Today I Give Up Trying 1618

 He, how dare he go to his mother-in-law and father-in-law by himself?

        What exactly did Lin Zhanxie want?

        "Don't you even call out to your father?"

        Lin Zhanxie said with a cold smile, obviously somewhat unhappy with Lin Fan's attitude.

        And Lin Fan, who heard these words, also retorted with sharp words.

        "Are you worthy?"


        Lin Zhan Griddle was instantly on fire and sneered :

        "It's true that after more than ten years of being wild outside, you don't even know the most basic manners anymore, but I don't care to bother with you, hurry up and meet me at the hospital, I'm in a hurry!"

        It was a complete tone of command.

        Lin Fan was exasperated by the other party and said:

        "Why do I need to see you? And who are you to ask me to see you?"

        What a joke!


        Lin Zhan Griddle's next words really made Lin Fan's face completely change.

        Only to hear him sneer and say playfully :

        "You should be looking for Jin Chengen, right?"

        After saying that, Lin Zhangrui hung up the phone straight away.

        Lin Fan's expression instantly turned extremely ugly as he frowned, the other party must have known the whereabouts of Kim Seung-un, which was why he was so confident that he would definitely meet him.

        What's more!

        Maybe Jin Cheng'en was also related to Lin Zhanxie!

        If this was really related to Lin Zhanxie, then his hatred for the Lin family had been raised to a new level!

        Half an hour later, Lin Fan appeared at the hospital and saw the person he least expected to see.

        "In-laws, when Lin Fan arrives, you and he can talk properly, there's no such thing as a father and son feuding every night, is there?"

        Bai Shan said in a kindly and comforting way.


        Lin Zhanyang raised his eyebrows, as if his tail had been stepped on, and cursed loudly.

        "Who is your in-laws? I am the young master of the Lin family, just like you poor bastards, you have the right to be related to me? You're blind!"

        "Besides, who the hell are you to tell me what I should do?"

        This condescending rebuke instantly made the Bai Shan couple embarrassed.

        However, they did not dare to say a word to the contrary, because they all knew Lin Zhanxie's identity and origins, and such a person was not easy to offend.

        Lin Zhanxie snorted coldly in contempt, he even despised Lin Fan, so how could he look up to his two poor parents-in-law?

        "Hurry up and get out of the way, don't be an eyesore here!"

        Lin Zhanxie reprimanded Shen Yumei and his wife.

        Seeing this!

        Lin Fan's face instantly turned gloomy, and then he was walking up with large strides, asking in an icy tone.

        "Where is Jin Chengen?"

        That indifferent look was as if it was too disgusting to say one more word to Lin Zhanyie.

        On the other hand, Lin Zhangshuier smiled coldly and looked at Lin Fan, saying.

        "Finally, you're here, it just so happens that I have something to talk to you about!"

        At those words!

        Lin Fan instantly frowned and said.

        "What is it?"

        He already had a hunch that nothing good would come from Lin Zhanxie looking for him!

        "Your grandfather intends to have you return to the Lin family."

        Lin Zhanxie then explained the purpose of this visit.

        Lin Fan froze for a moment, and then he smiled coldly, it was really because of this matter.

        He, who had known about it long ago, did not have much of a reaction at this time.

        The Bai Shan couple also had a happy face, was the Lin family finally willing to accept Lin Fan again?

        Of course, it wasn't because they coveted the Lin family's wealth, but because this way the Lin family would no longer be looking for Lin Fan's trouble.

        However, it was more than that!

        Lin Zhanxie continued with a light-hearted tone, saying.

        "But the old master has one condition, and that is for you to hand over the New Bai Clan as compensation, after all, you killed your three cousins, so it's not right to return to the Lin family in name only."

        "Lin Fan, this is a pie falling from the sky, a blessing you've cultivated in eight lifetimes, I hope you won't be insensitive!"