Today I Give Up Trying 1623


        Kim Seung-un's eyes suddenly shrank fiercely, and his expression then became extremely dismayed.

        This guy actually knew about it?

        This... How could this be possible!

        Could it be that Zhou Guodong had betrayed himself?

        Damn it!

        That traitor!

        Kim Seung-eun gritted his teeth and swore that after today, he would kill Zhou's wife and son and make Zhou pay!

        Only, he didn't know that he wouldn't make it through the day!

        Very quickly, Jin Cheng'en regained his composure, and then looked at Lin Fan as if provocatively.

        "I did it, but so what? The person who ordered me to do this is Lin Zhanxie of the Lin family! If you dare to touch a hair on my head, watch out for the death of your whole family!"

        "You think you can fool me by killing a few people? What a dream!"

        He didn't believe that Lin Fan could stand up to the entire Lin family on his own?

        Seeing this!

        Lin Fan sighed, and then said quietly.

        "Jin Cheng'en, do you know who I am?"

        Today, he intended to show his cards completely and let Jin Cheng'en know how huge the gap between them really was.

        However, Kim Seung-eun still looked extremely disdainful.

        "Isn't it just a crappy doctor? What's the big deal?"

        Even if Lin Fan really was that whatever divine doctor Lin was, there was no way he could compete with the huge Lin family.

        With Lin Zhanao backing him up, how could he possibly be afraid of Lin Fan?

        A Lin divine doctor?

        So what?

        Jin Cheng'en shouted with extreme disdain.

        "Unless you're fucking Lin Zhanao, I won't even look at you in the eye."

        And Lin Fan, who heard these words, laughed!

        "So, you're not afraid of Divine Doctor Lin, but of the Lin Seat?"

        Jin Chengen instantly rolled his eyes and disdainfully said.

        "Cut the fucking crap, the Lin family's youngest, Lin Zhanao, will be here soon, by that time, you'll only be afraid of crying without tears!"

        The Lin family was a famous and prestigious family in China, and had a significant status in China, Lin Fan was just a doctor, even if he had some fame, there was no way he could compete with such a huge power.

        As far as he was concerned, Lin Fan was about to be scared out of his wits!

        At the sound of his words!

        Lin Fan instantly looked cold and angrily rebuked.

        "Slap your mouth!"

        As soon as the words left his mouth, Jin Chengen's body immediately tensed up as he felt a harsh killing machine lock him in place.

        Before he could react, there were several people in front of him, all dressed in military uniforms and fierce and fierce.

        "Dragon's Teeth?"

        Jin Chengen's pupils shrank fiercely, and from the other party's clothing, he could tell their identities and origins.

        "What do you guys want? I'm telling you, I'm working for the Lin family, if you kill me, the Lin family won't let you go!"

        Seeing these members of the Dragon's Teeth, Jin Chengen was completely flustered and began to feel a little uneasy in his heart.

        He couldn't understand how Lin Fan could be involved with the Dragon's Teeth.

        A doctor that could order a troop?

        Are you kidding?




        His threat didn't have any effect, Kou Jianghuai came straight up and gave Kim Seung-un two big mouthfuls.

        He didn't show any mercy and smacked Kim Seung-eun's mouth so hard that his teeth fell out and blood dripped out.

        Kim Seung-eun's eyes were tearing up, it hurt! That was real pain!

        "Beat you up, where's your backer?"

        Lin Fan asked with a sneer.

        "You... You're dead! Lin Zhanao won't let you go!"

        Jin Chengen roared hysterically, just those two slaps had directly beaten his face like a pig's head.

        "I'll call Lin Zhanao right now, Lin Fan, and your Dragon's Teeth, all of you, wait until you're finished!"

        With that, he was furiously taking out his mobile phone and calling Lin Zhanao for help.

        "Instructor, everything is taken care of, except for the ones hiding in the shadows, the others are all taken care of too."