Today I Give Up Trying 1629

 Jin Chengen then gave a heated smile and swept a provocative glance at Lin Fan: "Sorry Lin Fan, my savior has arrived, bye!

        "Sorry Lin Fan, my savior has arrived, bye bye!"

        "I'll come back to see you and Bai Yi when I'm free, you'll have to put Bai Yi away then, don't accidentally climb into my bed, hahaha!"

        With that, he was going to get up and leave!



        Kou Jianghuai directly stepped forward and kicked Kim Seung-eun, who spat out a mouthful of blood when his head hit the wall.

        He fell to his knees and couldn't get up for half a day!


        Seeing this, Lin Zhanao was instantly on fire, he hadn't thought that he had already come, and Lin Fan still dared to strike?

        Damn it!

        Lin Zhanao looked at Kou Jianghuai angrily and threatened.

        "You, Dragon's Teeth, are you trying to make an enemy of our Lin family?"

        But Kou Jianghuai remained emboldened and shrugged his shoulders, disdainfully saying.

        "Sorry, Elder Xu said that the instructor's orders today are military orders, and Lin Fan will only listen to his orders up and down!"

        "If he didn't say you can leave, you can't!"


        Lin Zhanao blew up straight away, of course he was furious!

        What did Dragon's Teeth mean?

        Was their Lin family still no better than Lin Fan, a Grand Master?

        So much so, that they even went out of their way to make an enemy of their Lin family in order to please Lin Fan?

        This was simply slapping them in the face!

        It was simply damnable!

        "Master Lin, look at them, they don't even put you in their sights, you mustn't set them on fire!"

        Jin Chengen covered his stomach, his eyes staring at Lin Fan with resentment, at this moment he couldn't wait to break Lin Fan into pieces!

        And then!

        Lin Zhanao then looked at Lin Fan coldly, still in an overbearing stance:.

        "Lin Fan, for the sake of the Lin family, let Jin Cheng'en go! Don't make the same mistake again and again while things are not yet redeemed!"


        In response to Lin Zhanao's threat, Lin Fan, on the other hand, sneered twice and said with a contemptuous face.

        "Sorry, for me, things have reached the point of no return."

        "From the moment you ordered him to poison my wife and child, his fate was already predetermined."


        Lin Zhanao had to gnash his teeth as he stared angrily at Lin Fan and questioned.

        "In your eyes, do you still have me as a father?"

        Jin Cheng'en was his man, if he couldn't even protect his own man, then where would his face be?

        In the future, who would work for him?


        Jin Cheng'en was dumbfounded!

        Lin Zhanao was actually Lin Fan's oldest son?

        If that was the case, why would he want to harm Lin Fan?

        Even a bad person like him couldn't understand Lin Zhanao's tiger's poisonous behaviour towards his son.

        Hearing this, a strange curve suddenly appeared at the corner of Lin Fan's mouth.

        "How could I not have you in my sights, I'd dream of eating your flesh and drinking your blood and breaking you into pieces!"

        "But I couldn't do that, after all, you're my father, you gave me my life! So I decided to take revenge on you in a different way, and that is to make you die a bad death!"

        With a single sentence, it directly made Lin Zhanao's face look extremely ugly!

        And underneath that angry face was Lin Zhanao's troubled heart.

        He knew that Lin Fan would do what he said.

        What disturbed him the most was that Lin Fan really seemed to have the ability to do so.

        At that moment, a malicious cold aura flashed across his eyes.

        "I'm warning you one last time, let Jin Chengen go! Don't force me to strike at you, I've brought three Grand Masters with me on this trip, as well as countless other top-level Sovereigns and Sovereigns, and I've also had people surround you outside, so if you're really obstinate, then I'll have no choice but to be ruthless and cripple you!"

        As the words fell, a glimpse of the famous school appeared on Lin Zhanao's face, he would not kill Lin Fan, at least not explicitly.

        He didn't want to end up with a reputation of ruthlessly killing his son, but he would break Lin Fan's arms and legs and make him spend the rest of his life miserably like a dog.


        But as soon as the words left his mouth, an extremely terrifying killing intent erupted from Lin Fan's body, like a ferocious beast roaring within him, raging to the extreme!

        "What an amazing killing aura!"

        The few Grand Masters behind Lin Zhanao's back all had their expressions change greatly at this instant.

        They had been discussing martial arts all their lives, but they had never seen such an aberration, such a terrifying killing intent, as if it was about to tear someone into pieces alive!

        This backwoodsman, he was terrifying!


        Lin Fan took one step, but it was like a fierce tiger descending from a mountain, giving people an extreme sense of oppression.

        Lin Zhanao and the others took a step back in unison, their faces instantly as white as paper.

        "I have also put my words here, Lin Zhanao must die! If the Lin family dares to meddle, everything dies!"


        King's might!

        In this instant, it was embodied in Lin Fan to the fullest!

        It gave them all an illusion that it was King's Landing.