Today I Give Up Trying 1655

 "Even the King of Blood Hell dares to offend you, you want to die, but I don't want to die!"

        "Fuck you Lin family, are you planning to let me be cannon fodder? I won't do it!"

        Those Grand Masters who had been invited here, without saying a word, directly turned their heads and left, they didn't have the courage to fight against this man who was known as the strongest in the world.

        Even if, they were grand masters!

        Because one Blood Hell Mad God from the other side was enough for them to drink, not to mention the Dark Emperor who had single-handedly cultivated the Blood Hell Mad God.

        And seeing this!

        The Grand Masters of the Lin Family then sighed deeply, and a look of grief appeared in their eyes.

        "Could it be that the heavens are really going to kill my Lin Family?"

        Ten years had created a Dark Lord, what about twenty years? What about thirty years?

        What could the Lin family do to fight against it?

        They were doomed to die!

        The Lin family had dug a grave with their own hands and buried themselves in it!

        "Blood Prison, listen to the order!"

        Lin Fan roared out at this moment.

        At this moment, he wasn't that door-to-door son-in-law of the Bai Family!

        Nor was he the wasteful outcast of the Lin family!

        Rather, he was the high and mighty Dark Emperor!


        A single, unified hiss resounded through the sky!

        It was like thunder!


        Lin Shouxing and Lin Zhaoxia immediately fell to the ground in fear, their faces already completely bloodless.

        And then, Lin Fan pointed far ahead, his gaze like a dragon, and said in a single word.

        "Cleanse Yuanyang Street in blood, leaving no one behind!"


        The killing Qi instantly raged!

        It raged wildly!


        Those Grand Masters who were about to leave had horrified expressions!

        "We were hired to come here, we have no grudge against you, let us leave!"

        One of the Grand Masters pleaded, on the verge of falling to the ground in fear by this time!

        Facing the Dark Emperor, they didn't even have the courage to resist.


        Without waiting for Lin Fan's reply, the Blood Hell Mad God and other powerful people had already darted out as far as they could and began a frenzied slaughter.


        At the same time!

        In the middle of the Lin family, Lin Hongtu and Lin Zhanxie were opening a bottle of excellent vintage red wine and sitting on the sofa to exchange glasses.

        Both father and son had relaxed smiles on their faces, as if a problem that had been in the works for years had finally been solved.

        "What's taking so long, what the hell is General Hsing up to?"

        Lin Hongtu said with an unhappy face, he was still waiting for the Lin family to come to see him with Lin Fan's great head, but he waited left and right but no one came.

        "Dad, what's your hurry, that kid killed Jiang Chao, second uncle will definitely not spare him lightly, I reckon he's torturing him at this time, right?"

        Lin Zhanyang said with a bad smile, while taking a sip of wine, not worried at all.

        As far as he was concerned, Lin Fan was already a dead man.

        Upon hearing this, Lin Hongtu also felt like this, and said viciously.

        "Indeed, we can't let that scumbag die so lightly, otherwise how can we face the spirits of my three grandchildren in heaven?"

        "Call your second uncle and ask him to carry out a live broadcast, I want to see that little beast die with my own eyes!"

        Lin Hongtu's face was flooded with a thick murderous look, as if he couldn't wait to see Lin Fan's death.

        "That must be wonderful!"

        With a heated smile, Lin Zhanyang was dialing Lin Shouxing's number, but after calling several times in succession, he was not connected.

        Then, he dialed Lin Showa and the others' numbers, but without exception, all of them were not connected.

        "Dad, none of them got through!"

        Lin Zhanxie frowned, the smile on his face dissipating as he said uneasily.

        "Dad, do you think there might be some kind of accident?"

        It was reasonable to say that even if Lin Zhuangxing and the others were not able to hear the ringing of the phone, it was impossible.

        An accident?

        Lin Hongtu suddenly snorted coldly and angrily said.

        "My Lin family experts have come out in full force, and we have also invited such a large group of outside help, as many as eight Grand Masters alone, what kind of accident can there be?"

        "Do you think that the trash you gave birth to can defeat eight with one? You are overestimating him too much, aren't you?"


        The words had just fallen!

        "Family head, something big is wrong!"