Today I Give Up Trying 1650

 Lin Hongtu also had no face to continue staying here, so he intended to turn around and leave.

        But at that very moment!

        "Hold on!"

        Lin Fan spoke up with a smile, stopping Lin Hongtu and the others.


        Lin Hongtu and the others then looked back and stared at Lin Fan in confusion, but sneered contemptuously.

        "What, you trash still want to make a move here?"

        If Lin Fan were to make a move here, he would be in big trouble!

        No matter what his status was, it would be hard to escape death!

        This medical association today was of national concern, if Lin Fan dared to kill someone here blatantly, then it didn't matter if he had a heavenly identity or not.

        There was no way the top brass of China would turn a blind eye to it!

        Even Elder Medicine could not help but frown, fearing that Lin Fan might really rush out on impulse and do something stupid like kill someone.

        But just then, a wry smile appeared on Lin Fan's face before he casually tossed a plastic bag out: "This is my gift to you Lin Fan.

        "This is my gift for your Lin family!"

        The plastic bag rolled straight down to Lin Hongtu's feet.

        Lin Hongtu frowned, but he did not dare to move it for a moment.

        Could this be a bomb?

        With this kid's crazy personality, there was a real possibility that he could just throw a bomb and blow them up.

        "Fooling around, I'd like to see what you're up to!"

        And at this time, Lin Zhanxiang coldly snorted in disdain before directly opening the plastic bag.


        Immediately after!

        A sound of cold breath was heard in unison, and everyone's eyes were filled with astonishment.

        Because there was a human head there!

        Lin Zhanxie also let out a scream and sat down on the ground, his face as white as a sheet of paper in an instant.

        "Jiang... Jiang Chao??"

        Lin Junxing immediately pushed away the human emotion and pounced in front of that head, before bursting into old tears and howling.

        "My son, my son!"

        The harsh cry was so hoarse that it was as if it was about to break.

        Everyone felt extremely frightened at this moment, after killing his three brothers, had Lin Fan started to make a move on his uncle's son and uncle?

        Oh my god!

        They had never thought that the ultimate great enemy of the Lin family would be a Lin family member!

        A trash outcast young man who had turned the entire Lin family upside down?

        This, this was unbelievable!

        "Lin Fan, you damned bastard!"

        Lin Hongtu gritted his teeth, that look was like he wanted to shred Lin Fan into pieces, didn't this guy throw out Lin Jiangchao's head at this time, just to smack him in the face in front of people?

        Lin Fan smiled wickedly, looking at the looks of fear or anger on the faces of the Lin family members, he only felt as comfortable as drinking a glass of ice drink.

        "You sent this trash to Jiangnan to kill me, and now I'm giving him back to you!"

        Lin Fan laughed fiercely, his gaze fiercely staring at each and every Lin family member present.

        "At the same time, I would like to remind you all that from now on in Jiangnan, no one from your Lin family is allowed to set foot half a step!"

        "Come one, I'll kill one! One pair of me, I'll kill a pair!"


        These words were like a thunderstorm that instantly resounded through the whole room!

        The crowd was shocked to the core!

        What a domineering statement!

        He had no regard for the Lin family!

        They had never seen such an arrogant person before, even though they were used to seeing all kinds of things!

        Hearing these humiliating words, Lin Hongtu was about to gnash his teeth, and his eyes were filled with ruthlessness!

        He wanted to cut Lin Fan into pieces!

        "I'll kill you, I'll kill you!!!"

        Lin General Xing roared hysterically, looking at his son's miserable state, he had gone completely mad .


        Lin Hongtu, however, stopped him, his eyes cold as he stared Lin Fan down with.

        "If you can leave the imperial capital alive, I, Lin Hongtu, will write my three words upside down!"