Today I Give Up Trying 1648

 Lin Fan laughed coldly.

        And Zhang Jianjun simply stopped hiding it and coldly snorted :

        "The Lin family's business chain is spread across the country, it is indeed much more powerful than your little New Bai's."

        "If the new vaccine is developed by them, it won't take long for it to become widespread, and I am thinking of the public!"

        He looked so upright, as if his heart was for the world.

        But Lin Fan was amused, shaking his head and saying.

        "Taking something from me to do a favour for you, isn't that too good of a plan? It's just a pity that I don't eat your words!"


        Zhang Jianjun was already displeased with Lin Fan, and after hearing these words, he became completely furious and said grimly.

        "Do you think that if you don't hand over the New Bai Clan, I can't do anything to you?"

        "If I say one word, your New White's will have to suspend its trading tomorrow and close down the day after tomorrow!"

        How dare you?

        Then he would make Lin Fan lose all his money!

        And hearing these words, Lin Fan's face was steeply gloomy, and he knew that the other party was indeed capable of such things.

        As a big brother of the Pharmaceutical Regulatory Bureau, he was not like other people, if he intended to target them at the New Bai, even if Lin Fan had the status of the Lin Block, he would still be in trouble.

        Lin Hongtu must also have asked Zhang Jianjun for help because he knew this.

        On the other hand, Liu Qing then frowned before stepping forward and saying.

        "Ministry Zhang, this is not in line with the rules, right?"

        As soon as he heard this, Zhang Jianjun became completely furious and angrily rebuked, saying.

        "Who are you to say it's not in accordance with the rules? If your master had come, I would have respected you a little, but you? Go away!"

        At those words!

        Liu Qing's face immediately turned extremely ugly!

        At that moment, Lin Hongtu looked at Lin Fan smugly and said.

        "Little beast, you still have a chance now, as long as you honestly hand over the New Bai Clan, our Lin Family can still consider giving you a compensation!"

        And Lin Zhanxie also laughed out loud, his face flooded with a thick contempt: "Dog.

        "Dog, you didn't hand over the New White Clan at the beginning, what now? It's still in the hands of our Lin family?"

        "Fighting with my Lin family? In another life, hahaha!"

        Everyone then realised that Lin Fan was in for a bad luck.

        Lin Hongtu and Zhang Jianjun, these two huge behemoths together, even if Lin Fan was a Grand Master, he would have to fall to his knees!

        There was no way to resist!

        But just then!

        A strange change had occurred!

        "Ministry Zhang is really a great official!"

        A flirtatious voice rang out instantly!


        Zhang Jianjun instantly changed furiously and looked around angrily, saying.

        "Who? Who has the guts to talk to me like that?"

        Everyone was stunned, who else in the room dared to be so bold as to disrespect Zhang Jianjun?


        And then, at the entrance of the hotel, there was a commotion!

        Immediately after that, an old man with white hair walked in through the door.


        The moment they saw the old man, everyone's pupils snapped shut, filled with shock!

        And at that moment!

        Even the incomparable Zhang Jianjun's face changed violently, his heart instantly becoming a little uneasy.

        How could this old fellow appear here?


        Immediately, everyone was bowing in unison towards that old man, saying with incomparable respect.

        "Greetings, Elder Pill!"

        The old man in front of them was the soul of Chinese medicine, known as the Divine Doctor, Elder Yak!

        And at this moment, even Zhang Jianjun could not help but bend down at this time and said in a respectful voice.

        "Elder Medicine!"

        Although he was the one in charge of the entire pharmaceutical industry, he had to lower his proud head in the face of this highly respected old man in front of him.


        As if he did not see the respect of the crowd, Elder Pill walked towards Lin Fan in a straightforward manner.

        And then, standing in front of him, a loving smile surprisingly emerged on that old face that had been cold for many years.

        "Little brother Lin, I've heard a lot about you!"