Today I Give Up Trying 1627

 And inside the Hengfeng Hotel!

        Jin Cheng'en was still looking at Lin Fan with his toes in the air and sneered.

        "I've already informed Lin Zhanao and made a phone call to my old man, do you know who my old man is? He is Guo Tianlin, the Sect Master of the Green Sect, Lin Fan you are dead, hahaha!"

        "Now what, get down on your knees and kowtow to me a few times, then send Bai Yi to my bed, maybe I can even consider it and spare your life!"



        Hearing these words, Kou Jianghuai and the others, however, burst into wild laughter, as if they had heard a joke.

        Each one of them was on the verge of going crazy with joy as they were laughing back and forth and trembling with flowers.

        "What are you guys laughing at?"

        Kim Seung-eun scolded in annoyance.

        "Do you guys think I'm lying? You have no eyes, I'll make you all look good later!"

        Kou Jianghuai and the others then stopped sneering and then looked at him coldly.

        "You don't need to be delusional, your rescuers can't come!"

        Everyone looked at him as if they were looking at a dead man!

        This idiot, how dare he be so arrogant at the end of his life, he's really out of his mind!


        Kim Seung-eun's expression changed at once, but he still sneered in a conceited manner.

        "You guys want to cheat me? Do you think I'm a fool? I won't believe you, my men are already on their way, you'll be finished by then!"

        Kou Jianghuai and the others all shook their heads, the sarcastic smile on the corner of their mouths growing even stronger.

        Was this called ignorance without guilt?


        Just at that moment, Kim Seung-un's phone rang, and when Kim Seung-un glanced at the caller ID, he burst out laughing.

        "My old man is calling me, you guys are finished!"

        And then, he hurriedly pressed the speakerphone and asked with a smile.

        "Dad, is the man you've arranged for me nearly here yet?"


        Instead, on the other end came Guo Tianlin's angry roar of.

        "Jin Chengen, you useless piece of shit! How on earth did you offend Divine Doctor Lin?"

        "Do you know that my Green Sect was almost wiped out because of this punk like you!"


        Jin Cheng'en's eyes were about to glaze over, and the smile on his face instantly froze.

        The Qing Clan, almost being exterminated?

        How the hell is that possible!

        The Qing Clan had been around for over two hundred years so far, could it be exterminated just because it wanted to?

        How could Lin Fan have such a skill?

        "Dad, are you mistaken, he's just a doctor, how could he be that capable?"

        Jin Chengen was on the verge of tears, what Lin Fan and the others said was true, his own rescuers really weren't coming?

        "Just a doctor? What doctor have you ever seen that could make the Neon Military Seat personally call and threaten me? You idiot! Up till now, you don't even know what kind of an existence you've offended!"

        Guo Tianlin was extremely annoyed, because because of Jin Chengen, his Qingmen had almost gone cold!

        But this idiot, he didn't even notice?

        The Neon Phoenix Army Seat!

        Hearing that name, Jin Cheng'en was instantly stunned!

        Extreme fear immediately surfaced on his entire face, and his entire person was directly frozen.

        Lin Fan, called the Ni Huang Army Commander?

        What the hell kind of joke is this!

        That was an existence like a Chinese military god!

        A god in the hearts of millions of soldiers!

        With the snap of a finger, it would be enough to make the Qing Clan disappear from this world, such an existence would be Lin Fan's backer?

        An illusion!

        This must be a fucking hallucination!

        "Rice bucket, I'll have my daughter divorce you right away! I don't care about your business!"

        After cursing furiously, Guo Tianlin simply hung up the phone.

        "No, Dad, help me! You can't leave me alone!"


        There was no movement on the other end!

        But before Jin Chengen could question Lin Fan, another call came in.

        "Chairman, our property has been frozen, all the businesses under our name have been forced to be investigated, and our stock market has inexplicably collapsed across the board!"

        "Chairman, we're bankrupt!"


        It was like a bomb had exploded in Kim Seung-eun's head at this instant.


        First Guo Tianlin abandoned him, and now he was bankrupt, this was a rhythm to drive him out of business!

        Immediately, Jin Cheng'en looked at Lin Fan with grief and anger:

        "It's you, you did all this, didn't you?"