Today I Give Up Trying 1614




        The only sound in the entire dormitory was the sound of heads hitting each other, which resounded continuously.

        Now Li Junhan had become a bloody man, his whole head was bright red.

        In just a few moments, his head had suffered no less than twenty blows!

        The entire forehead was already completely rotten.

        "That, if this continues, he will die!"

        Someone said weakly, he could see that the current Li Junhan was already unconscious.

        In a short time, he was only afraid that he would be completely cut off.

        Lin Fan turned his head and gave them a hideous smile.

        "What I want, is for him to die!"


        As soon as they heard this, all the workers present directly fell to the ground in fear, their faces flooded with thick horror.

        A madman!

        This man in front of him was a madman!

        He was clearly out to kill someone!

        "Don't hit me again, it's... It's my boss who told me to do it, it's none of my business."

        At this time, Li Junhan said breathlessly, he was really scared.

        He knew that this man was really planning to kill him.


        Lin Fan then stopped his hand and said with a smile.

        "Thank you for informing me."

        At those words!

        Li Junhan was instantly relieved, and subconsciously thought that Lin Fan was planning to let him go.

        However, this thought had only just sprung to life when he felt his body lighten and was unexpectedly lifted up by Lin Fan.


        His large body was directly thrown out of the window by Lin Fan, and then with a thud, he shattered a piece of glass and plummeted from the six-storey high window.


        With another loud bang, Li Junhan's flesh then came into violent collision with the tarmac on the ground, and naturally, it went without saying that the tarmac was the superior result.

        So he was instantly reduced to a bloody mess, with blood then wetting the ground.

        The scene was so horrific and bloody that it instantly caused an ear-splitting and terrifying scream to resound around the world.

        "You you you..."

        Li Junhan's workmates, too, were completely scared out of their wits at this time, staring at Lin Fan in unparalleled horror.

        Killing someone!

        This guy, he had actually killed someone!

        And in plain sight, blatantly killing someone!

        How had they, ordinary people, ever seen a devil like Lin Fan who had walked out of the dark world?

        They were all terrified on the spot!

        However, Lin Fan, still acting as if he was a nobody, smiled and asked them.

        "Please tell me, where is your boss's office?"

        All of them couldn't say anything and could only tremble and point in one direction, at this time they also wished that this devil ko me in front of them could stay away from them.


        Lin Fan smiled playfully, and then he left the dormitory.

        And at this time, these employees were rushing towards the balcony in horror and looked down.

        But they were dumbfounded, because there was nothing downstairs, even the blood had been cleaned away.

        The next moment, they felt weak in the knees again.

        To blatantly kill someone and have help cleaning up the body afterwards, what kind of horrible background did this man have?

        "Resign! No, I want to resign immediately!"

        "What's the point of resigning, just run away!"

        They could see that their boss had messed with the wrong person, and they didn't want to become the next Li Junhan.

        And at that moment, Lin Fan also came inside the office and met the restaurant owner, Zhou Guodong.

        Seeing Lin Fan, he raised his head in some confusion.

        "Who are you? Who are you looking for?"

        Lin Fan then sat down slowly and methodically in front of him, before smiling and saying.

        "A near-mad husband! A father who came close to having his heart broken!"

        "Come here and kill you!!!"