Today I Give Up Trying 1653

 "Hahahaha! What a temperament! The Lin Family is truly blind, to sweep a demon like you out of the house!"

        "It's a pity, if you were the Lin Family's young master, I would have done my best to assist you to claim the throne, you are more outstanding than those three geniuses of the Lin Family put together!"

        "Strangling a genius like you is just too much of a waste, a figure like you should be the majestic lord!"

        One by one, the great masters appeared one after another, and after seeing Lin Fan they all couldn't help but let out an exclamation, all feeling sorry for Lin Fan.

        Even they couldn't help but feel that Lin Fan was excessively outstanding!

        How great would it be if he wasn't an enemy of the Lin family?


        Lin Fan sneered and sneered back.

        "From the tone of your voices, it seems like you guys are sure of me?"

        "Dog, do you still think you can have a chance to live now?"

        Lin General Hsing roared harshly, his eyes staring at Lin Fan with resentment.

        "This time, our Lin family has invited eight Grand Masters, as well as countless other Patriarchs, the entire Lin family has come out in full force!"

        "I don't believe it, you still have the strength to fight!"

        Lin Showa and the rest of the Lin family all laughed fiercely at this time.

        It was as if Lin Fan was already a dead man in their eyes at this moment!

        This power, looking at the whole of China, was enough to sweep away everything!

        Even if Lin Fan had great abilities, he would not be able to escape.

        Today, he will die!!!

        Lin Showa also stared at Lin Fan with a fierce gleam in his eyes and smiled fiercely:

        "Lin Fan, you can now give your last words!"



        At this time, Lin Fan was laughing loudly, laughing and shaking his head over and over again, his face contemptuous, as if he had heard some kind of joke.


        Everyone was stunned, this guy was still laughing at the brink of death?

        Was he really brave, or was he just plain stupid?

        "What are you laughing at?"

        Lin General Xing was furious, disliking this attitude of Lin Fan nowadays, this guy acted as if he was laughing at him.

        "So, you guys are planning to bully the lesser people with more people?"

        The aura on Lin Fan's body instantly changed, a surging killing machine surged madly within his body, like a volcano about to erupt.

        "Hahahaha, so what if it is? We just intend to bully the less with the more, anger? Disgrace? Blame it on you for being too conceited and daring to break into the imperial capital all alone!"

        A crazed smile surfaced on Lin Zhuangxing's face as he gritted his teeth and said :

        "I won't kill you so easily, I will cut you to death by a thousand cuts and torture you slowly to death!"

        "Use your blood to pay tribute to my son!"

        At those words!

        Lin Fan shrugged his shoulders and laughed :

        "I don't have a problem with that, I'm just afraid they won't agree!"


        Upon hearing this, Lin General Xing and the others' expressions instantly changed greatly, were there other people here?

        At that moment, everyone immediately looked around nervously, did this guy still have a back-up plan?

        Lin Fan took one step towards the front, the look in those eyes grew colder and colder, and a gut-wrenching, fierce smile surfaced at the corner of his mouth.

        "I didn't say that I was alone when I came to the Imperial Capital this time!"


        Lin General Xing, who heard this, was laughing out loud, not caring at all.

        "Idiot, do you think we're afraid just because you've found some cats and dogs? Nowadays, with this formation of my Lin family, it's useless for you to find anyone to come! It's just to bury you with them!"


        As soon as the words left his mouth, a fishy wind swept in abruptly!

        "Something's wrong! This smell is not right!"

        In an instant, the great masters present were horrified, obviously having sensed an extremely dangerous aura, so they were all terrified.

        Then, they saw in the distance a blood-coloured figure, slowly approaching!

        It was like hell had descended!

        "Lin Fan, what have you done!"

        One of the Grand Masters even roared in horror.

        And it was Lin Fan who stopped in his tracks and stared at that Patriarch with a torch-like gaze.

        "I have brought my people, an army from hell!"

        "Blood Hell!"