frenzied manner, looking as if he was about to be paralyzed with fear: "He's going to destroy us!

        "He wants to destroy our family! He wants to kill us all!"

        He doesn't want to die!

        In this instant, Lin Hongtu looked like he had aged ten years, and his voice trembled as he asked Lin Fan.

        "You... Who the hell are you?"

        He was eager to know what this trash, whom he regarded as a disgrace to the Lin family, had actually gone through after being abandoned by them.

        In a short span of ten years, he had actually grown from a child to an existence that was strong enough to overthrow the Lin Family?

        Their Lin family's centuries of heritage could not be stopped?

        However, Lin Fan did not intend to give an account of his identity so quickly, so he sneered and sneered.

        "Later, you will know!"

        "Besides, I will stay in the imperial capital for three days, I will give you three days to kill me, but for every time you fail, I will kill one of your Lin family's blood relatives!"

        "Until death leaves you two in position!"

        With that said!

        Lin Fan then walked towards the gate without looking back.

        "Don't go! Lin Fan, don't go!"

        Lin Hongtu finally panicked and chased after him as if he had gone mad, hissing at Lin Fan with a fierce demeanor, saying.

        "I'm handing over the Lin family to you and will immediately worship you as my new master! I beg you to spare us and spare the Lin family!"

        He was afraid!

        He was really scared!

        In the past, Lin Fan was a disgrace in his eyes, and even when he became a Grand Master, Lin Hongtu had never looked at him with a straight face.

        But now, he truly realised that this kid in front of him had the power to wipe out the Lin family.

        He was afraid, because he did not want the centuries-old foundation of the Lin family to be destroyed in his hands.

        And at that moment!

        It was then that Lin Fan turned back, the corners of his mouth curving up in a chilling arc.

        "It's too late to repent now!"