Today I Give Up Trying 1647

 The moment Lin Fan stepped into the imperial capital, he was already a dead man.

        A dead man would only be able to bounce around for a moment.

        And at this time, Lin Hongtu then looked at an old man beside him and said with a smile.

        "Old Zhang, it's up to you!"


        Lin Fan then looked at the middle-aged man with a big belly beside Lin Hongtu, his eyebrows locked together.

        This person's name was Zhang Jianjun, and naturally, Lin Hongtu had asked him to come forward, so he had a lot of influence.

        Because he was the head of the Drug Administration, it was all up to him to decide whether a pharmaceutical company could open a business or whether a drug could be marketed.

        In other words, as long as he said one word, Lin Fan's New Bai's would have to close down and go out of business, and whether the vaccine could be marketed or not would also depend on his mood.

        Zhang Jianjun glanced at Lin Fan, but with an air of condescension, he ordered.

        "Your New Bai's is very good, the vaccine you produced independently has solved the country's problems, I will arrange for the transfer of the New Bai's sometime, I hope you will cooperate well when the time comes!"

        Bai Yi suddenly blushed white, was this a meaning of appropriating her New Bai's?

        And Lin Fan was also amused by the other party and sneered back.

        "What are you if you say transfer, what are you?"


        Upon hearing these words, an eerie sound of silence fell over the entire room.

        At this moment, everyone looked at Lin Fan as if they had seen a ghost, incomparably frightened.

        Did this guy even know what he was talking about?

        The man in front of him was the dictator of China's pharmaceutical industry!

        In the medical world, he was the one who said everything!

        Which of the doctors and deans in the room had to look at his face?

        Even Lin Hongtu had to be polite to him, but this guy dared to insult him in public?

        What a madman!

        This guy is a madman!

        Does he think that just because he has the strength of a Grand Master, he can behave like no one else?

        In the eyes of Zhang Jianjun, even a Grand Master could only be a bodyguard or a subordinate.

        If Lin Fan wanted to think that he was above Zhou Botong's head, he would be too naive.

        Seeing Lin Fan dare to speak to Zhang Jianjun like this, Lin Hongtu and Zhou Botong's faces all smiled with glee.

        This brainless kid probably didn't know that he had already stirred up the sky, right?

        At that moment, Zhang Jianjun's face also became very unpleasant, it was the first time in so many years that someone dared to talk to him like that.

        "The new vaccine is of great significance to the country, how can it be controlled in private hands, of course it must be handed over to the state!"

        "You're not willing to do something that will benefit all the people? As doctors, is that all you know? Or do you only know how to make a fortune out of the national tragedy!"

        Lin Fan laughed, amused by the other party's shamelessness.

        This high hat was well placed, as if Lin Fan was an unforgivable traitor as long as he did not hand over the formula for the new vaccine.

        At that moment, Lin Fan was staring at Zhang Jianjun with a playful expression.

        "Since you said that my new Bai has merit, it shouldn't be too much for me to make a small request, right?"

        At those words!

        Zhang Jianjun instantly frowned and said in an unkind tone.

        "What request?"

        Lin Fan then smiled and said.

        "Let your wife sleep with me!"


        Everyone looked as if their eyes were about to glaze over at this moment, with an expression of seeing a ghost alive.

        How dare this guy talk such nonsense?

        How dare he say that he wanted to sleep with Zhang Jianjun's wife?

        Everyone was scared silly at this moment, was this kid deliberately pulling the tiger's whiskers?

        Zhang Jianjun instantly jumped like a thunderstorm, his gaze fierce as he stared at Lin Fan:

        "What did you say?"

        "Since I've done something that benefits the country and the people, it shouldn't be too much to ask such a small condition, right?"

        Lin Fan sneered:

        "If you sacrifice your wife to save the world, you will definitely agree to it, right? Otherwise, you are selfish and have no regard for the safety and security of the people!"

        Zhang Jianjun was furious and shivered with anger, this kid was even more eloquent than he thought, how dare he insult him like this in public?

        "Your old official rhetoric doesn't work on me, handing it over to the state? I think it should be handed over to the Lin family, right?"