Today I Give Up Trying 1612

 "Little Fan, what the hell is going on here, tell me more carefully!"

        Bai Shan's face instantly became not very nice.

        If it was Bai Yi's own health, then there was nothing to say, but if someone had deliberately tried to harm Bai Yi, then they definitely couldn't count that way!

        This was almost two lives in one!

        He had to know who was so vicious as to do this to his daughter!

        "Dad, I suspect that Bai Yi was poisoned!"

        Lin Fan felt Bai Shan's anger, and likewise he had to find out why this was now.


        Both Bai Shan and Shen Yumei looked at each other in disbelief, and for a moment they both felt fantastic.

        What era is this now, and still poisoning?

        Lin Fan also knew that they didn't believe him, so he patiently explained.

        "Dad, Mom, do you remember earlier in the restaurant, a little waiter gave us a dish that we didn't order?"

        Lin Fan was so wise that he had discovered the clues from just a few traces.

        "It's him!"

        Bai Shan's face fiercely clouded over as he angrily said.

        "I said, Bai Yi was fine when she left home, but she died not long after she had eaten, so it was him!"

        "Let's go and find him now, I want to ask him why he did this to my daughter!"

        Shen Yumei was so angry that tears were falling down her face and she was about to leave.


        Lin Fan, however, pulled her back and said comfortingly.

        "Mom, I'll take care of it, you and Dad stay here and take care of Bai Yi!"

        After saying that, he was ready to leave with a gloomy face.

        Ask them why they harmed Bai Yi?

        No, to Lin Fan, the answer didn't matter anymore!

        What mattered was that they should all pay a painful price for this!

        They deserved to die!

        And at that moment!

        That was when Ye Yuqing stepped forward and said to Lin Fan.

        "Mr. Lin, if Miss Bai Yi is really poisoned, then it would be better to call the police immediately!"

        Call the police?

        Lin Fan laughed and looked at her playfully.

        "What do you think the police will do to them after calling the police?"


        Ye Yuqing felt that this was a stupid question, but answered anyway.

        "Of course they will arrest them, and then depending on the crimes they have committed, the law will try them!"

        Then, Lin Fan's smile grew even stronger: "But, I don't want them to be tried.

        "But I don't want them to be tried by the law! I only want them to be judged by me!"


        As soon as she heard these words, Ye Yuqing's delicate body trembled violently, and a dense horror surfaced on her face.

        She instantly understood what this man wanted!

        It turned out that it wasn't Lin Fan who was stupid, but the idiot who dared to poison his wife!

        To dare to anger such a monster, that was simply seeking death!

        "Doctor Ye, you're a good man, take care of my wife, I won't treat you badly!"

        "But now, I have to go settle some things, some people!"

        After saying that, Lin Fan's figure was quickly disappearing into the corridor.


        And at this time, Ye Yuqing was collapsing helplessly onto the ground, with fine beads of sweat all over her forehead!


        It was terrifying!

        She had never seen such a terrifying man before!

        Standing with him just now, she only felt that her body was cold, as if she had fallen into an ice cellar, that guy's body had a very disturbing aura.

        He was like a demon king!

        Soon, she smiled bitterly and began to sympathise with the person who had poisoned her.

        She didn't need to think about it, but she knew that they would not end up too well.


        At this time, Ye Yuqing was actually a little envious of Bai Yi.

        Previously, she had thought that Lin Fan was a scum, but then she realised that she had misjudged the man in front of her and that his capabilities were simply beyond her imagination.

        She was twenty-five this year and had been single so far because of her high vision.

        But at this very moment, her heart, which was like a pool of stagnant water, rippled because of a man she had met for the first time.

        Then she looked jealously and enviously at Bai Yi, who had been pushed out of the emergency room, and said with a bitter smile.

        "The king's woman, is she?"