Today I Give Up Trying 1625

 At that moment, Xu Longxiang was laughing and said.

        "Guo Tianlin, I'm warning you one last time, don't get involved in this mess, that son-in-law of yours is bound to die at the hands of Divine Doctor Lin."

        "If you dare to meddle in the matter, then your Green Sect, prepare to face extinction!"


        Guo Tianlin immediately burst into foul language and directly shouted in an arrogant manner.

        "Old man, you think I can't touch that kid just because you're covering him, I'm giving you face to let him go, if I don't give you face, I'll kill that divine doctor Lin first, then I'll talk to you slowly!"

        "Do you think I, Guo Tianlin, am a scared man? How dare you threaten me, then let's see whether you, Dragon's Teeth, are powerful or my Green Sect is hard-boned!"

        With Qing Clan's power nowadays, as long as the four major military seats of China don't make a move, he really has nothing to fear!

        "Is that so?"

        Xu Longxiang also stopped talking nonsense and said playfully.

        "Good luck then!"

        With that, he said no more nonsense and hung up the phone directly.


        After hanging up the phone, Guo Tianlin and the others' faces did not look good, as if they were all surprised that Xu Longxiang would take the initiative to stand up for a person.

        "What kind of person is that divine doctor Lin that he can make Xu Longxiang stand up for him?"

        "Things, have become a bit complicated!"

        These bigwigs were not idiots, otherwise they wouldn't be in the position they were in, and from the moment Xu Longxiang made a special call to Guo Tianlin, they realized that something was not right.

        That kid, I'm only afraid that he has some background!

        "Who cares who he is, he has offended my Green Sect, so he has to give us an explanation, otherwise how can we still gain a foothold in the Dao in the future?"

        "Don't forget, even if Jin Chengen is useless, he is still an incense master of our Green Sect, if we can't even protect him, who will respect our Green Sect in the future?"

        "In the future, who else will be afraid of us in overseas Chinatown, including those bullying foreigners?"

        Guo Tianlin snorted coldly, and immediately decided to go ahead with his decision, no matter what identity that divine doctor Lin had, he had to die today!


        And that was not all!

        It wasn't long before another call came in, and Guo Tianlin's tone had become somewhat irritable: "Who is it?

        "Who is it?"

        Then, a low voice came from the other end.

        "Long Jiu!"


        The entire conference room was instantly plunged into a dead silence.

        Everyone's faces were thick with horror obviously all stunned by this name.

        Another one?

        First it was Xu Longxiang, and now it was Jiangnan's Commander-in-Chief?

        Had they stirred up a hornet's nest?

        Needless to say, they knew that the purpose of this call was for that divine Doctor Lin!

        Even Guo Tianlin couldn't help but panic at this point in time.

        This sudden and dramatic change had caught him off guard as well.

        And at this time, before he could even begin to speak, there came Long Jiu's murderous voice from the other end.

        "Your Green Sect's people, as long as they step into my Jiangnan, I will kill every single one of them on sight, and I will never tolerate them!"

        "Guo Tianlin, if you want to seek death, then I, Long Jiu, will accompany you to the end!"

        Beep beep beep!

        Without any unnecessary nonsense, the other end simply hung up the phone.


        The entire conference room was dead silent!

        Everyone's expressions were tinged with horror and unease!

        First Xu Longxiang, then Longjiu, just how terrifying was that divine Doctor Lin's background?

        One Xu Longxiang was not something they could put in their sights, but if they added a Long Jiu, then their Green Sect would have to weigh in.

        "Sect Master, I'm afraid this person can't be touched!"

        An old man's face was pale as he said.

        Judging from the extremely tough attitude of Xu Longxiang and Long Jiu, that some kind of divine doctor Lin was definitely not an idle person, and if they insisted on moving him, they were afraid that something big would happen.

        "No! So what if it's Xu Longxiang, so what if it's Longjiu, when have I ever been afraid of the Green Sect? If they won't let me have an easy time, then let's fight to the death!"