Today I Give Up Trying 1642


        Lin Fan frowned, the owner of the Zhou Group, was a disciple of Medicine Elder, which he hadn't noticed.

        However, Lin Fan still had respect for Elder Yak from his heart, that was a great man whose life's work was devoted to revitalising Chinese medicine.

        Looking at the whole of China, there was not a single doctor who did not have respect for him .

        After a moment's hesitation, Lin Fan fixed Zhou Junyu with a sharp gaze.

        "You're lucky, but there's no next time!"

        Zhou Junyu nodded his head like a chicken pecking at rice, not even having the courage to retort at this time.

        After that, Lin Fan released Zhou Junyu, who was coughing so violently that he couldn't even stand up and fell to the ground with a poof.

        His body was trembling uncontrollably, and he knew that if Li Kaoran did not speak up for him, this madman might really pull out his tongue.

        When he saw Zhou Junyu's shameless appearance, the contempt in Li Kaoran's eyes intensified.

        Do you really think that you are your father within the four corners of the world and that everyone has to spoil you?


        At that moment, a group of people walked in through the door, each of them powerful, and they looked like people who were in charge of the country.

        The moment they saw them, the expressions of the people present became playful.

        This was a good show!

        The moment Zhou Junyu saw that group of people, it was as if he had seen his own backer, and he yelled out with incomparable resentment.

        "Dad, help me!"

        The moment he saw the other party, Li Kaoran's heart also stuttered, how could one wave rise before another?

        The person who came was no one else, it was none other than Pill Elder's eldest disciple, Zhou Botong!

        Zhou Botong was more than half a century old, and relying on the tiger skin of Elder Pill, he was making a name for himself in China's pharmaceutical industry, and many bigwigs knew him well.

        And he was a man who was notoriously protective, otherwise he wouldn't have developed Zhou Junyu's domineering personality.

        If Lin Fan had beaten up Zhou Junyu like that, Zhou Botong would definitely not be willing to give up.

        I am afraid that something big will happen now!

        When he heard Zhou Junyu's plea for help, Zhou Botong swept over with a frown, and when he saw his son's miserable state, his face instantly turned gloomy

        "What's happened?"

        He questioned in a stern voice, looking like he wanted to eat someone.

        Seeing this, everyone cast a pitying glance at Lin Fan, having beaten Zhou Botong's son, Lin Fan was afraid that he would not be able to fly this time.

        No matter how big his background was, he would not be able to escape death.

        At this moment, Zhou Junyu was pointing at Lin Fan with resentment.

        "It's him, it's this bastard, he's the one who beat me up like this! Dad, I want him dead, you help me kill him!"

        As the young proprietor of the Zhou Group, Zhou Junyu had lost face in front of so many people, and more importantly, in front of the woman he loved, how could he bear it?

        He would not rest until he killed Lin Fan!

        "Zhou Junyu, you!"

        Li Kaoran was furious, she had just pleaded for him, but now Zhou Junyu was turning his back on him, wasn't this a slap in her face?

        Besides, was that Lin Fan easy to mess with?

        Even if you call in your old man, can you deal with him?

        Maybe he will even take care of your old man as well.

        Li Kaoran felt more and more that Zhou Junyu was a brainless idiot who had managed to get his life back, but he had to continue to die!

        This time, there is no way to end this!

        When Zhou Botong heard this, he also looked at Lin Fan, and when he saw that the other party was a yellow-haired boy, he was stunned at first.

        And then with a scuffle, anger welled up in his eyes and he said in a vicious voice.

        "This little brother, I wonder which family you come from?"

        A young man who dared to disrespect him, Zhou Botong, and hurt his son on his turf?

        Lin Fan glanced at him, his expression indifferent as he said.

        "No power, no influence, just a floating weed!"


        Zhou Botong immediately laughed, but his smile was fierce and ferocious.

        "Since you have no power and no authority, how dare you hurt my son, you don't think I, Zhou Botong, have any regard for you, do you?"

        Originally, he thought that Lin Fan must be from a famous family to be so arrogant, but he turned out to be a small person with no power and no influence?

        He was a lowly, lowly man!

        How dare he hurt his son like that?

        Is that a death wish?

        Only then did Lin Fan raise his head to meet his eyes, but a cold smile of disdain spread across the corners of his mouth.

        "I indeed don't have you in my sights!"