Today I Give Up Trying 1639

 This person was no other than Li Kaoran!

        The Pharmaceutical Association was holding a meeting, and she, the most favoured and beloved disciple of the Medicine Elder, naturally could not be absent.

        "Miss Li, what are you talking about? What's not afraid of death?"

        Bai Yi asked, bewildered.


        It was only at this time that Li Kaoran realised she had said the wrong thing and cast an apologetic glance at Lin Fan.

        Lin Fan smiled helplessly and said to Bai Yi.

        "I'll explain it to you later, let's go in first!"

        After that, the three of them walked into the venue together, and when they entered the venue, they saw that it was densely packed with people.

        Bai Yi felt so dazzled that he couldn't even breathe smoothly.

        "Cardiovascular expert, Chen Xiaoping!"

        "Dean of the Southern Military Region, Liu Guangyu!"

        "Respiratory medicine god, Zhong Beisheng!"

        Right now, these were all famous giants in the Chinese medical field!

        Every single one of them was an existence that was heavily employed as a dean by all parties, and now they were all gathered together.

        This time, the Pharmaceutical Association is too big!

        It could be said that almost all of China's renowned divine doctors had gathered!

        And for Bai Yi's shock, Li Kaoran felt speechless, your husband was the most sought-after divine doctor in China today, Lin.

        All these doctors here together are not as famous as him alone, so why are you so surprised?

        After that, she looked at Lin Fan with a strange expression, this guy obviously had such a remarkable identity, yet he never mentioned a word about it, preferring to be treated as a waste of a son-in-law?

        What kind of weird fetish is this?

        Did this guy have a masochistic tendency?

        Or does he have more pride in pretending to be a pig and eating a tiger?

        "Why are you looking at me?"

        Lin Fan also noticed that the other party's eyes were not right, that look was as if he was looking at a rare animal.

        The corners of Li Kaoran's mouth curled slightly, meaningfully.

        Lin Fan, on the other hand, was acting calmly at this scene, because no matter how famous these doctors were, but in terms of medical skills...

        Lin Fan did not say that he was the best, but he definitely knew the most!

        Therefore, in the eyes of Lin Fan, these doctors, who in the eyes of the world were all gods, became nothing more than that!

        And just then!

        A group of men and women came over.

        "Kaoran, you've come back, we've missed you so much!"

        And then a group of girls dressed as celebrities came up to hug Kaoran.

        At the same time, a gigolo also smiled and said.

        "Kaoran, you're at least one of Elder Pill's best students, why did you go to that shitty place in Jiangcheng?"

        "That poor place, how can it be worthy of you? I also heard that the boss of the New White's has you sweeping the floor at the New White's, right? If I met him, I'd have to blow his head off!"

        At those words!

        Li Kaoran's expression became embarrassed, because that New Bai's boss who made himself sweep the floor, was right next to her ah.

        "Kaoran, why don't you look too good, what's wrong?"

        That gongzi still didn't know what to do and continued to ask questions.

        And at that moment, Lin Fan then smiled and said.

        "Introduce myself, I'm the boss of the new Bai's and the one who told me, Li Kaoran, to sweep the floor at the door."


        Those gentry celebrities were stunned and looked at Lin Fan with an unbelievable look.

        This was the oddball?

        The one who made Li Kaoran, a famous doctor, work as a cleaner?

        How dare he come to the imperial capital?

        And that gigolo first froze, and then, instead of being half embarrassed, the extraordinary one sneered.

        "So it's you, this little yakuza, huh? You dare to bully our Kaoran, you have enough guts, huh?"

        Hearing this, Li Kaoran immediately became furious and said angrily.

        "Zhou Junyu, what are you talking about? When did I become your family's?"

        This was said as if she had something to do with Zhou Junyu.

        She didn't know why she was so eager to defend herself in front of Lin Fan, but in any case, she just didn't want Lin Fan to think that she had a relationship with Zhou Junyu.

        And Lin Fan first froze, then smiled playfully as well.

        Zhou Junyu, the young proprietor of the Zhou Group, and the Zhou Group was also influential in the imperial capital, with a hundred-year history, considered an old power, and had raised a group of experts sitting under their hands.

        "It's only a matter of time!"

        Zhou Junyu laughed brazenly, before looking at Lin Fan and saying in an arrogant tone.

        "Now, kneel down and kowtow a few times to Kaoran, and this matter will be settled!"