Today I Give Up Trying 1645


        Zhou Botong also knelt down, but the difference was that he was frightened!

        By this time, his face was as pale as a piece of paper, without a trace of blood.

        Offending Lin Fan was the same as offending the Medicine Elder?

        If this high hat was slapped on, wouldn't he have to carry a reputation of deceiving his master and destroying his ancestor?

        Although he had made a good living in the mall over the past few years, Zhou Botong knew very well that it was all given by his master.

        If his master wanted to take it back, it was just a matter of a word.

        Not only him, the whole room was in an uproar!

        They all knew very well what Elder Pill meant to China.

        And such an old man had taken the initiative to stand up for Lin Fan, even going so far as to clean up his number one senior disciple for the sake of Lin Fan.

        What kind of terrifying background did this man have?

        If it was just a Grand Master, how could he possibly make that highly respected old man, care so much?

        This, what the hell is going on!

        At this time, everyone was shocked from the bottom of their hearts and felt every pore in their bodies tremble.

        "Rebel son, why don't you kneel down and apologise to Mr. Lin!"

        Zhou Botong turned his head and roared at Lin Hongtu, at this time he really had the heart to kill Lin Hongtu, what kind of a person had this eyeless thing invited for him?

        "Dad, he broke my hand, how could I possibly kneel down to him?"

        Lin Hongtu roared in defiance, his eyes still filled with hatred.

        Lin Fan was hitting him in the face one after another, if he were to kneel down to Lin Fan at this time, where would his face be?

        "Bastard! How dare you talk tough when you're on the verge of death, kneel down!"

        Zhou Botong was going mad, how could he have given birth to such a brainless fool who still couldn't see the situation now?

        If he didn't kneel down now, it would be the end of him!

        And at that moment!

        Lin Fan, however, spoke indifferently, saying.

        "It's too late for you to regret this, isn't it?"


        Zhou Botong was instantly shaken, instantly understanding Lin Fan's subtext, and then with a frightened expression, he said.

        "Mr. Lin, my dog's son has no eyes, so please be generous and spare him this time!"

        "I am willing to pay whatever it takes in exchange for Mr. Lin's forgiveness, and I also ask that Mr. Lin can give my humble servant three points."

        He knew that Lin Fan would not just give up.

        And when he heard Zhou Botong's words, Lin Fan snorted and laughed as he said, word for word.

        "Just now, I've already given your son a chance."

        "Now, I'm going to pull out his tongue!"

        When Lin Hongtu and Zhou Botong heard these words, their bodies shook violently!

        This guy was coming for real?


        Lin Fan shouted, and a cold aura instantly burst out of his eyes.

        Kane then sighed helplessly before walking over towards Lin Hongtu.

        "Dad, save me! Save me, I don't want my tongue pulled out, I don't want to be mute!"

        Lin Hongtu screamed miserably, finally knowing fear at this time, he hadn't expected that even with his old man here, Lin Fan would still dare to deal a vicious blow to him.

        "Liu Qing, Kaoran, quickly help me beg for mercy! As long as Mr. Lin is willing to spare my son, let me do whatever I want!"

        Zhou Botong was also nervous as hell, calling out for help to Li Kaoran and Liu Qing in fear.

        But Liu Qing was unmoved, while Li Kaoran also shook his head and sighed.

        "Eldest Brother, I have just said that you can't afford to offend this man, but yet you..."

        Lin Hongtu's deadly nature would not change, not only did he not know he was wrong, but he even made a big speech about playing with his wife in front of Lin Fan, who could stand it?

        How could she still have the face to beg for mercy now?


        Kane snapped one hand around Lin Hongtu's jaw, then with his other hand he grabbed his tongue, squeezed it violently and yanked it!


        Blood on the ground!