Today I Give Up Trying 1644


        At this moment, everyone was like a statue, completely petrified.

        What had they heard?

        Kane had actually said that this man in front of him was killing him like a dog?

        One must know that Kane was a Top Patriarch, and the only people who could kill him were Top Patriarchs, or...

        A Grand Master!

        Bai Yi was also stunned at this time, this foreigner had actually called his husband... King?

        How many more secrets was Lin Fan hiding from her?

        At this moment!

        The way everyone looked at Lin Fan again had completely changed!

        If Lin Fan was only a top-level cleric, there was no way Kain would treat him with such respect, so there was only one explanation.

        This man in front of him was a Grand Master!

        His name was Lin, and he was a Grand Master!

        Immediately, one man exclaimed.

        "He's Grandmaster Lin!"


        Everyone in the room was completely shocked!

        Grandmaster Lin, the famous Grandmaster Lin of Jiangnan?

        The Sovereign Lin who had killed three geniuses of the Lin family?

        How dare he be him!

        He dared to come to the Imperial Capital, the Lin Family's territory?

        And Zhou Junyu's few self-righteous Four Little Fortunes were all on the verge of being paralyzed with fear when they heard that Lin Fan was the Lin Patriarch.

        How dare they humiliate Patriarch Lin?

        The other party even dared to kill the three geniuses of the Lin family, so how could they put their mere Four Little Fortunes in their eyes?

        If Lin Fan had killed them just now, then I'm afraid that they would already be dead now!

        On the side, a touch of imperceptible fear surfaced on Zhou Botong's face, what had Zhou Junyu, this fool, done to dare to provoke such a monster?

        No power, no authority, floating wild grass?

        With the name of Patriarch Lin, this guy was enough to crush countless powerful and noble families!

        "Zhou, kneel down! Maybe things have a chance to turn around!"

        Kane turned back to Zhou Botong and said, as a person from the dark world, how could he not know how terrifying the Dark Emperor was?

        If the Emperor was furious, everyone present would die!

        The only way to survive was to kneel down and beg for mercy!


        Zhou Botong was unrepentant and snorted coldly.

        "Master Lin, is that so impressive? This is the imperial capital, at the foot of the emperor, so many eyes are watching him, how dare he kill me?"

        "Patriarch Lin, right? If you dare to touch a hair on my head, there will be no place for you in China!"

        Zhou Botong's face was flooded with a strong sense of complacency, although he couldn't do anything to Lin Fan, he also believed that Lin Fan definitely didn't dare to touch him.

        "Is that so? I don't think so, do I?"

        Only, just then!

        A cold laugh filled with sarcasm came from outside the door, and then a man in a straight suit walked in with a smile on his face.

        "Liu Qing?"

        The crowd's expressions were dumbfounded, this was the seventh disciple of Pill Elder in front of them, and he had been serving Pill Elder's side, taking up the job of serving tea and water.

        He could be called the closest person to Pill Elder's side!

        Zhou Botong frowned, and his expression instantly became not so good, frowning at Liu Qing as he looked at him.

        "Liu Qing, what do you mean?"

        But Liu Qing didn't even look at him, and walked straight towards Lin Fan, before bowing to him under the terrified to the core gaze of the crowd.

        "Mr. Lin, I've heard a lot about you!"


        The entire room instantly fell into a silent silence as if the mute switch had been turned on.

        Everyone stared in horror, first Kane and now Liu Qing, what kind of terrifying background did this guy have?

        And at this moment, an extremely ominous feeling came over Zhou Botong's heart.

        He could clearly feel that Liu Qing's presence was not unusual!

        As expected, the next moment Liu Qing turned back to Zhou Botong with a cold smile and said.

        "My master has said that Mr. Lin is the guest of honour today! Anyone who dares to offend him will be considered a provocation to my master!"

        The moment these words were spoken, it was like a thunderstorm!

        Every one of them was completely dumbfounded!