Today I Give Up Trying 1630

 Ka ka ka!

        Kou Jianghuai and the others also aimed their guns at Jin Cheng'en and Lin Zhan'ao and the others at this time, their faces glowing with a steaming killing spirit.

        The sound was overwhelming!

        At this time, Lin Zhanao was in a trance, the killing intent that swirled out of Lin Fan's body made him extremely uneasy and made him feel incredible now.

        What had Lin Fan experienced in his body over the years that had made him such a demon?

        Back then, the Lin family had swept Lin Fan away, but now he had actually manifested the appearance of an emperor, such an existence would be a nightmare for the Lin family!

        And at this time!

        A hand, resting on Lin Zhanao's shoulder, an old voice said.

        "Eldest young man, it's just that! Today, we have lost!"

        The person who spoke was a virtuous and [Pen Interest Pavilion] respected Grand Master of the Lin family, and at this time his face carried a touch of helplessness.

        For he had sensed that this backwoodsman in front of him was not something they could deal with!

        "I don't believe it! Isn't it just a Grand Master? We also have three Grand Masters on our side, with strong troops and many people, so we need to be afraid of this punk like him?"

        Lin Zhanao said unconvincingly, how could he admit defeat at this time?

        Wouldn't admitting defeat mean rolling back to the Lin family in disgrace?

        What if the Lin family knew that not only had he not allowed Lin Fan to return to the? Lin family, and had even angered him further, then the Lin family would still have to skin him alive?


        Instead, that old man sighed and pointed in one direction.

        "There are three of us, but there are three of them too!"

        Lin Zhanao looked over in shock, and saw two figures hanging from the window like ghosts, staring at them with evil smiles.

        The Two Black and White Furies!

        They had all heard that the Black and White Furies had betrayed the Lin family and turned to Lin Fan, but they hadn't expected it to be true!

        Lin Zhanao's face instantly turned extremely ugly!

        The group of great masters behind him had also noticed this long ago, although the Black and White Double Furies had broken an arm, they still should not be underestimated.

        Moreover, Lin Fan wasn't an easy target either!

        From the sea of killing energy that erupted from his body, they already understood that any one of them alone would never be able to take Lin Fan.

        This guy was a veritable genius among geniuses!

        He had never been so humiliated before, and the one who had caused him to lose face was the wild child he had given birth to!

        He hesitated for a moment!

        Lin Zhanao finally walked away from Jin Cheng'en with a grim face.

        Seeing this!

        Jin Cheng'en was completely desperate, was Lin Zhanao going to give up on him?

        What the hell is going on here?

        Immediately, Jin Cheng'en went completely mad and hysterically yelled at Lin Zhanao.

        "Master Lin, you... What do you mean by that? You have three Grand Masters by your side, do you need to be afraid of this punk like him?"

        At those words!

        Lin Zhanao's expression instantly became embarrassed and said in an embarrassed manner.

        "Sorry Little Jin, Lin Fan is also a Grand Master, and he has two other Grand Masters by his side, if we really had to fight we would..."

        "Don't worry, your family we, the Lin family, will take care of it for you, and we will do your funeral in a decent manner!"


        Jin Chengen cracked up straight away, Lin Fan was a Grand Master?

        He was both a Divine Doctor Lin and a Grand Master?

        As a result, Lin Zhanao had decided to abandon him because he was afraid of Lin Fan?

        "Lin Zhanao, fuck you!"

        Jin Cheng'en then hissed madly, his eyes crawling with blood as he stared Lin Zhanao down with extreme resentment.

        "I offended Lin Fan because of you, and now you let me go to my death with a word of apology?"

        "You old immortal! You're fucking playing me like a monkey, why are you pretending to be a big tail if you don't have that kind of ability? You said you'd protect me no matter what, but you're a fucking shrinking violet? You son of a bitch, you're going to die a horrible death!"

        He wanted to cut Lin Zhanao into pieces, and all he had to say was sorry for screwing him over?

        I've already lost my life, so what's the point of saying sorry?

        Jin Cheng'en was going crazy!