Today I Give Up Trying 1652

 And at this time, Li Kaoran also sensed that something was wrong and said angrily.

        "You're not a member of the hotel staff, what are you?"

        "The one who wants you dead!"

        That driver instantly showed a fierce glint in his eyes, and then instantly turned back around and stabbed a sharp blade directly at Bai Yi.

        Seeing this!

        Bai Yi instantly lost her face!

        But at this moment, Lin Fan had already sensed it and struck down with a direct and furious hand slash.


        That assassin's wrist instantly snapped and he let out a painful scream.

        "You deserve to die!"

        Lin Fan said with a murderous tone as he strangled his throat with one hand.

        And then, with a fierce squeeze, he snapped his throat!

        The assassin didn't even grunt as he was directly cut off, dying violently on the spot.

        Bai Yi was already terrified, her delicate body shivering continuously, she really felt like she was going to die in that moment just now.

        The blade was just a few short centimetres away from her face.

        And the moment he saw Lin Fan kill someone, she was even more about to be paralysed with fear, it was the first time she had seen such a cold-blooded and ruthless Lin Fan.

        It was almost like a devil!

        "Why did you kill him, you haven't even asked who was behind him yet."

        Li Kaoran said with dissatisfaction.

        Lin Fan glanced at her and said.

        "Since the other party dared to come, it's clear that he didn't expect to return alive, so how could he tell the truth?"

        "For another, the fact that he clearly came for me, yet he struck out at my wife, already shows that he knew long ago that he was no match for me, and that someone had told him that I was a Grand Master."

        "And, it must be the Lin family!"

        The Lin family?

        Li Kaoran jolted, his eyes horrified as he said.

        "How dare they be so bold as to kill someone in the street?"

        She knew that the Lin family would retaliate against Lin Fan, but she didn't expect the other party's retaliation to come so quickly and so blatantly.

        It was almost as if they didn't put the law and rules in their eyes.

        Lin Fan smiled, a touch of playfulness appearing at the corners of his mouth.

        "You have underestimated the Lin family's capabilities and their hatred for me."

        "Alright, you can send my wife back first!"

        Said he!

        Lin Fan then took the initiative to push the door open and prepared to walk down.

        Li Kaoran instantly panicked in her heart and said in alarm.

        "Where are you going?"

        Lin Fan looked back at her, and then at Bai Yi, whose face was ashen and already scared silly, and said with a bitter smile.

        "You shouldn't have thought that the Lin family would be so petty as to send such a dead soldier to kill me?"

        Immediately afterwards, he looked at the increasing number of black shadows above the buildings on both sides of Yuanyang Street, and a smile full of killing intent appeared at the corner of his mouth.

        "The show has only just begun!"

        Li Kaoran's face immediately sank, and knowing that he could not help Lin Fan here, he immediately pushed the corpse out of the car, and then turned the car around and sped away.

        Li Kaoran's action also alerted the crowd present.

        "Second Master, should we stop them?"

        One asked to Lin Shouxing.

        A strong hatred flooded Lin General Xing's eyes, but he just stared straight at Lin Fan: "Don't worry about them, kill them first.

        "Don't mind them, kill this bastard first!"

        Now he only wanted to take Lin Fan's head, as for the others, he didn't care at all.

        "Once this little beast is dead, is his wife Bai Yi still a fish on a stack of boards, at the mercy of the slaughter?"

        Lin Showa also came forward with him, with a fierce smile on his face.

        And at that moment!

        Lin Fan took one step deeper into Yuanyang Street, but his eyes looked incomparably deeper into the deepest part of Yuanyang Street!

        Because in the deepest part of Yuanyang Street was the Lin family!

        Back then, it was on this street that he was kicked out, and now the Lin family was trying to kill him on this street?

        He was trying to tell Lin Fan that back then, their Lin Family was able to drive Lin Fan out of this street, and today, they could also kill Lin Fan on this street!

        Lin Fan, smiled!

        "You guys, what are you waiting for?"