Today I Give Up Trying 1643

 The moment Lin Fan's words fell, the entire room fell into a dead silence!

        It was as if everyone had heard something horrific, their hearts were shocked to the core as they all stared deadly at this man who didn't know what he was doing!

        Zhou Botong was a big shot in the imperial capital, not something that could be compared to a young man like Zhou Junyu.

        He was truly capable of determining life and death with a single word, and Lin Fan said that he didn't take him into consideration?

        This was too much to ask for death!

        Zhou Botong then nodded and said with a fierce gleam in his eyes.

        "Fine, I'll make it up to you!"

        Then he looked at the man beside him, who looked like a tower of iron, and said in a stern voice.

        "Kahn, break his legs and throw him out!"

        "Senior Brother, don't do anything rash, he's an honoured guest of Master!"

        Li Kaoran hurriedly stepped forward to obstruct him, afraid that Zhou Botong would really anger Lin Fan, then something would really go wrong.

        Zhou Botong gave Li Kaoran a look, but did not give a good face and reprimanded.

        "Get lost! What business do you have here?"

        Originally, he was Elder Pill's most valued disciple, but in the past few years he had focused on business and had gradually lost his heart as a healer.

        As a result, Elder Pill had gradually become disillusioned with him and distanced himself from him. Instead, he had taken a fancy to the youngest, Li Huanyan, and even declared her as his successor.

        How could Zhou Botong not be jealous?

        At that moment, when he heard that Li Xiangran had even spoken for Lin Fan, he immediately became furious and directly abused him indiscriminately.


        Li Kaoran gritted her teeth, and then also nodded negatively.

        "You want to die, I don't care about you, I just hope you can bear the consequences!"

        With that, she walked to the side, and really stopped meddling!


        Zhou Botong just laughed twice, not taking Li Kaoran's words to heart.

        A little girl, did she think that she could scare him with just a few words?

        What a travesty!

        "Kane, do it!"

        Zhou Botong said in a stern and angry voice, he wanted Lin Fan dead right now!

        On the other hand, Zhou Junyu was also as exuberant as a flushed face, glaring angrily at Lin Fan: "Dog!

        "Dog, you dare to break my hand? I'll waste your limbs and play with your woman in front of you!"

        "You're dead!"

        Knock, knock, knock!

        Kain then walked towards Lin Fan, his footsteps sounding like a giant mountain moving, causing a terrifying vibration!

        A loud boom!

        Everyone in the room was horrified!

        Everyone knew how terrifying this foreigner was, he was a top master!

        Because he had been favoured by Elder Pill in his early years, he had willingly served under his sway, and then Elder Pill had sent him to protect Zhou Botong!

        Legend has it that this monster once dented a tank with just one punch!

        Now that he had struck to clean up Lin Fan, then Lin Fan was definitely dead!

        Seeing this, Bai Yi also nervously grabbed Lin Fan's hands, her delicate body trembling uneasily.

        Lin Fan, on the other hand, still looked calm and collected, with a playful smile on the corner of his mouth as he just watched Kain approach.


        Just then, Kain stood right in front of Lin Fan, his two-metre tall tiger body extremely oppressive.

        In front of him, Lin Fan was like a child, a huge chunk shorter!


        But in the next instant, a shocking scene occurred!

        That Kain, who should have crippled Lin Fan, at this moment actually knelt directly in front of Lin Fan!

        At the same time, lowering his proud head, his voice said with respectful humility and awe.



        The entire atmosphere in the room, at this instant, seemed to have completely exploded as everyone was dumbfounded!

        Everyone's eyes were filled with shock and disbelief!

        On their knees!

        Instead of crippling Lin Fan, Kane was kneeling towards him?

        What a dream!

        This scene was like a dream!

        Kane was clearly Zhou Botong's bodyguard, but now he was kneeling down to a strange man?

        How could this be possible!

        Seeing this, Zhou Botong was also mad and roared in extreme shame and anger, saying.

        "Kane, what are you doing? Disable him, I order you to disable him immediately!"


        Kane, however, looked back at him and said.

        "I can't maim him, because he..."

        "Killing me is like slaughtering a dog!"