Today I Give Up Trying 1638

 And a few days later, Bai Yi received news that the Chinese Medicine Association had personally invited her to a meeting in the imperial capital.

        "Oh my God, the Chinese Medicine Association, I'm not dreaming, am I? This is the most renowned association in the whole of China, created by the joint efforts of all the famous hospitals in China."

        And his president was the famous divine doctor of China, Li Kaoran's master, Elder Pill!

        Lin Fan on the other hand was frowning deeply, this time the Medicine Association sent an invitation, or to the Imperial Capital, this was too much of a coincidence.

        At that moment, Lin Fan sneered, the Lin family was inviting the king into the jar, right?

        Let's see if he dared to go to the imperial capital!


        The Lin family had underestimated Lin Fan, in this world there was only what Lin Fan did not want to do, there was nothing he dared not do.

        "Lin Fan, will you accompany me?"

        Bai Yi took Lin Fan's hand, at such an important moment, she wanted to be able to share it with Lin Fan.

        "Sure, then let's go for a walk in the imperial capital!"

        Lin Fan smiled faintly, if he, the outcast of the Lin family, were to walk up to the imperial capital and then return to Jiangnan unscathed, then the Lin family would probably not look too good, right?

        He was already looking forward to seeing how the Lin family would become the laughing stock of China.

        He wanted to see if the Lin family was inviting the king into the jar or if they were playing with fire!

        And the moment Bai Yi agreed to go to the appointment!

        The Lin family was in a state of ecstasy!

        "Dad, that little beast has fallen for it!"

        Lin Zhanyang said with a fierce smile on his face, the reason why the Chinese Medical Association had invited Lin Fan was naturally because their Lin family was operating in secret.

        The purpose was to get Bai Yi to come to the imperial capital and then force Lin Fan to give in!

        But they didn't expect that Lin Fan would give them a big surprise, that he would follow him to the capital.

        This was a heavenly opportunity!

        Once they arrived at the Imperial Capital, it was their land, they had all the ways to make Lin Fan die, and if Lin Fan still managed to leave the Imperial Capital alive, that would be their incompetence!

        And at that moment!

        A fierce smile also surfaced on Lin Hongtu's face.

        "This time, no matter what, we can't let him leave the imperial capital alive!"

        "This is the best chance for our Lin family!"

        Lin Zhanxie nodded in ecstasy.

        "Dad, just don't worry, I've already ordered it down, this time we'll make sure Lin Fan has no return!"

        "Hahahaha, that idiot! So what if he's a Grand Master, with his empty brute strength, how can he be a match for our Lin family? He's dead!"

        Father and son, laughing with extraordinarily treacherous laughter!

        As if the thorn in their side that had been there for years was about to be removed!


        That night, Lin Fan and Bai Yi arrived at the airport in the imperial capital one after another.

        Bai Yi could not hide that excitement, even her hands were shaking, because she knew very well what this meant.

        As long as she could obtain the approval of the Chinese Medicine Association, then her new Bai's would be able to completely gain a firm foothold in China, and whatever she did in the future, it would be much easier.


        Lin Fan, however, had a different mood from her, and he knew what his visit to the imperial capital meant this time.

        It meant that he and the Lin family were about to engage in a head-to-head battle!

        If he won, the Lin family would be humiliated!

        If he lost, both of them could be buried in the imperial capital!

        Therefore, he was not careless in coming to the imperial capital this time, but was fully prepared.

        This time!

        Lin Fan lowered his head and glanced at the watch on his wrist, looking at the time, should Blood Prison's warship have arrived at the port of the Imperial Capital?

        And then, a playful smile surfaced on his face as he looked at the huge city and growled in his heart.

        "The Imperial Capital, the place that once brought me endless shame, now I, Lin Fan, am back!"

        "This time, I will return in glory!"

        At 7pm, they arrived at the Pharmaceutical Association's venue, and the couple walked down from the car park together.


        However, at this time, a figure that was about to walk inside the venue saw them.

        And then, striding towards him, while frowning, he said.

        "You really dare to come, huh? Aren't you afraid of dying?"