Today I Give Up Trying 1620


        A dead silence fell over the entire room!

        Both the Bai Shan couple and Lin Zhanxie all looked at Lin Fan with an extremely shocked gaze.

        Lin Fan, unexpectedly, possessed a Blood Skull Card as well?

        This, how was this possible!

        Only a business empire as far-reaching as the Lin family was qualified to possess a card of this level, and there were currently no more than a hundred cardholders in the world combined!

        Lin Fan was just a martial artist, how could he be qualified to possess such a king of cards?

        An illusion!

        This must be a fucking hallucination!

        They couldn't believe that Lin Fan was capable of such a thing!

        "Fake, that card of yours, it must be a fake!"

        Lin Zhanyang roared in disbelief, thinking that back then, their Lin family could have applied for this Blood Skull card seven times in a row in order to obtain it and failed.

        Lin Fan, on what grounds?

        Originally, he had wanted to rely on the terrifying financial power of Universal Bank to forcefully take over the New White.

        But now that Lin Fan had the same card, his plans went straight out of the window.

        Lin Fan then laughed loudly, as if teasing an idiot, and said.

        "This card of mine is also real, but it's different from yours, my card is male and yours is female, once your female card meets my male card, it won't work!"

        "You don't know what you're talking about! What male card and female card, that's just nonsense!"

        Lin Zhanyang's face was gloomy and angry, did Lin Fan take him for an idiot? Is there a difference between male and female credit cards?

        What an idiot!

        However, Lin Fan laughed playfully.

        "You don't believe me? Then I'll prove it to you!"

        With that, a stern look appeared in his eyes and he dialed a phone number.

        "Global Bank, right? Help me cancel the Blood Skull card of the Lin family in China, mine is a public card and my card number is XXX..."



        But Lin Zhanxie, who heard this, burst into wild laughter!

        "Lin Fan, are you fooling me? You can cancel my Bloodskull card with just one phone call, who do you think you are?"

        He didn't believe that Universal Bank would be so lax!

        To cancel a customer's card with just one phone call!


        Before he could get complacent for long, his mobile phone rang violently with a sharp ring.

        Immediately afterwards, Lin Zhanxie's eyebrows furrowed together and he hesitantly picked up the phone, and Lin Hongtu's thunderous voice came from the other end.

        "Lin Zhanxie, you monster! What the hell have you done? The Global Bank called just now and said that they were cancelling our Blood Skull card because you had used it improperly!"


        Lin Hongtu's words completely scared Lin Zhanxie into a dumbfounded state, and that phone barley fell to the ground.

        At this moment, Lin Zhanxie's face was filled with incredulity, as if he could not accept this cruel fact.

        For a while, he couldn't even say anything!

        It had been written off!

        How could they really be written off?

        Could it be that what that guy said was true, that his mother card really didn't work anymore when it met Lin Fan's public card?

        That's... This is too unbelievable, right?

        And Lin Zhanyang did not know that Lin Fan was actually the boss behind that Global Bank.

        Cancellation of a user's card privileges was just a matter of his words.

        At that moment, Lin Zhanxie became enraged and his eyes were filled with hatred, he wanted to cut Lin Fan into pieces.

        Originally, he had persuaded Lin Fan to hand over the New White Clan, but instead of succeeding in this trip, he had caused their Lin family to lose a Blood Skull Card with supreme privileges, which was like stealing chicken and losing rice!

        He now had the heart to kill Lin Fan!

        "Good, you forced me to do this!"

        Lin Zhanxiang smiled fiercely, a thick sinister look appearing on his face.

        "I heard that your wife is sick and in hospital?"


        The moment he heard those words, Lin Fan completely reacted, his head trembling like a thunderclap.

        It was him!

        He had really done it!

        Immediately, Lin Fan gritted his teeth and asked.

        "Did you ask Jin Chengen to poison him?"