Today I Give Up Trying 1636

 Lin Fan was the Lin Block?

        Lin Jiangchao first froze, and then poofed and laughed wildly.

        "Long Jiu, why don't you just say that guy is the King of Blood Prison?"

        Lin Jiangchao let out a loud laugh and looked at Long Jiu with contempt, clearly not believing his bullshit at all.

        Lin Zha?

        It was only in the last year that Lin Zuo started to succeed the throne, and at that time, Lin Fan was still his son-in-law, right?

        The son-in-law was Lin Zuo?

        The Chinese military would find such a loser to be the Military Commander unless they had a brain problem!

        Don't think that just because you have a Grand Master, you can become a Lin Zuo, China has never been short of Grand Masters.

        If you look at the whole of China, which of the four great military seats is not an existence that is enough to kill a Grand Master in seconds?

        At that level, they should be called Jedi!

        And how old was Lin Fan?

        He was in his twenties, an absolute top?

        That was ridiculous!

        At that moment, Long Jiu smiled playfully.

        "What if I told you that he was also the King of Blood Prison?"


        Lin Jiangchao was first stunned, and then laughed even louder wildly:

        "Long Jiu, I didn't expect you to start talking nonsense in order to stay alive, you think you can bluff me with just your few words?"

        In his mind, this must be a lie that Long Jiu had deliberately made up in order to stay alive!


        To try to fool him with just these few words was too much to underestimate him, right?

        And Ouyang Hua sneered with contempt.

        "I thought you Long family members really weren't afraid of death, but I didn't expect you to be so heartless as to falsely claim that Lin Fan was Lin Zuo, did you think that we would be afraid just because of that?"

        Lin Fan was Lin Zuo?

        The King of Blood Hell again?

        This was ridiculous!

        And Long Jiu sneered.

        "True or false, you will soon find out, but there is one thing! That is, from the moment you set foot in Jiangnan, you're already a dead man!"


        Seeing Long Jiu's almost crazy smile, Lin Jiangchao's brain directly exploded, they weren't bluffing, this was real?

        Lin Fan, was it really Lin Zha?

        That legendary figure who had single-handedly created the Dragon Tiger Legion!

        Even as he thought about it, he had a vague sense of bad foreboding in his heart!

        It had to be done quickly!

        Since Lin Fan already knew that he was in Jiangnan, if he really was Lin Zha, there was a good chance that he would have no return.

        Right then, he was staring at the two of them with a fierce smile on his face, staring at Long Jiu wistfully :

        "Thanks for reminding me, now I'll kill you two and escape from Jiangnan!"


        As soon as his words fell, a voice full of sarcasm rang out from within the entire abandoned factory :

        "Unfortunately, you no longer have the chance!"


        Lin Jiangchao's expression changed wildly and he turned his head incomparably in shock, before he saw a man with an arrogant demeanor, striding in.

        "Lin Fan?"

        Lin Jiangchao's pupils fiercely shrank, and an ominous feeling of foreboding fiercely surfaced in his heart.

        And Ouyang Hua also hurriedly shielded Lin Jiangchao behind him, incomparably nervous as he looked at Lin Fan, his juniors already in a cold sweat

        Lin Fan smiled as he looked at Lin Jiangchao :

        "Lin Shao seems to be repulsed by the matter of me being a Lin Zuo, huh?"

        At those words!

        Lin Jiangchao then gritted his teeth and growled low:

        "You want to bluff me? How can a loser like you be a Lin Zuo?"

        "You want to scare me, it's not that easy! Ouyang Hua, kill him!"


        There was absolutely no way he could be Lin Zuo!

        This punk, he was swept away by the Lin family ten years ago, and after only ten short years, he had risen to the pinnacle of power and become one of the four famous military seats in China, how was this possible?

        No one could possess such a fortune!

        Lin Fan and the others must be faking it to scare themselves.

        There was no way he could have such ability!

        Ouyang Hua's eyes were glowing with ferocity, and his body was like a ghost as he pounced directly at Lin Fan.

        While seeing this, Lin Fan laughed coldly with an extremely disdainful expression :

        "Are the Grand Masters of the Lin Family so worthless? One after another coming to die?"


        Ouyang Hua jumped like a thunderstorm, this hadn't even started the fight, and Lin Fan was saying that he was here to send him to his death?

        This was looking down on him!

        He was treating him like a loser!

        At that moment, his murderous aura surged, and his fist was even more powerful and fierce.

        With this punch, he was determined to kill Lin Fan on the spot!