Today I Give Up Trying 1654

 Blood... Blood Prison?

        When this word fell into the mouths of the crowd, they instantly seemed to go mad, their bodies trembling madly!

        A pair of eyes looked as if they were about to stare out of their sockets.

        They had heard wrong, they must have heard wrong!

        How could they possibly help this brat when they were the only overlords of the underground world, the Blood Prison?

        "Impossible, this can't be!"

        Lin General Hsing also panicked, shaking his head repeatedly, with lingering fear and shock in those eyes!

        The people Lin Fan had brought with him were the titular Blood Prison Legion?

        Wouldn't he then...

        At this time, Lin General Xing didn't even have the courage to continue to make the connection!

        "The Blood Hell Mad God, the Blood Lord, the Blood Faust, the Blood Cultivator... All of the strongest people in the Blood Prison, all of them have come!"

        "He... Who the hell is he! Why is he able to command the entire Blood Prison?"

        "Damn it! What kind of an existence is the Lin family inviting!"

        All the Grand Masters felt terrified to the extreme at this time, completely shocked by this scene before them!

        These, in front of them, were the strongest people in the Blood Prison!

        At this very moment

        There were as many as twelve of them, each and every one of them a Grand Master!

        Especially the Blood Hell Mad God!

        Legend had it that this monster could rival three Grand Masters by himself, so powerful!

        With these existences helping Lin Fan, the eight of them would only be able to escape death.

        Many great masters regretted that they should not have taken this deal, for it seemed that it was destined to be a losing deal!

        No one could have imagined that Lin Fan, who was like a fish on a pallet in their eyes, could turn the situation around and order the entire Blood Prison to help him!

        At that moment!

        A pair of terrified eyes fell on Lin Fan in unison, and everyone was about to go mad.

        This man, who the hell is he!

        At this moment, the Blood Hell Mad God and the others knelt down in front of Lin Fan in unison.

        And then bowed to Lin Fan in unison, chanting in unison :

        "King, we're here!"


        The shock in the crowd's eyes intensified, their bodies trembling with fear as they looked at Lin Fan with extreme unease.

        A mood of extreme horror and panic all rose up in their hearts!

        They were all on the verge of pissing themselves with fear!

        At that moment, under the horrified eyes of the crowd, Lin Fan smiled and said:

        "Introduce yourself, I am Lin Fan, and I am also... the King of Blood Prison!"


        King of the Blood Prison?

        When this word appeared in everyone's mind, they all felt like thunderstorms, and their bodies trembled wildly.

        Lin Fan was actually the King of the Blood Prison?

        This was impossible! This was impossible!

        Lin Shouxing and Lin Shaozhou were both petrified on the spot at this moment, a dense horror appearing in their eyes.

        This scene made them despair!

        That was the only king of the Underworld, how could he be the trash that their Lin family had abandoned?

        At this time, they suddenly remembered why the King of Blood Hell would go out of his way to cross paths with their Lin Family for the sake of a small New White Clan in the first place.

        It turned out!

        Lin Fan was the King of Blood Hell!

        One should not make an enemy of him, this was a death wish!

        The faces of the two brothers, Lin General Xing and Lin Showa, no longer had any trace of fierceness on them, there was only endless fear.

        The news that Lin Fan was the King of the Blood Prison was absolutely terrible news for the Lin family!

        That was a behemoth that could rival the Lin family!

        How... How could this happen?

        At this moment, all the Bai family members' minds went blank!

        They couldn't believe that Lin Fan, who had a strong killing intent towards their Lin family, was the king of the underworld!

        This guy, what had he gone through all these years!

        He had actually stood at the same level as their Lin family in just ten years?

        It wasn't just them!

        Even the Grand Masters who had invited him here were as green as if they had eaten a fly at this time.

        "Idiots! The Lin family's people are simply idiots!"