Today I Give Up Trying 1634

 What's more, not only he, but also his family, would not escape death!

        It was clear that they were here to force the palace!

        Submit or die, this was the choice Lin Jiangchao gave him!

        "Elder Long, how are you thinking about it?"

        Lin Jiangchao looked at Long Jiu with a smirk, and with it, a trace of ruthlessness flashed across his eyes.

        As long as Long Jiu dared to refuse, then Lin Jiangchao would instantly give the order for the Grand Master behind him to kill Long Jiu's family.

        At this time, the Lin family and Lin Fan were already at full war, and the Lin family would definitely want Lin Fan's death regardless of all the consequences and costs!

        Therefore, people like Long Jiu had to make a choice, either to bury Lin Fan or to be loyal to the Lin family.

        Looking at his little grandson, who was playing on his knees not far away, Long Jiu hesitated, his eyebrows furrowed tightly together.

        At the moment, he could not refuse!

        So Long Jiu then pretended to be moved and said.

        "How do I know that your Lin family will definitely win, you have been losing all this time, in case you lose to that guy, then won't my Long family have to bury you with him?"

        Once he heard that, Lin Jiangchao really didn't doubt it, and thought that Long Jiu was really moved!

        At that moment, Lin Jiangchao swore and assured him.

        "The reason why our Lin family was losing every time before was because the family head didn't take him seriously at all!"

        "But now it's different, the family head has decided to deal with him personally, and for that reason has mobilised the entire strength of the Lin family in China, this time we will surround and kill Lin Fan no matter what!"

        "Elder Long, do you think that just one Grand Master can withstand my Lin Family's frantic retaliation?"

        Lin Jiangchao looked extremely confident, as if Lin Fan was already a dead man in his eyes.

        At these words, Long Jiu then put on a look of difficulty in making up his mind for a long time before he finally gritted his teeth and said.

        "Damn it, then I'll gamble with Lin Shao, but I have one more condition!"

        Lin Jiangchao raised his eyebrows, seemingly not expecting to convince Long Jiu so quickly either, which was simply unexpected.

        If the Lin family knew that he had completed his mission brilliantly, it would definitely be a great achievement, and it would not be impossible for him to compete for the position of family head in the future.

        After all, Lin Hongtu's three direct grandsons had all died, while his sons were all a bunch of drunken sons who were hard to convince.

        As for the conditions proposed by Long Jiu, he did not care in the slightest, not to mention one condition, even if it was ten, he would meet them all the same.

        Even at this time, in his opinion, it would be a ghost if Long Jiu did not mention any conditions.

        Long Jiu, an old fox, obviously knew this too, so he said with a smile.

        "I want my whole family to become officials, and all of them cannot be below the head of the bureau!"


        Lin Jiangchao hesitated for a moment, and then he nodded abruptly.

        "Yes, I promise you!"

        As long as Long Jiu helped kill Lin Fan's family, then he was a grasshopper on the same rope as them.

        At that time, even if he reneged, what could Long Jiu do to him?

        With the whole family as officials, and at least all of them being the head of the bureau, this old thing really dared to ask for a lot!

        How much resources would their Lin family have to expend?

        Thinking of this, Lin Jiangchao suddenly sneered, a sinister glint in his eyes, already planning to play Long Jiu like a monkey at this time!


        He didn't know that Long Jiu was also playing him like a monkey!

        Both of them had evil intentions in mind, and they both laughed extremely treacherously.

        And then Long Jiu was the one who graciously invited Lin Jiangchao outside for dinner, in fact he wanted to lure the two of them out of here and save the lives of his family.

        But Lin Jiangchao was already overwhelmed with joy and didn't even think that much about it.


        After Long Jiu had just greeted Lin Jiangchao and the others, he found an excuse and left towards that door, directly calling Lin Fan to inform him.


        He had underestimated the ability of the Grand Master!