Today I Give Up Trying 1641

 Sure enough!

        In the next instant, the murderous aura in Lin Fan's eyes instantly looked like it was about to erupt.

        If the other party insulted him, he could tolerate it!

        But insulting his wife, Lin Fan couldn't stand it!


        Zhou Junyu still looked arrogant and proud, and looked at Lin Fan from above with a strong sense of smugness on his face.

        "Brother, look on the bright side, a man can only get by with a little green on his head!"


        The whole room burst into laughter, and the eyes that looked at Lin Fan became even more playful.

        If Lin Fan didn't say yes, he would be finished today!

        But if he agreed, he would have to watch his woman fall into Zhou Junyu's plaything.

        Either way, it was bad luck!

        But everyone thought he deserved it, so he was struck by lightning for playing the fool.

        He couldn't even protect his own woman, so he wanted to show Li Kaoran what a loser such a man was.

        But that's not all!

        Zhou Junyu was staring at Bai Yi with a lustful look, hitting Lin Fan but also wanting to taste this beautiful girl, she was a real looker, not inferior to Li Kaoran in appearance!

        If he could get laid, it would be a beautiful thing!

        But as soon as the words left his mouth, Lin Fan, who was already furious, struck out!

        Lin Fan choked Zhou Junyu's jaw with one hand, forcing his mouth open, and a cold glint in his eyes.

        "You have such a foul mouth, why don't I just pull out this tongue for you? It's useless for you to keep it anyway!"


        Upon hearing these words, Zhou Junyu was about to explode!

        In the next instant, Zhou Junyu directly swung his fist up and smashed it towards Lin Fan's face, with a touch of hatred on his face as well.

        Dog, how dare you threaten him?

        Seek death!

        But his hand was instantly blocked by Lin Fan, whose glanced at his hand and then laughed fiercely, saying.

        "Looks like you don't just not want your tongue either, you won't even want your hand!"


        Zhou Junyu's expression changed, then he suddenly realised what was going on and screamed in horror.

        "What do you want, I'm warning you not to mess around, I'm..."

        But before he could finish his sentence, Lin Fan lashed out, folding Zhou Junyu's hand so violently that Zhou Junyu's arm instantly bent backwards in a hundred and eighty degree arc!


        Zhou Junyu instantly let out a scream that was like a pig's death, instantly shocking the whole audience as he struggled frantically and painfully in Lin Fan's hands.

        But Lin Fan's hand was like an iron vise, no matter how hard he tried, he could hardly move a single inch.

        Everyone was completely stunned at this point.

        This guy, he had actually broken Zhou Junyu's hand?

        Was he out of his mind?

        A dead silence immediately fell over the entire room.

        Everyone's gazes were all focused on Lin Fan's body, only feeling how shocking this scene was!

        Didn't he know that this man in front of him was the young proprietor of the Zhou Clan?

        In their eyes, this was no different from Lin Fan seeking death!

        A madman!

        This guy was simply a madman!

        Li Kaoran sighed deeply, the thing she feared the most had happened after all.

        She knew it, Zhou Junyu was seeking his own death!

        Lin Fan, on the other hand, continued to act as if he was a nobody, still choking Zhou Junyu's chin with one hand.

        "Bastard, let go of our young master or I'll have you killed!"

        A strong man with a tiger's back and waist roared angrily, with a strong killing spirit appearing on his face, he was one of the experts raised by the Zhou family.

        But Lin Fan didn't even look at him, his gaze was like a torch as he stared at Zhou Junyu.

        "Now, I'm going to pull out your tongue!"


        Hearing these words, Zhou Junyu was about to piss himself in fear, shaking his head one after another, his face flooded with a strong sense of panic.

        "Kaoran, what the hell is this guy's origin, does he know what he's doing? If he really dares to do anything to Zhou Junyu, not to mention the empire, he won't even be able to walk out of this banquet hall today!"

        Someone said to Li Kaoran.

        Li Kaoran sighed, before stepping forward and saying to Lin Fan.

        "Mr. Lin, he is my Eldest Brother's son, please spare him this time for the sake of my teacher."

        "After all, you've broken one of his hands too."