Today I Give Up Trying 1646

 A bloody tongue fell to the ground, and Lin Hongtu finally paid the price for his foul mouth.

        Seeing this, Zhou Botong instantly gritted his teeth and a strong hatred surfaced in his eyes.

        He could not wait to break Lin Fan into pieces!

        But he knew that he couldn't snap at this moment and could only sternly say to his men.

        "Take Lin Hongtu to see a doctor!"

        And then, he was saying coldly to Lin Fan.

        "Mr. Lin, I still have things to do, so I'll leave you alone!"

        When he saw that Lin Fan was ignoring him, Zhou Botong prepared to leave with an ugly expression on his face.

        But only when he reached the door, he ran into another group of people, who were also surprised to see Zhou Botong, and asked with a smile.

        "Little Zhou, why do you have to leave after just arriving, this party can't work without you!"

        When he saw the other party, Zhou Botong also bowed respectfully and addressed him respectfully, saying.

        "Elder Lin!"

        This man in front of him was Lin Hongtu!

        "What is this, Prince Lin?"

        Lin Hongtu was surprised when he saw Zhou Junyu, who was covered in blood.

        Zhou Botong then replied with an ugly face.

        "My dog son offended Mr. Lin, so he was injured."

        Mr. Lin?

        Lin Hongtu froze for a moment, then he looked into that field, followed by his gaze landing on Lin Fan's body.

        In an instant, Lin Hongtu and the others understood everything, and a stern look steeply appeared in their eyes.

        "The Mr. Lin you are talking about, couldn't that be him?"

        Upon hearing this, Zhou Botong could not help but freeze as well, and then instantly understood something and asked.

        "Does Elder Lin know this person?"

        A cold smile then appeared at the corner of Lin Hongtu's mouth.

        "How could I not know a wild child expelled from my Lin family?"


        As soon as they heard this, the expressions of the people present changed drastically, this guy was from the Lin family?

        They suddenly remembered that four years ago, the Lin family had indeed swept an illegitimate son out of the house, could it be this kid in front of them?

        Good heavens!

        In ten years' time, this outcast of the Lin family had become a Grand Master and had killed three of his brothers?

        Is this guy here for revenge?

        And at this time, Lin Hongtu then patted Zhou Botong's shoulder and said.

        "Don't worry, I'll do it for you today, I won't let your son be bullied for nothing."

        At these words!

        The whole audience was in an uproar!

        Was Lin Hongtu going to stand up for Zhou Botong?

        And then, Lin Hongtu was leading a group of people towards Lin Fan.

        When they saw this, everyone in the audience instantly revealed a playful smile, couldn't it be that today was about to be a scene of flesh and blood?

        The Zhou Botong at the side was also mad with joy, he also didn't expect that Lin Fan and the Lin family had such a deep hatred that he would go out of his way to put him to death?


        With the Lin family giving him a head start, this bastard still wouldn't die?

        Lin Hongtu looked at Lin Fan from above, his eyes filled with disgust and hatred as he said in a deep voice.

        "Kneel down and apologise to Xiao Zhou!"

        It was a complete tone of command!

        Bai Yi, who was at the side, looked ugly and uneasy, she knew that the relationship between Lin Fan and the Lin family was not good, but she did not expect it to have reached such a grim state.

        A look of hatred that could not wait to put the other party to death!

        And Lin Fan raised his head, faintly glanced at Lin Hongtu, and spat out one word in an astonishing manner.

        "Get lost!"


        The atmosphere in the room seemed to be set ablaze at this instant!

        Everyone was shocked to death!

        Lin Fan had actually told Lin Hongtu to get lost?

        To tell the head of the titled Lin Family to get lost, that was too much of a mouthful, wasn't it?

        "Little beast, how dare you speak to your grandfather like that? I think you want to die!"

        Lin Zhanxie suddenly cursed, pointing at Lin Fan's nose with an arrogant look.

        It was different when someone backed him up, and when he faced Lin Fan again at this time, he was behaving like a different person from before.

        However, Lin Hongtu stopped Lin Zhanxie and then smiled wistfully.

        "What's the point of getting angry with a dead man?"