Today I Give Up Trying 1616


        This attitude of his caused Zhou Guodong's expression to change wildly, and he looked at Lin Fan with an unbelievable expression.

        In particular, he surprisingly saw that Lin Fan's face carried a strong sense of sarcasm and ridicule.

        He was making fun of himself?

        Immediately, Zhou's face turned unpleasant, he had always felt that he was the smartest one.

        He had fooled Lin Fan himself, played the police, the law, everything.

        But Lin Fan was making fun of him?

        "What are you laughing at?"

        Zhou questioned angrily, it should be Lin Fan who was annoyed and angry at this time.

        But this guy was actually looking down on him?

        Only then did Lin Fan stop laughing and spat out the name of a place in a shocking manner.

        "Mi Guo!"


        Zhou Guo Dong directly exploded and looked at Lin Fan with incomparable horror, because the place Lin Fan mentioned was exactly where his wife and son were!

        "What are you talking about? Why can't I understand?"

        In the next instant, Zhou Guodong was pretending to play dumb, but that expression had become very unnatural.

        In his opinion, Lin Fan must have met a dead rat with a blind cat, he couldn't possibly know where he had placed his wife and children.


        Lin Fan's next words made him completely despair.

        "Not admitting it, are you? Then New Jersey, it's always time for you to know, right?"


        Zhou Guo Dong directly sat down on his butt, his eyes looking at Lin Fan in shock: "This is impossible!

        "This can't be! This can't be! How could you know?"

        The other party had not only told him the country where his wife and children were, but also the city they were in!

        Damn it!

        What the hell is going on here?

        He was the only one who knew about this!

        Lin Fan, on the other hand, laughed sarcastically.

        "You guys underestimate my Lin Fan's ability!"

        He said!

        Lin Fan also took out a photo, and then threw it on the table.

        Zhou just took a glance at it, and his entire person was about to explode.

        The people in that photo were not his son and wife, right?

        And the scene that was taken was where they were living now!

        The last bit of luck in Zhou's heart was completely shattered in this instant, this guy in front of him knew everything.

        He wasn't bluffing himself!

        Lin Fan had already understood everything long before he came here, the only thing he didn't know was just the man behind the curtain.

        For him to investigate a person, it was simply not too easy!

        Seeing this, Zhou Guodong then looked like he had lost his soul and was completely desperate.

        "What the hell do you want?"

        Zhou Guo Dong no longer had the arrogance and confidence he had just had, and asked in an extremely dishevelled manner.

        By taking out the photos of his wife and children, Lin Fan was not just trying to tell him that Lin Fan knew where they were.

        It was more like, a threat!

        Threatening Zhou Guodong that Lin Fan would hurt his wife too!

        Zhou Guodong had already profoundly realised that the qualified man in front of him was not to be messed with.

        Lin Fan then smiled faintly and said.

        "Tell me, who exactly is the one behind the scenes directing you!"


        Hearing this, Zhou Guodong then said with a bitter expression.

        "I really can't tell, if I do, my wife and children will die!"

        His wife and children were able to successfully complete the formalities and leave the country in just one day because of someone's help.

        So that person also knew the whereabouts of his wife and children, and if he knew that he had betrayed him, he would definitely not spare his wife and children.

        Zhou did not even consider that Lin Fan would have the ability to find out exactly where his wife and children were!

        It was this one move that had completely driven him to the brink of extinction!

        "Is that so?"

        Lin Fan smiled and asked rhetorically, before a frightening murderous look fiercely emerged in his eyes.

        "Then how do you know that I won't kill your wife and children?"