Today I Give Up Trying 1637

 A fist, with a shocking roar of wind, came with the force of Lin Fan's head, like a titanic mountain crushing the top of his head!

        Seeing this!

        A fierce smile appeared on Lin Jiangchao's face, as if in his eyes, Lin Fan was already a dead man.



        That seemingly unstoppable punch was blocked by Lin Fan in the next instant with a light touch.

        At the same time, his face was flushed with a touch of contempt and disdain.

        "Is that all?"


        Ouyang Hua's pupils shrank fiercely and was on the verge of being scared silly at this time, his eyes widened with an expression like he had seen a ghost.

        That shock couldn't be calmed down for a long time!

        A dream!

        He must have been dreaming!

        How could he have blocked this blow so easily?

        Could it be that this guy was really a Jedi?

        A Jedi in his early twenties, no way!

        This can't be!!!

        Ouyang Hua was completely confused, that face was like seeing a ghost alive, in all his years of living, he had never seen an alien like Lin Fan so far.

        On the other hand, Lin Jiangchao's face was also instantly white, a flash of disbelief and shock appearing in his eyes.

        Lin Fan, he had blocked this unstoppable blow?

        He wasn't dreaming, was he?

        "It's my turn!"

        Lin Fan sneered, and then he directly struck out, with the same punch, blasting out angrily towards Ouyang Hua!

        Seeing this!

        Ouyang Hua's expression instantly changed wildly, this instant he felt like a huge peak was pushing across in front of him, and he was unable to resist it at all.


        Lin Fan's fist landed on Ouyang Hua's chest, and Ouyang Hua's eyes instantly became bloodshot, his eyes filled with blood and were covered in horrifying blood!

        After that, everyone saw a large area of his chest instantly sink into the ground!

        Soon, his clothes were drenched in blood!

        Ouyang Hua's eyes were as wide as a bull's eye, and then he fell forward, and with a poof, he was completely cut off!

        One punch!

        With just one punch, Lin Fan had beaten a Grand Master to death alive.

        This scene simply made Lin Jiangchao go mad!

        "Impossible! This can't be!"

        Lin Jiangchao took two steps back in shock, watching in disbelief as blood continued to seep out from Ouyang Hua's corpse, wetting the entire ground.

        It was too fast!

        All of this, it happened so fast!

        It was almost as if it was a dream!

        It made Lin Jiangchao feel unbelievable!

        That was a Grand Master, a god-like figure, and he had been killed by Lin Fan with just one punch?

        At this moment, he only felt that the sky was spinning, and that fear instantly swallowed him up like a tidal wave.

        Lin Fan, it couldn't really be Lin Zuo, could it?

        If this was true, then it would be a nightmare for the Lin family!

        Immediately afterwards, he was looking at Lin Fan with a look of extreme trepidation.

        "Don't kill me, I'm only following orders, this is all your grandfather Lin Hongtu's will, he's the one who wants to kill you!"

        "Let me go! Please let me go!"

        Lin Jiangchao was about to piss himself in fear, his two legs wobbling uncontrollably.

        "If the Lin family dares to come to Jiangnan, then you don't have to expect to leave alive!"

        Lin Fan was smiling, but one sentence already said everything, now Jiangnan was his territory, that was the forbidden zone for the Lin family members.

        A group of people then walked forward and pinned Lin Jiangchao to the ground.

        "Lin Fan, don't! Let me go, I'm your second uncle!"

        Lin Jiangchao instantly howled, as if he was already scared out of his wits, his crotch already soaked through.

        Lin Fan revealed a fierce smile and said faintly :

        "Don't worry, you won't die in vain! I will make you into a gift for the Lin family!"