Today I Give Up Trying 164-166

 Chapter 164



        The faces of the old master and all the Bai family executives changed.

        Yes, they were going to ask Bai Yi and Lin Fan to resign.

        But they should have been the ones to say that, and now Bai Yi resigned of his own accord, which was a slap on the old master's face and on the faces of all the Bai family members.

        Suddenly, the faces of all the Bai family members were gloomy to the extreme.

        Especially the old master!

        His cloudy eyes, staring straight at Bai, were filled with anger.

        "Bailey, are you sure?"

        "OK!" Bai Yi took Lin Fan's hand and said with a firm gaze.

        Only at this moment, Lin Fan felt Bai Yi's jade hand tremble slightly, and it was obvious that she was equally reluctant.

        "Good! Great!"

        Old Master Bai was so angry that he said with resentment on his face.

        "Since you are willing to leave the group for the sake of your useless husband, then my old man will fulfill your wish today!"


        Old Master Bai looked at Bai Yan and said softly.

        "Bai Yan, as of today, you take over from Bai Yi and officially become the new president of the Bai Group."


        This sentence was like pie in the sky for Bai Yan, instantly making her ecstatic.

        "Yes! Thanks Grandpa, I'll do my best, and don't worry, I'll definitely be even better than Baek!"

        "At least I don't have a loser husband! Hum ......"

        When Bai Yan said this, she even gave Bai Yi a sidelong glance, the kind of arrogant, proud, and extraordinary.

        As for Bai Yi, her delicate body trembled, and a tear fell from her beautiful eye.

        Since she was a child, she had been determined to contribute to the Bai Clan and the Bai Family.

        But in the end!

        Still a sad ending.

        "Lin Fan, I ...... let's go!"

        Bai Yi's look was so lonely that she was forced to hold back the tears in her eyes.

        Even if she shed tears, she was unwilling to shed them in front of the Bai family.

        And seeing this!

        Lin Fan's heart ached slightly, he reached out his big hand, took Bai Yi's perfect, pretty face in his palm, gently wiped her tears, and then said gently.

        "Honey, don't be sad, it won't be long before they come begging to let you continue as Bai's president!"


        Lin Fan's words not only stunned Bai Yi, but also the old master and all the Bai family members, who were all confused.

        Begging Bai Yi?

        Hahaha ......

        In response, all the Bai family members burst into laughter.

        Why did they ask for Bai?

        Now that the recipe and development methods of the Soul Returning Pill are all in the hands of experts within the group, it can be said that Bai Yi's departure will have no effect on the Bai Group in the slightest.

        On the contrary, it is even more what all Bai family members are happy to see.

        "Hahaha ...... Lin Fan, you sure have a brain problem! We have all your prescriptions and development techniques, do you think you and your wife are still useful?" At this moment, the eldest son, Bai Hai, was laughing very hard.

        His son's leg was broken because of Lin Fan, who was beaten by Master Blade and others.

        Bai Hai would like to rip this useless son-in-law alive.

        Not only him!

        The eyes of Bai Yan and the others next to him looked at Lin Fan as if he were an idiot, filled with ridicule and mockery.

        "Lin Fan, are you an idiot? You and your wife are no longer of any use, please? Hahaha, dream on!"

        "That's right, without you, the Bai family and Shanda Group can still continue to work together! And if you leave the Bai family, see how you and your wife will face Yang Jinshui's revenge!"

        "Hahahaha ...... This loser is in over his head!"


        At the moment, there is a lot of jeering and commotion around.

        Just hear that!

        Lin Fan's gaze was instantly cold and sinister.

        His eyes, sweeping over Bai Hai, Bai Yan and others in the main hall, were like a sharp blade, causing the smiles of these people to stop abruptly.

        "The more you laugh now, the more you will cry later!"

        "Remember, the next time you come to beg for my wife, all of you, except the old man, will be on your knees at ......!!!"

Chapter 165

Begging for bai?

        On your knees!

        After hearing Lin Fan's cold and rampant words.


        The entire White House completely exploded.

        It was insane!

        Every member of the Bai family, at this moment, felt that Lin Fan was simply crazy.

        The couple had no use for the Bai family, so how could they still beg Bai Yi to be the president, let alone make them beg on their knees?

        This is even more idiotic.

        "Hahahaha ...... no way, this guy's brain is definitely wrong, this is the first time I've seen this kind of idiot!"

        "Who says it isn't! If his brain was fine, how could he have disabled Major Yang!"

        "Hahahaha ...... I'm looking forward to it, what qualifications does a loser have for us to go on our knees and beg!"


        At this moment, many Bai family members were laughing rampantly, looking at Lin Fan with more and more ridicule.

        And unlike the crowd!

        After hearing this, Old Master Bai's eyelids jumped hard for some reason.

        It was as if he had a feeling that something bad was about to happen [Tik-Tok Novel]!

        "No! Lin Fan is just a loser, how can you believe his words!"

        Think about it!

        Old Master Bai couldn't help but shake his head, and suddenly took Lin Fan's words, also as idiotic.

        It wasn't just them!

        At this moment, even Bai Yi didn't believe it.

        After all, she was no longer useful to the Bai family, and she had offended the Grand Group, a great enemy, so how could the Bai family ask for her help?

        "Alright, Lin Fan, you don't need to comfort me!"

        "Let's ...... go!"

        After saying that, Bai Yi didn't want to stay here for a moment, and now pulled Lin Fan and walked out of the White House.

        When Bai Yi had just left!

        One by one, the Bai family gathered around Bai Yan as if they were all the stars in the sky.

        "Haha ...... Bai Yan, congratulations!"

        "Great niece, this time we, the uncles, have to rely on you to cover us!"

        These Bai family members, who are most adept at steering the ship, are at the moment constantly courting Bai Yan.

        Besides that!

        There was another important reason for the many Bai family members to curry favor with Bai Yan.

        It was that Ma Hong, the father-in-law of Ma Zhitao, was a high-ranking member of the Shanda Group.

        Even the news that the Shanda Group had united with the other four first-class groups and ten second-class groups to prepare for the annexation and revenge against the Bai Clan was informed in advance by Ma Hong, Bai Yan's father-in-law.

        "Bai Yan!"

        At this moment, Master Bai's gaze towards his granddaughter was a little more gentle.

        "Now you can contact your father-in-law and tell him that we have driven Lin Fan and Bai Yi, out of the group! Let him help, and say a few good words for our Bai family in front of Mr. Shanda Yang!"

        When she heard this, Bai Yan agreed with her in high spirits.

        Now, Bai Yan took out her cell phone and made a call to her father-in-law.

        After hanging up the phone, Bai Yan said to the crowd with an excited face.

        Bai Yan said to the crowd with an excited face.

        "My father-in-law now knows that Bai Yi and Lin Fan, the loser, have been kicked out of the group! He's on his way!"


        Is Ma coming?

        When they heard this, all the Bai family members were shocked and immediately ordered their men to start preparing chairs and making tea to wait.

        Soon, under the waiting of many Bai family members, an obese middle-aged man walked in.

        An obese middle-aged man walked in with three shaky steps.

        This man was Ma Hong, the father-in-law of Bai Yan's father-in-law, Ma Zhitao!

        "Mr. Ma, it's been a long time since I've seen you. Your visit to our Bai family has really made our family proud." Old Master Bai is smiling with enthusiasm at this moment.


        Ma Hong swept a faint glance at it and didn't answer, but instead said in a sly manner.

        "That door-to-door son-in-law of your Bai family is really capable! Sent my son to prison, and he's still not released."

        The words suddenly made the old man and everyone else, full of embarrassment.

        "Mr. Ma, Lin Fan's matter has nothing to do with us! Now, that trash has been kicked out of the group, and Bai Yan has become the new president of our group, you see ....... The old man's voice is low at this moment, so he wants to explain to Ma Hong.

        But, Ma Hong waved his hand and said in a high and mighty voice.

        "Forget it! I didn't come here to ask a question!"

        "This time I'm opening the way!"

        Open Road?

        The Bai family was stunned, not understanding who Ma Hong was opening the way for?

        You can hear it on ......

        "Our chairman, Yang Jinshui, will be here soon!"

Chapter 166


        Is Yang Jinshui coming?

        This sentence shocked all the Bai family members.

        After all, Lin Fan had just abolished Yang Minghao, and was even more brazen in saying that he wanted to destroy the Grand Group, so it could be said that he had already offended Yang Jinshui to death.

        The other party came to the door this time, 100% to ask for punishment.

        In the meantime, whether it was old master Bai, or Bai Hai and others, all of them panicked.

        As if ants on a hot pot, they were in a panic.

        "Mr. Ma, do you think there's any room for relaxation with Yang Dong's visit to ask forgiveness?"

        "After all, we got rid of the culprits, Lin Fan and Bai Yi, and it has nothing to do with the Bai family."

        The old man wiped the cold sweat from his forehead as he paled and looked at Ma Hong.

        And hearing this!

        Mahon coldly smiled.

        "Hmph! Lin Fan is your Bai family's son-in-law at the door, how is it not related to your Bai family!"

        "If you want Yang Dong to forgive you, you can! But hand over Lin Fan, Bai Yi, all of them!"


        This sentence made all the Bai family members turn pale.

        It wasn't that they didn't want to hand someone over, but they had just turned against Bai Yi and his wife, and the other couple left with their sleeves.

        If they had known earlier, they would have said nothing to let them go.

        "What should we do? Bai went away angry, and if we had called her, she wouldn't have wanted to come!"

        Old Master Bai was full of anxiety.

        Just at that moment!

        Ma Hong's eyes dribbled around while staring at Bai Shan and Shen Yumei in the corner, a sinister smile appearing at the corner of his mouth.

        "Hehe ...... Lin Fan, the loser, isn't here, and his in-laws, aren't they still here?"

        "If we let Bai Shan and his wife make amends to our chairman, and then find an opportunity to hand over Lin Fan, the trash, to Yang Dong to deal with, perhaps Yang Dong will be extremely satisfied."

        White Mountain Couple!

        This sentence made the old master and all the Bai family's eyes light up.

        That's right!

        Lin Fan is Bai Shan's son-in-law, so Bai Shan and his wife might be able to gain some forgiveness by personally making amends to Yang Jinshui.

        Think of this!

        Old Master Bai and others, one by one, looked at Bai Shan.

        "Lao San, this time my Bai family is in big trouble. When Yang Dong comes, you have to make amends to him! If you really can't, you have to kneel down and ask Dong Yang for forgiveness."

        "That's right, Third Brother, this time our Bai family is watching you!"

        "Hehehe ...... Uncle Three, that loser son-in-law of yours just tried to make all of us kneel down to Bai Yi! But in the blink of an eye, his father-in-law is about to kneel down!"


        Numerous White Families, either persuading or taunting and ridiculing, were incessantly listening.

        Just hear the words!

        Not only did Bai Shan not panic in the slightest, but the corners of his mouth were full of oddness.

        "Are you sure that I should kneel down and make amends to Yang Jinshui?"


        White Mountain's calmness stunned the crowd.

        But the crowd didn't think much of it and nodded their heads up.

        "Good!" A playful smile appeared at the corner of Bai Shan's mouth and instantly agreed!


        This scene, once again, was beyond the expectations of the old man and everyone else, who never expected that Bai Shan would agree so readily.

        You know, that's kneeling down to make amends!

        It was an insult to human dignity, and Baek San didn't even have a word of rebuttal.

        This ...... went incredibly smoothly.


        Before the crowd asked, they heard the butler outside, shouting.

        "Shanda Group Chairman Yang Jinshui, with all the directors, here!!!"