Today I Give Up Trying 1649


        These words of the Medicine Elder directly caused the scalps of the greats present to tingle, and their eyes were all filled with a dense sense of shock!

        This... Is this an illusion?

        Elder Pill... Was he here for this man?

        What's more, he even said he had heard of him for a long time?

        What kind of status did Elder Yak have, it was not too much to describe him as the number one divine doctor in China, now he still needed to hear about others?

        That polite look made them feel like they were dreaming!

        They had to know that there were two superb people present, Lin Hongtu and Zhang Jianjun, yet Elder Pill didn't even look at them and greeted Lin Fan directly?


        Everyone in the room was confused!

        What the hell was going on here?

        Damn it, could anyone tell them just what kind of terrifying identity this young man in front of them had?

        The moment Lin Hongtu and Zhang Jianjun saw this scene, their faces fiercely clouded over.

        The bad premonition in their hearts was getting stronger and stronger!

        Especially, when they saw Elder Pill's gaze that looked at Lin Fan with the same fondness as if he was his own grandson, they were even more shocked!

        Lin Fan, actually knew Pill Elder?

        "Elder Pill!"

        Lin Fan also bowed to Pill Elder, as a junior, he also respected this old man in front of him from the bottom of his heart.

        And at this moment!

        Bai Yi on the side was already dumbfounded, covering her mouth tightly with a look of seeing a ghost alive.

        The Medicine Elder was actually treating her husband so politely?

        She was not dreaming, was she?

        However, what was even more frightening to the crowd was yet to come!

        Pill Elder gently patted Lin Fan's shoulder and said in a soft voice.

        "Don't worry, with me here today, no one can do anything to you!"

        The crowd was in an uproar, was Elder Pill trying to protect this kid?

        At that moment, Pill Elder turned his head to face Zhang Jianjun and the others and said.

        "From today onwards, I am the chief advisor of the New Bai Clan, if you want to acquire them, it will be up to me to agree or not!"

        Hearing these words!

        Lin Hongtu and Zhang Jianjun's faces were as ugly as they could be.

        They had both felt that Lin Fan was already a turtle in their jar, but now a Pill Elder had killed them for no apparent reason and ruined their good fortune!

        At the same time, Pill Elder then snorted and looked at Zhang Jianjun with contempt, saying.

        "You just said that the Lin family is much more powerful than the New White Clan, so now after I join the New White Clan, who do you think is more powerful?"

        Zhang Jianjun instantly frowned, and then smiled somewhat awkwardly.

        "Pill Elder, aren't you making things difficult for me?"

        Lin Fan had just humiliated him like that, if this didn't clean up Lin Fan, then how could he, Zhang Jianjun, still meet people in the future?

        "Don't do it if it's difficult, the essence of the Chinese Medicine Association is to conduct academic exchanges, not to become a tool for some people to flaunt their power, much less a murderous weapon!"

        Pill Elder spoke sharply, obviously having gained insight into everything, so he directly did not give Zhang Jianjun and Lin Hongtu a good face at this time.

        "This Medicine Association was founded by me, and here, I have the final say!"

        "From now on, New Bai's is covered by my Huaxia Pharmaceutical Association, whoever moves New Bai's is moving the Huaxia Pharmaceutical Association!"


        All the doctors then shouted in unison and responded.

        In the eyes of the Chinese doctors, Pill Elder was a great man, whatever he said was what he would do.

        Zhang Jianjun and Lin Hongtu's expressions stiffened, and their hearts were filled with shame at this time, because they knew that as long as Elder Pill was around, they would not be able to touch this kid in front of them today.

        A moment ago, they had confidently said that they wanted Lin Fan to be unlucky, but in the blink of an eye, they had Pill Elder viciously smack them in the face!

        This was too humiliating!

        Immediately afterwards, Pill Elder directly snorted coldly and said very nonchalantly.

        "You can all go now!"

        At these words!

        Zhang Jianjun was worthy of being a man in the official world, his attitude directly changed 360 degrees, and he smiled sarcastically.

        "Don't be angry, we'll leave now!"

        With that, he ignored Lin Hongtu and turned around to leave towards the door!

        Only the moment he turned around, a strong resentment surfaced in his eyes!

        Today, he, Zhang Jianjun, was taking note of this debt!