Today I Give Up Trying 1621

 He knew that Kim Seung-eun couldn't have poisoned him for no reason, even if he wanted to poison him, how could he have poisoned Baek?

        Last night, Bai Yi, who was the only one with a sweet tooth, had wiped out the plate of sweets and ended up in hospital!

        And today, Lin Zhanxie had approached him, so it would be too far-fetched to say it was a coincidence, right?

        "Yes, it's me!"

        Lin Zhanyie laughed strangely and simply made it clear:

        "Lin Fan, so what if you are a Grand Master, my Lin family's ability is not something you can imagine, just like what happened yesterday, if we wanted to, we could poison you again in a minute!"

        "Yesterday, it was just to teach you a lesson, to show you that it's as easy as pie for our Lin Family to kill your sidekick! Hahahaha!"

        Lin Zhan Epigram laughed out loud with glee, before he came here Lin Hongtu had already warned him that he must give Lin Fan a lesson, otherwise it would be difficult to subdue this blazing horse.

        That was why he had only arrived in Jiang City, he had understood that Jin Cheng'en and Lin Fan's family did not get along, and had instigated Jin Cheng'en to poison Bai Yi.

        "Lin Fan, if you refuse to agree to the Lin family's terms, the same thing will happen again, and next time it won't be so easy! I guarantee that the poisoned person won't make it to the hospital!"

        Lin Zhanyang laughed viciously, while looking at Lin Fan with a contemptuous look, as if Lin Fan was a fish on his plate, at his mercy.


        Lin Fan was furious!

        A complete rage!


        He took a step towards Lin Zhanxie, the killing intent in his heart towards Lin Zhanxie had already reached an uncontrollable level.

        "Do you know that Bai Yi is still carrying a child in her belly, a child that should have been called your grandfather!"

        Lin Fan gritted his teeth, his voice was like the low roar of a beast: "Because of you, she nearly had a baby.

        "Just because of you, she nearly miscarried and cut off my child!"

        The person who harmed his wife and nearly killed his child was actually his own father?

        Lin Fan, already buried in rage!


        Lin Zhanxie, who heard these words, instead of evoking a trace of empathy, sneered with extreme disdain and said.

        "Isn't it just a little bastard born of a bastard? I'll just have another one when it's gone! What's the big deal?"

        He didn't even care about Lin Fan, his own son, so how could he care about his grandson?


        With one hand, Lin Fan directly grabbed Lin Zhanyie's throat and pressed him firmly against the wall.

        At this time, Lin Fan's eyes were already scarlet red, he could not wait to kill Lin Fan on the spot.

        How could Lin Zhanxie say such things, was he still a human being?

        And seeing Lin Fan's hideous face and eyes that were already completely bloodshot, Lin Zhanyang was also shocked and dismayed, uneasily scolding.

        "Lin Fan, what do you want? Do you still dare to kill your father?"


        Before he could say anything, Bai Shan kicked Lin Zhanxie to the ground and said with his eyes wide open.

        "He wouldn't dare, but I dare!"

        "You beast, you want to poison your own daughter-in-law and granddaughter, you're worse than a pig or a dog!"

        Lin Zhanyie took this angry kick and froze in pain, unable to get up for half a day.

        "You bitch, how dare you hit me? I'll have you killed!"

        These people were nothing but ants in his eyes, not even qualified for him to look at them, but now they dare to hit him?

        Damn it!

        However, before he could continue with his insults, Bai Shan and Shen Yumei had already rushed up in anger and punched Lin Zhanxie with a heavy blow!

        Lin Zhanxie's cries of pain gradually turned into screams of pain!

        You know!

        Lin had almost killed their daughter and nephew, so how could they possibly spare Lin?

        At this moment, he could not wait to tear Lin Zhanxie into pieces, so he naturally did not show any mercy to his men.

        "Lin Fan, I'm your old man, why don't you come and save me!"