Today I Give Up Trying 1635

 As long as the Grand Master wanted to, he could hear all the voices in the whole building!

        That's why after hearing Long Jiu's report, that old man suddenly showed his fierce face, fiercely opening his eyes and directly showing his fierce light, as if he wanted to eat someone!

        In a flash, the temperature in the room dropped to the freezing point!

        All of them shivered and looked at the old man with incomparable fear!

        Lin Jiangchao was also puzzled and asked in disbelief.

        "Old man Ouyang, what's wrong with you?"

        Immediately, Ouyang Hua said with a gloomy expression.

        "Long Jiu has betrayed us, he was just calling that little brute Lin Fan!"


        Lin Jiangchao's expression instantly changed wildly, and a cold frost fiercely wiped across his eyes!

        The next instant, he was staring at Long Qianxi in the middle of the field with a deadly stare, as if he could not wait to break Long Qianxi's body into pieces.

        Seeing this, Long Qianxi knew that he couldn't hide it anymore, and immediately shouted out.

        "Stop them!"


        In an instant, all of the Long family members rushed out in unison, forcing their way towards Lin Jiangchao and Ouyang Hua, intending to strike first!

        They all knew that Ouyang Hua, the Grand Master, was powerful, and if they didn't strike first, they wouldn't even have the qualifications to fight back.

        At that moment, Lin Jiangchao's face was completely gloomy as he roared in anger.

        "Little Dragon Family, how dare you insult me, I want your whole family to die!"

        "Ouyang Hua, kill them all!"

        At those words!

        Ouyang Hua instantly showed a fierce smile on his face, and then instantly the tiger pounced out, two withered hands stretched out directly from his sleeve robes, and instantly clasped the arm of one of the clan masters.


        Immediately afterwards, Long Qianxi saw an extremely frightening scene, Ouyang Hua had actually torn a Patriarch in half, alive.

        That look was like tearing apart a piece of scrap paper!

        The crowd was tingling!

        This, was too bloody!

        When all the Long family members saw this, they were also close to being scared out of their wits... Patriarch and Grand Patriarch, there was a difference of one word, but it was a world of difference.

        They couldn't even block a single move from Ouyang Hua, what else could they do to stop him?

        "Don't panic, as soon as Patriarch Lin arrives, kill him like slaughtering a dog!"

        A Patriarch shouted out, these words immediately boosted the morale of the whole room, everyone knew that that Patriarch Lin was powerful and supreme!

        Some time ago, he had even slaughtered three Grand Masters!

        And according to the Black and White Furies, they hadn't done anything, it was all Lin's doing!

        One man, killing three masters, how terrifying is such power?

        What's more, he was only in his twenties!

        Even if Ouyang Hua faced him, he would only die. They only had to wait until Master Lin arrived, then both Lin Jiangchao and Ouyang Hua would definitely die!

        At these words!

        Ouyang Hua's face instantly sank, he also knew how terrifying Lin Fan was, and knew that it was not advisable to stay here for long, so he had to fight quickly.

        At this moment, Long Jiu walked in and froze at the sight of the sword-fighting scene.

        "Young Lin, why are you guys doing this?"

        The moment he saw Long Jiu, the hatred in Lin Jiangchao's eyes could no longer be held back and he roared.

        "Old man, how dare you betray me? My Lin family will make sure you die a horrible death!"

        Immediately afterwards, Lin Jiangchao ordered Ouyang Hua.

        "Ouyang Hua, grab Long Jiu and Long Qianxi, we'll retreat now! I want to find a place where no one is around and torture them properly!"

        Ouyang Hua nodded and directly struck out ruthlessly, passing like no one else, no one could possibly stop them.

        He was so domineering!

        The people of the Long Family were instantly killed and injured, a whole piece of them fell down!

        Ouyang Hua grabbed Long Jiu and Long Qianxi with his hand and leapt out directly, fleeing towards the outside of the hotel.

        After that, he directly got into a van!

        About half an hour later, inside a ruined factory, Ouyang Hua directly threw Long Jiu and Long Qianxi onto the ground heavily.

        "Long Jiu, I thought you were a smart person, but I didn't expect you to be a blistered-brained idiot too?"

        "You actually chose to side with Lin Fan? Do you really think that with that trash, you can stop my Lin family?"

        Lin Jiangchao looked at Long Jiu with a fierce face, with a look as if he wanted to eat someone.

        Long Jiu, how dare he set him up?

        If he hadn't found out in advance, he would have been killed by Long Jiu now.

        And at this time, Long Jiu was smiling and said.

        "But what if, the trash you are talking about... What if it is Lin Zha?"